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Hi, i bought this theme a couple of months ago and just want to know if it’s possible to have the pictures opening with lightbox, since I don’t want to creat a new post for each picture (i just want the future clients to see them and open them). Thanks.

It’s not possible.

But each time you click any image then /js/portfolio.js file is running this part of code: $container.on('click', '.element', function(){ and it’s easy to replace that with anything in a short time (in about 1 hour). People on https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-customization may be helpful in this case.

Hello, I had this theme purchased a few years ago. Then you guys disappeared. My website needs an update, b/c theme is broken for a long time. I need latest version, but now it’s acting like I never purchased it because you guys have a totally different sale version….

You don’t understand The theme was no longer in my downloads section, I just had to re-purchase it! Because when you took it off ThemeForest, they removed it as a ‘supported’ theme. The download disappeared.

So because I double paid in essence, I would like a refund of my current purchase (minus the additional support)

This theme was always available on ThemeForest without any breaks and since the day you purchased it you should have had it on your “Downloads” list all the time.

You can file a refund request here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

When your refund is processed for one sale your theme should still be available for download on the “Downloads” list if you have purchased it twice.

Hi. I’m creating a website using the Daisho theme. Everything is going really well, apart from one thing. I get this message on the contact page where the map should be:

“Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.”

The message is there on every browser and I’ve never seen it before.

Would you have any ideas? Here is the URL: http://thegoodchinaset.com/contact/

Thank you very much.

It looks like Google has restricted access to their maps and you need an API key now.

More information: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37991340/error-google-maps-api-error-missingkeymaperror

In /inc/gmap.php you’ll have to add the API key to the URL like described here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

You only need to add this part: &key=YOUR_API_KEY at the end (the URL is on line 13 in my file).

If you don’t want to specify that key you can use a plugin like included Visual Composer to create that map without its grayscale style.

We’ll make sure to do something about this in the nearest theme update. We may switch to some plugin which will keep up with all the API changes independently (so that you don’t have to rely on our update the next time something changes).

Thanks for your reply. I finally got around to doing this today and it worked perfectly. It’s very easy, but I think if one wasn’t used to this sort of thing, it might seem difficult. Thanks for your help.

Hi Flow, any incompatibilities with WP 4.6? I’m asking before doing an update. Also, do you plan any update to the theme in general or are you working on a new theme? Thx

We’re already using WordPress 4.6 and I don’t see any incompatibilities so far.

We update it every few months and the next update should be available in the near future (in a couple of weeks). As for a new theme it won’t be a portfolio theme.

Thank you. I look forward to your next project.


DVVK Purchased


my support time has expired. But perhaps it’s important for other users: Using Autoptimize blows up the theme. So, handle it with care.

Nevertheless, it’s a cool theme wich is really easy to use und to customize. Thanks for it.

You can still report bugs like these and get help. We accept bug reports and suggestions all the time from all users. Please open a support ticket if you want to get help with this plugin. All correctly written plugins that work with the default themes should work with this theme as well.

If you decide to open a ticket please include more information as to what exactly happens.

Very old info but has this been fixed? Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability http://jannefi.blogspot.de/2012/09/xss-vulnerability-in-multiple-premium.html

The problem was that header.php was printing the following document title echo 'Search Results for "'.$s.'"'; for search results without escaping $s.

We copied this code from some framework and we weren’t aware that some parts of it might be incorrect. (That variable might have been escaped by WordPress already so it didn’t look suspicious.)


Daisho v1.9 is the first version to not have this issue.

Daisho 2.x+ now use the default Underscores framework (the same one that the default WordPress themes use) so possibility of any security issues is greatly reduced.

Even if that issue is long fixed you shouldn’t assume that your website is entirely secure because WordPress itself and other plugins are likely to contain security issues at some point.

Hello, haven’t updated my page for a while. Did that some month ago but just noticed that all my slideshows are gone. Read the daisho changelog 2.4 (25 June 2015) Removed: Support for [slide] shortcode Removed: The theme’s slideshow.

From now on only LayerSlider is available as the solution.

I have around 40 Projects in my Portfolio and each has a slideshow. Is there any “smart” way to change the code from the daisho slider to work with the LayerSlider?

Maybe some Search and Replace with a Plugin like the “Better Search Replace” Wordpress Plugin to match a new shortcode style?

The [slide] shortcode was used only in 2012 by SuperSlide Editor (which was used for inserting images and videos to portfolio projects) and was removed before mid-2013 because WordPress introduced its new media library that does the same thing.

You most likely have [slide] shortcodes only in portfolio projects and each must be manually replaced with the output that WordPress’s media library generates now.

Unfortunately, there is no easy “find and replace” way to do that because that shortcode was using URLs to images and media library uses URLs and attachment IDs (it’s better to not omit attachment IDs because they may be used for something now or in the future, for example to serve better images sizes for high PPI displays and mobile phones).

All users are encouraged to not use the [slide] shortcode since early 2013 (our editor stopped inserting it on 30 March 2013). Backwards compatibility support for that shortcode was removed in 2015 (there was 2 years transition period).

