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Great theme! Is there any easy way to inster a portfolio section in it?

Thanks, you could do that with a Child Theme and help from a WordPress developer. We have no plans to add a portfolio section to this theme though.

This theme is brilliant!!! Thanks guys!!!

Thanks very much :)

i am also interested in a portfolio section. what do you mean by “child theme”? bw

Hi there, you’ll need a WordPress developer… but its fairly simple if you know PHP and/or WordPress…

allright – thanks!

Hi guys, another question:

is there a setting to tick to get the logo to appear when viewed on mobile devices (safari, iphone4,). The supersized header appears, but not the logo.


Hi Sean, all you need to do is upload the retina logo which is the option directly under the logo upload :)

Hi there. Can I have more than one blog page? I’ve tried but the same posts get shown, is there a way to filter posts for different pages?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing. The blog template shows all blog posts. If you want to show different posts per page, just link to category or archive e.g. or or You can hide the “Archives: ” bit through the theme options.

If you need anything else, please fill out a support ticket at

Is it possible to include two separate lines of text in the div. supersize header? I’d like the first line to have a larger size font than the second line. (I would have submitted a support ticket, but the “View certificate” option isn’t showing up in my download history for some reason.) Thanks for your assistance!

Hi there, no its not by default as the text you insert into that area is sanitised and stripped of HTML. You could make it do it by editing the theme files. I’ve just made the ticket validation optional so we can follow this up via thanks for purchasing :)

Hallo. I really like your daily theme. Is there an easy way to center the logo and have the menu bar center under it like in the moustache theme?

Thank you for your great work


Is it possible to make a left side menu when you have clicked on a menu item in the top menu?

So that two different top menu items can have different left side menus?

There is side menu functionality built in for example: Features is the parent and the left menu shows the children within that section, hopefully that answers your questions?

Hi, I purchased your great theme, and I have a few questions. I would like to use the theme on regular website and not as a blog. The photos should not be clickable or have a hover effect, they should preferably appear as a gallery if possible. I would also like to be able to add these photos and maybe change their position, if I don’t like the way they are ordered… Are these things possible? Best regards,

Hi there, thanks for purchasing. The theme is a blog theme and all of the functionality you see on the 3 versions in the demo is what the theme does. So no, none of those things are possible without code modification. If you know a WordPress developer or you know WordPress yourself you could definitely make the above changes. Perhaps setting up a custom post type rather than standard blog posts is a way you could go with that if you want to re-order them and turn things on and off. I’d advise setting up a child theme to make these modifications, that way you will still receive updates to Daily as they become available.

Thank you. I will give the child theme a go…

No problem, if you log a support ticket over at we can send you a starter child theme (bare bones of a child theme for Daily) to help you get started.

This is really beautiful! Love your themes – but this one is really unusually unique and very cool! :-)

Thank you :)


great theme, I really like it.

Is it possible to turn off the mobile version? Thanks for your help.


Thanks for purchasing :) yes you’ll need to edit the header.php and remove the viewport tag and edit the CSS and remove all of the @media sections. If you get stuck header over to support and we’ll help you out:

Heloo I have difficulties with wordpress, you can get your fill of the theme?

Sorry I don’t understand the question.

Like your theme very much, specially the wide photo possibility. I’m looking for a WP theme, where I can create blog entries by eMail, where the attached photo will be used for the image content and the mail subject for the title of the blog entry. Can I use your theme in this way ? Thanks

Hi there, thanks for looking, you can use this technique to post WordPress posts:

This is standard functionality and should work with Daily. I think the image goes into the post content though, not as a featured image.

You could also have a look at which allows posting via email.

Thanks for the reply and the links to those documentations. Bought your Theme now ;-)

Lovely, thank you.

I have purchased your great looking theme but am struggling to get the slideshow working. I am running WP 3.6.1. and no plugins. The end result is that I have a collection of images on my post instead of a gallery/slideshow. Also when I edit/create a gallery I have no option to select the Type of Gallery. Please help!

Thanks for purchasing. Don’t worry we will get you sorted, just log a support ticket via and we will have you up and running in no time

Loving the theme, thank you :-)

I’m new to WP and can’t figure out how to get the read more ellipses to show; or, even better, to have a ‘read more’ statement with a link to the full post when using excerpts. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

Hi there thanks for purchasing :) if you log a ticket at with all the details one of the support team will be able to help

Thank you – will do :-)

Hi, Daily looks great. I’d really like to be able to add captions to images within gallery posts. Is there any way I will be able to do this? Thanks.

What kind of thing did you have in mind? We’re currently working on 2 new themes, one of which is going to be using a similar feel to Daily in terms of layout. It would be great to know what real customers would like so we can build that into future themes :)

I wish I could give you a great example but I haven’t got one to hand. What I want to do it have the option to expand on a post via the gallery. Basically I write a post about a subject & introduce the idea that it exists in many variants, but don’t want to write extensively on the variants as it will become repetitive & require lots of buffer language.

My idea is then to be able to refer back up to the gallery and scroll through & find little snippets of text that embellish on the core idea of the post without lengthy additional reading or affecting the reading flow of the post. Maybe I can achieve it by inserting multiple images throughout the post…

Anyhow. Hope that helps.

Would you mind continuing this conversation by email? We have some ideas for a new theme and it may be similar to what you are thinking, but I don’t want to clog the comments?

Is it possible to have the DailyClassic layout activated on one page (the home page) and the DailyPhoto layout activated on another?

Thanks! I’m really enjoying messing around with your theme so far!

Hey Conor. Thanks for purchasing, no the layout is a global setting. We are working on a new photography based theme that will let you choose layouts per page, but Daily doesn’t do it.

I bought this theme, but I’m having troubles with the image uploader. I can’t upload any images through wordpress post or set a feature image. I can upload using the browser upload only but that doesn’t help me fix the feature image.

Hi can you raise a support ticket on and we will look into it for you. Thanks for purchasing


I’m considering to buy the theme. Before that, I’ve got a few questions. Is it possible to use the space with the text “love photography, love daily. simpe” to place an image? And then to erase the space for the logo, so it’s empty there? And is the height of the header editable?

Thanks in advance, Quirine

Hi :)

The height of the header depends on the logo you add. You can remove the text, but cannot put an image in its place without modifying the header.php file. You either need to have a logo or the site title, but again if you edit the header.php via a child theme that’s changeable if you know what you are doing :)

I hope that helps, anything else – please let me know.

Hi…Is the font you are using in the demo the font that is enabled in the theme out of the box?

Yes they are system fonts, Helvetica Neue and Arial. Windows Viewers will only see Helvetica if they have it installed, else they’ll see Arial with some negative letter spacing.