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Hi I need to activate archive function in woocommerce. We sell book so we have to show in a clear way the different type of book to our customer.

if you go to the page https://www.inknot.it/shop/ for example if i click “Bambini” only child books will appear and so for all the categories

There were a few fixes to WooCommerce component recently, you can download them here: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php and that should solve the issue.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I’ve upgrade new theme, and now works! Thanks a lot


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Hi IKONIZE, I added a link to the “imprint” page in the footer. Is there a way to display the footer in the “project view”,too ? Thanks in advance

Currently the project view is an overlay on top of your page. You would have to hide the current page’s header and content and set the project’s container to have relative position. The code would look something like this:

.project-coverslide { position: relative; }
.portfolio_box { position: relative; }
.daisho-portfolio-viewing-project .site-header { display: none; }
.daisho-portfolio-viewing-project .site-content { display: none; }
.single-portfolio .site-header { display: none; }
.single-portfolio .site-content { display: none; }

It wasn’t tested and isn’t guaranteed to work with all theme versions.