The slideshow which you see on the homepage is not related to the [slide] shortcode. This is LayerSlider plugin. We first included LayerSlider plugin in late 2013. It replaces our built-in slideshow from 2012.

Thanks for the Info Flow, as there is no fast solution I have redone it Manual now.

Hi there… Great theme, but I have three questions:

A – The general hover color is some pale blue-isch/green-isch. How can I change that to another color? I want to change it wherever it appears.

B – I think that the footer is too close to the portfolio grid. How can I add some space underneath the portfolio page?

C – The footer on my installation seems to be broken. Not sure what caused this. While the line with the logos seems to work fine, footer 2 and 3 use the whole screen (i.e. are not placed within the layout, but seem to use a “full-width” layout). I’m using the default footer layout (grid_12 last widget_no_margin, grid_6, grid_6 last), but it doesn’t work. I cannot post a public link though. How/where can I send you a link?

Thanks in advance…

1. In [Appearance > Customize] there is “accent color” option.

2. The footer allows any layout, you can make it look like the demo footer using http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#footer

3. The code you pasted grid_12 last widget_no_margin, grid_6, grid_6 last look fine. It will create one 100% wide and two 50% wide footer columns. You can email us the link on the profile page https://themeforest.net/user/flow#contact

when I open a thumbnail on the example site you have, I can’t click on the image, which is what i want, but on my site, when I click on the thumbnail I can click on the larger image, which leads to the image by itself in the browser, is there a way to stop that?

In [Portfolio > (any project)] when you’re inserting an image from the media library you can select it to not be a link. Or you can remove all “a” tags that wrap images manually in the “Text” version of the editor.

Is there an easy way to sort through portfolio items, or do you have to do it with date only?

There are many sorting methods: https://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Order_.26_Orderby_Parameters

You can pick some in [Pages > (any public page with portfolio template) > Thumbnails order by].

There aren’t any mechanisms in WordPress that would allow you to set custom order for custom post types (unless you will create some custom field to order by or utilize menu_order – both are probably not worth it for just a couple of posts).

You could also use plugins like https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/ but this one creates incorrect database requests in some cases.


Will the latest version of the theme work with Wordpress 4.7.1?

The demo website is currently running WordPress 4.7.1. If you’ll see any issues after updating you can let us know here.

Hi, I can’t seem to find the Visual Composer plugin bundled with this theme! I can only see the LayerSlider plugin. Is it possible that I haven’t updated the theme? I had purchased it 2 years ago, I don’t know how to find out which version of the theme I have. The wordpress version I have is latest 4.7.

Also, if I update the theme, will I lose my changes? I have updated some PHP and CSS files and added new JS files under the Daisho theme folder. Will I lose these changes? What does update really do?!

1. You can check the theme version in [Appearance > Themes].

2. As long as you’re using any 2.x version that should be good enough but using the newest version of WordPress, all themes and all plugins you have is recommended.

3. Updating removes the theme folder entirely and uploads the new one in its place. All custom modifications will be lost and to retain them you have to use https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

4. Visual Composer is in /core/plugins/ folder. You can install it in [Appearance > Install Plugins] automatically.


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Hey developer of daisho, I bought the daisho theme 2 years ago. everything worked perfect. Now I marry and changed my name, so also my domainname. Now the googlemap on my page doesn’t work anymore. look here: old domain: www.tina-tozman.de/kontakt/ new domain: www.tinahoffmann.eu/kontakt/ The old one works, the new one not. Do you have an answere, why? Please help me. Nobody else can help me. best regards tina

Hello, thank you for your message. Google has restricted access to their maps and requires an API key now for all custom (styled) maps now.

Therefore, we’ll be removing this feature from the theme in the future or we’ll only leave it as a secondary choice (for those who want to sign up for that API key). It’s advisable that you use Visual Composer to create two columns and this map now.

A theme update that adds support for API keys for maps will be available soon (most likely within a week).

In the meantime, in /inc/gmap.php you can add the API key to the URL like described here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key if you want to retain the styled map.

You only need to add this part: &key=YOUR_API_KEY at the end of the URL (the URL is on line 13 in my file).

Your previous map works because Google didn’t revoke access for domains that used to have it before the new policies appeared.

Hi, I downloaded the latest Daisho theme but it says that it is missing layersliderwp-5.6.2.installable.zip. The LayerSlider doesn’t work from this file: LayerSlider_Export_2013-10-24_at_12.24.29.zip. Is there a way to get this file or fix the version of Daisho that I have?

Hello Flow, Thanks for the information. I followed your instructions, downloaded and installed the new Daisho but unfortunately I’m still having the same issue with the LayerSlider Plugin. I get a message on the main page that reads: “LayerSlider encountered a problem while it tried to show your slider. Please make sure that you’ve used the right shortcode or method to insert the slider, and check if the corresponding slider exists and it wasn’t deleted previously.” Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem? Thanks


Flow Author

I’m able to create a new slideshow and insert its shortcode in [Pages > (any page)].

You can create a support ticket and provide your website URL, WordPress login and password in your profile’s data and we’ll have a look at it.

