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Great template :)

Thank you t20. :-)

Congrats ,Nice Template :)

thank you

Nice work! Good luck ;)

thank you louiejie

thank you moonstar

Hello GJ-designs we purchased your template and we find any problem in display mobile. if you can take a look, we await a solution. thanks

Hello dwdinformatic2009. Thanks for purchasing our template. We will fix the responsive issues very soon. We will notify you shortly. :-)

Hello GJ-Designs,

I was trying to upload and Install my theme on WordPress and its saying that the css style sheet file is missing and is unable to install properly.

How can I get this file?


Hey JasonD, first of all thanku for purchasing our template. This is not a wordpress theme, it is simple html5, css3 template. Check out the wordpress category for wordpress templates. :-)

Thanks for the template! I emailed you and you referred me to here to contact you. Trying to change the background sliders but I can’t find where in the HTML or which CSS to change. It’s the main background sliders size 1366×650 I believe. Thanks for the help!


Just go to images folder folder and inside that navigate to slider folder, in slider folder place any background image you want to place. Thanks for purchasing our template.

Thanks for the response. I figured that part out but I wanted to be able to label the image a specific title. It appears that if I want the image to be changed I’m only limited to sample titles (i.e. 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg), specifically for the slider files. I have found and see where I’m able to change other images that are within the HTML code.

If this is the case that is fine, as I can edit my files and call them these names, but I would still like to know if I can code in my images with the title I give them. I hope this makes sense?

If that is the only option is to name my files what the sample files are I will just deal with then I guess.

Please provide your advice for this—it would be greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards


Answer was forwarded to ur email….thanks :-)

Need help using a Vimeo video with the player on this template.


Thanks for contacting us here. Please clarify whether you are talking about player in the header part or in the latest videos section?

hi GJ-Designs, any idea why the contact form at bottom, when you click send outputs nothing, all fields are still filled in, but it does send a email, i ended up sending a good 5 or 6 before i see it,

hello bamsworld1,

It actually send the mail to the destination, please download the updated version of the item. :-)

Kind Regards,

Great design GJ! Im having trouble with the gallery and the shop area showing p on IE and Firefox. Everything looks great on Chrome, but the other browsers are having issues in those two sections. Any suggestions?

Hello pinnacle01,

Please double check, all the sections are working very fine in all the major browsers. If you have any issue after that, then feel free to reach us.

Kind Regards, GJ-Desings

Very nice, love it!;

Thank you GrafAS :-)

Looks good on laptop, but not on mobile phone…i don’t think this is responsive.

Hello zelerbach,

First of all thankyou nd we will try to resolve as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards,

ok, thanks…I also purchased the template because I liked the background in the online example….I have a yellowish background on my template…how do i get the background displayed in the example page…the “purpleish” one?

Please give your email dear

Please fix the responsive bugs!! That´s the reason because i buyed it :(

Thanks bro for rating, we will update the theme shortly

I just purchased the ‘da-porta’ one page template and have an immediate problem. My license number is 4e774334-e17f-48d8-a1bc-0129826def0e.

What happens is that at a screen width of 1124 pixels, some of the elements are not fitting into the areas where they should. (I have a screen capture, but no way to attach it here)

The ‘contact’ navigation element is to the right of the brown strip where all of the other navigation elements reside, and in the ‘About’ box, the writing goes off to the right, past the white box boundary. Also, there are four images directly below this, and the fourth one is off of the page as well. (too far to the right)

I am using the latest Firefox browser. If you email me, I can send you the screen cap.

Please let me know how this can be fixed as I was planning to use this template to build a studio website, but cannot until there is a fix.

Thank you, John Lister

Hi! Is any mobile (for smartphones, ipad, etc.) version included? When I open Live Preview with such devices it looks not good, but I see phone and ipad on the main picture (above “Live Preview” button).

we will fix this very soon. :)