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Discussion on Daisho - Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Daisho - Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme

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Hi, 1-I can’t be able to change Recent Projects ’’VİEW PORTFOLİO’’ title as View Clients on Homepage wp:ikon/latest-projects

2-For Our team section I have only one person but arrows appears, is there a way to remove those arrows and use picture black to colour version?

We’ve responded to your emails.

The answer to both the URL and translation questions is the same: both WordPress and the theme don’t offer any option to change that by default.

But you can accomplish both with plugins.

There exist several that could be used but we don’t recommend any particular one since we didn’t review their code etc. to do such recommendations.

I find the solution by editing php. Thanks. How Can I remove search icon for portfolio? It is loaded on top for each portfolio

Editing the PHP files is not recommended because you won’t be able to update the theme later.

You can add .compact-search { display: none; } in additional CSS.

Hi, I add portfolio items but Thumbnail footer text (optional) is not showing up on home page projects widget. I cleared caches but no solved? Also is there a way to re-order portfolio items ?

You can remove the old one and re-install it. Are you saying deleting theme and reinstaling theme?

Could you please write briefly I am really new into WP :)

No, you can re-install “Daisho Blocks” plugin that way.

We can confirm that everything works for us at present time on WordPress 5.5.3 and the theme and plugin versions from that repository.

So, we can’t reproduce the issue you’re reporting.

You can provide more information (like screenshots of what’s exactly happening) if you believe it’s an issue on our end.

https://www.bwd.co.za/portfolio/diphuti/ All the portfolio items are breaking and showing code where it’s supposed to show text and pictures. We’ve had this issue for months. We did a lot of troubleshooting and also extended our support. The issues still persists. What can we do to fix this ?

This shortcode is not a part of the theme.

It comes from “Visual Composer” plugin. Is it active?

Besides, if you’re only using simple elements like single images, videos and columns then you don’t need Visual Composer, you could replace these elements with native Gutenberg blocks that WordPress delivers.

Perhaps you created these elements before Gutenberg existed because it’s available only since 2019. So, you could reconsider that now.

Hi there, great theme, but I have an issue after updating from 3.x to 4.2: I can’t seem to change the order of portfolio items.

They’re always sorted by date. I can switch it from ASC to DSC and vice versa, but I cannot set the sort order to “rand” or “none”, it doesn’t change the order at all.

Hello, thank you, we’re happy you like it!

So, you’re looking for “random” order?

The file responsible would be /wp-content/plugins/daisho-blocks/blocks/isotope/block.php and it seems it’s receiving $atts as the argument and then applies the change on line 24.

But there’s a bug there indeed. orderby should become orderBy on line 9 and 24 (only the second instance in square brackets).

We fixed it in the main package and we’ll upload it soon to https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php

Since it’s a small change perhaps you could fix it in a text editor and re-upload that single file to your server.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Yup. That did the trick. Thanks for your fast help!


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I just bought Daisho, but the LayerSlider WP bundled is (also just) now outdated. Can you provide purchase/Activation code?

Thank you!

We’ve noticed that the newest version 6.9.2 of that plugin is already bundled with the theme.

So, only the bug fix will be uploaded.


alxju Purchased

The WP plugin manager warn about a 6.11.4. version…

Indeed, you’re right.

We have a developer license and the newest version is 6.9.2 for us.

6.11.4 version can only be downloaded via their API it seems.

We’ll have a look and reupload that one soon.

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

Hello, thank you for letting us know, we’re in the process of applying a server update and this should be resolved shortly.


alxju Purchased

Forum unreachable (cloudflare issue Error 526 – about SSL)


Last Thursday (2021-02-04) we were informed by our server provider that the server we were using stopped powering on. They suspect that its motherboard or disk broke and they said it’s beyond rescue.

The most recent support forum posts (all from 2021) were permanently lost.

Please feel free to email us at support@ikonize.com and we’ll answer your questions.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

I recently checked my website and the pictures on the homepage portfolio no longer appear. When I go to customise they show. I installed the latest version of the theme but the layout seems different and there is no instructions on setting up the portfolio with the latest theme edition. www.adventuretime.ie. Thanks

Also when I updated the Theme, a lot of the portfolio options that were there before disappeared. You used to be able to add a block colour and choose the thumbnail size etc. None of those options are available with the them theme version. Are they somewhere else. Thanks

The footer options are also gone from the customisation

1. You must import Advanced Custom Fields in Ikon Importer and you’ll be able to set thumbnail sizes and other options again.

2. Same with the footer: you can import the footer page in Ikon Importer and edit it. (You also need to set it to be your footer in Theme Settings.)


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Could we expect a theme update at some point since I recently notice that some blocks are not displayed properly anymore in WP back-end (Latest Projects, Latest posts) ?

Thank you for letting us know, we usually do 1-2 reviews and updates a year.

Usually no updates should be required (because a theme is mostly styling an CSS language had more or less the same syntax for the past 10+ years) but it seems that, unfortunately, WordPress is sometimes introducing breaking changes.

We’ll do a review and update within a few days and the update will be first published on https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php


omichon Purchased

I hope this wasn’t some kind of automatic reply, since there isn’t any news since WP5.8 is out.

Please accept our apologies for a delay.

It’s not an automated reply.

We’ll review that soon (this week), we’re currently working on a few other projects and that causes delays.

Normally the theme’s code should be stable but if it’s not then that means that WordPress and/or plugins change some significant things and introduce breaking changes.

Looks like fonts (and sizes) have changed since WP 5.8, which tend to ruin the global theme look. It definitely needs an update.


omichon Purchased

Thanks ! Hope to see an update quite soon :)

The update to the styling issue has been submitted to: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php

We may submit more updates in the coming days but so far it seems that the core functionality is working fine so there seem to be no urgent updates required.


omichon Purchased

Great ! Thank you very much :)