Tentatively, it looks like the slider with that ID doesn’t exist. You can find your sliders and their IDs in [LayerSlider WP > All Sliders]. Then on any page you can paste [layerslider id=”1”] with the correct ID.

Please, redownload the package from the above URL again. LayerSlider has just been updated to v6.4.0 in it (you probably have v6.2.2). Maybe that’ll help. The package also contains the demo slideshow which was done using 6.x versions of LayerSlider.

Got the update and have LayerSlider working on the website. Thanks for your help!

Hi Flow! How can I make the font size for ”.name” or ”.categories” to be in proportion with that for ”.symbol”? Basically, I want to have bigger names for larger thumbnails and smaller names for smaller thumbnails… similar to how the project titles are sized according to the thumbnail size.

Never mind, I just figured it out using the classes .variable-sizes .element.width.height. Thanks for writing such reusable and flexible CSS structure!

However, I have another question about the positioning of .name and .categories. Let me post it in a new comment. Thanks!

How can I position the client name (.name) and categories (.categories) just below the project title (.symbol) instead of positioning them at the bottom of the thumbnail? The positioning needs to be relative to the variable size of the text in .symbol. So, if .symbol takes up two lines, then .name and .categories should start after those two lines of text.

If this is tricky, I may also be okay with defining specific paddings/margins for .name and .categories inside each thumbnail separately, if you can tell me how to get the identifiers for individual thumbnails and their .names and .categories. However, this is not the ideal way to implement it.

Never mind, I just figured it out. I modified portfolio-loop.php to move <name> and <categories> inside the wrapper of symbol and changed their position to be relative instead of absolute.

I noticed that the Google Search result for my website shows the category names below the URL. I want to hide these names. Instead, I want to show a textual description or a “tagline” as can be set from Wordpress General Settings. I am also okay with hard-coding this information in the header or meta tags or anything. Please let me know how I can achieve this!

Well, I installed the All In One SEO plugin recommended in your documentation, and it inserted the <meta name=”description”> tag. However, it still won’t reflect on Google search results. How long does it take to update? I’m not sure if it can get rid of those category names as well. I don’t want to display those names in search results.

Themes typically won’t insert any SEO tags (it’s not practical to do it that way and it’s against the guidelines – Theme Review Requirements).

Therefore, you must install a SEO plugin to insert these tags regardless of the theme you use.

Furthermore, almost all top 1000 websites actually specify these tags manually (you can check yourself) or have a custom system that auto-generates them for each individual page.

Google will reflect changes with delay (up to a couple of days). Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Google+ will see your OGP tags immediately.

Hi Flow, I’m trying to delete the “Agency” tag from the project info on the portfolio page, but if I delete it from the “Custom Fields” section, it won’t remove it from the project settings area and it won’t disappear. Also, I was trying to edit the “Our Role” tag and leave only “Role” but if I edit the name in the custom field section, it won’t update in the settings area either. Looking forward to next Daisho update.

When I remove the content of [Portfolio > (any project) > Project agency] custom field then the “Agency” label disappears on the front-end.

“Our role” can be updated by doing one of the following:

1. Uploading a MO file with translation to /wp-content/languages/themes/daisho-xx_YY.mo where xx_YY are your language code and region like en_US.

2. Copying project-container.php to a child theme and changing that there.

As for the update we’re also going to update more things than what we originally planned (so that there’s going to be one bigger update rather than a couple smaller ones) and there’s going to be a delay but the good news is that you can download the current development version by providing your Item Purchase Code here: http://support.forcg.com/bb-templates/kakumei-flow/updates/download.php and you’ll get the newest LayerSlider and Visual Composer and a fix for the Google Maps shortcode (among other such minor updates).

So, what you’ve been waiting for is available for download but we’re planning to switch to ACF in final v2.7 and do more bigger updates like this so it’ll take a few more days.

The new documentation is being prepared on http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/27/ and it already lists the Google Maps parameter for the API key.

I think I’ve found a bug, the drop down menu doesn’t appear to work in Chrome but works fine in Explorer

None of the menu items have children specified. You can specify them in [Appearance > Menus].

The behavior is the same in Chrome and Edge for me for all elements on that page.

Hey, I was referring to the drop down info box (not the menu items) sorry

You update can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/2mx4aD8

The issue could be reproduced in Chrome and Firefox on touch laptops.

Hello there! Our site can be found at https://luckydogtampa.com/. You’ll notice that it’s setup with an SSL, however, it’s over an insecure connection due to a set of images that are still hosted with Devatic’s servers. Those images can be found at the following URLs:

http://luckydogdaycare.siteassembly.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/lucky-dog-grass-background.png http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/client1.png http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/client2y.png http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/client3.png http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/client4.png http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/client5.png

I cannot locate these images in the WP Media library either, and they’re not stored on our servers, so manual delete won’t work. Please inform me as to why, if we have purchased this theme, these images are still being hosted on your server and how to resolve this issue. Otherwise, the site won’t ever be a 100% secure site. And that’s a no-go for us.


You’ll find them in [Appearance > Widgets].


Thanks, that worked!