Discussion on Dahlia - Responsive Html5 One Page Template

Discussion on Dahlia - Responsive Html5 One Page Template

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Where is the help file for installation? it was not include in my zipfile.

Thanks, Whinde

This is a html template not a Wordpress theme.


Same as someone else, I bought the Dahlia theme and tried to install it by uploading the zip, but I get the following message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” What could be going wrong?

This is a html template not a Wordpress theme.

is possible upload for wordpress ?

i need dahlia theme for wordpress.. is possible?

No sorry it’s not.

filezilla docet thank’s :)

Will this work using white as the background? I tried editing it in the browser but the image disappeared.

You would have to make your own white png

I bought this template today and tried to use it with my website, which I’m building at GoDaddy.com. The .zip file wouldn’t load because there is a CSS style file missing? I sent you an email through here explaining further. Thanks.

Email answered.

Thank you

okay, will have a play. Thanks for the heads up and speed of reply :)


Just implementing now and should there be validation on the contact form that returns to the page with an error or prompt for the user? I’m not getting anything if there is.

Yes it should look like you see in the demo.

I’m wondering how to administer the blog. I don’t get it. Thanks

Can I apply this styling to a wordpress blog? I don’t get how I make the blog function? Are you saying it doesn’t actually function, it’s only there as a guide for me to make another blogging system look like it? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I want to use the blog and have it look exactly like your template. Thanks.

It would take a good knowledge of CMS coding etc. All of the html templates on here only show styling.

Awesome work on both the design and functionality!!! I am interested in purchasing the theme. However, I have a question before I do so. If the content I put into the different sections happens to be longer than the content illustrated in your demo with the template accomodate:

EXAMPLE: My “ABOUT” page content is longer in height than what you have in the demo will the template break!

Much Appreciated, GCode

It would probably be best to keep the content about the same.

A back to top button would be nice…


I love the theme, found it really easy to work with. Quick question: Is there a way to have the Gallery items show up in a lightbox rather than the full-screen version?

Thank you!

This is an amazing template, I found much more potentials in it, than expected for the first sight. Very unique work, I am glad to buy it….

Cheers, fbyte

Thank you very much indeed! :)

What about the ladies photos? Can I use them? Or do i need to purchase their license? If so, where? Thanks

Most of the pics were taken from Flickr.

Very nice work, is the background image (main_bg.jpg) included?

Thanks but then when viewed on a small screen they’d be too tiny. There’s no way of setting a maximum width?

You can read more here: http://www.photoswipe.com/ and then ask on Github.

Oh, another question: my gallery pics are just 400px wide but they display much larger so the resolution’s not great. Can I adjust the display size?

The pics will zoom to fit the browser window. You could try to enlarge your pics or maybe even place them on a background to give a bigger image?

OK, I went back to the original gallery, it’s working fine. Thanks.

The gallery lightbox widget didn’t work on mine (maybe something I did) so I replaced it with lightbox but then the slider disappeared – are these two JS widgets incompatible? Nice lookin’ theme.

I cant really say as I haven’t tested that.The original lightbox should work for you as shown on the demo. I would recommend getting that to work.

Hi Josweb,

I found one small problem, if you open it on IE8 , the menu arrows on the right side moves to the left side and they are sliglthy out of the content frame. It is not that important but if you can fix it that would be great.


Hi josweb I like you theme, considering to buy now, 2 questions

1- I want to close the other accordions automatically when i click on the other ones (only 1 accordion needs to be open all the time)

2- do you have the bugs that ilikechocolatemilk mentioned?


My reply to ‘ilikechocolatemilk’ was not the best but we can all have off days! I wouldn’t say that they are bugs as such and I can’t replicate most of them especially the TouchSlide comment.


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