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Awesome! Good luck with sales!)

Thank you :)

Damn!! love the concept!!! awesome work dude :)

Thank you for your kind words! :)

I’m glad that you like the concept behind it. It should be simple and complete portfolio solution for creative professionals that works in some unique way.

Totally loving this, excellent creative thinking made into a portfolio!

Thank you for your kind words :)

Nice mate! Good luck with the sales!

Thank you!

Awesome work! GLWS Flow! ;)

Thank you! :)

Very nice work! What about internationalization?



Thank you!

Internationalization ready out of the box, .PO included.

However, it is not listed as feature in item description because not all strings are translatable at this moment. Only about 1% of strings isn’t included :) I think I will expand it to full internationalization support next week (and include that feature in item description once it’s ready).

Wow !! come on man, your theme is great !!!!

I need to buy a new template for my own website and yours is perfect !
I would have love to see an exemple with audio and/or video in the portfolio ! it would be great !

Thank you for your kind words! :)

HTML5 videos, YouTube videos and Vimeo videos are fully supported. There are even modes with background images for videos to keep their dimensions like original 360p dimensions on YouTube.

There is one project with some video examples. I hope that you’ll like it and find it useful. Once again, thanks! :)

Ok great ! And there is a full support for SoundCloud too ?

I haven’t used SoundCloud before. I think we’ll focus on functions that the most people are interested in at first.

Good news is that it should be relatively easy to add support for audio player :)

nice work! demo content included?


Thank you and thank you for being the first purchaser :) Yes, XML is included. It contains posts, pages, menus and settings but not footer widgets.

It should be next to theme package. This is the path: main_package/Daisho/daishowordpresstheme.wordpress.2012-06-28.xml

Love the theme!! Even though I am not looking for a portfolio theme, I might choose this one.

I wonder though, what about widgets? And plugins, for example Twitter? I would think one or a few tweets would be very nice on the frontpage, for example.

Also, any chance a huge list of menu icons is included? :P


Okay, one more question:

I see that it is only compatible with IE9 ? That is kind of a risk for me, since many “older” folks will be visiting my site as well. And as you know they are slooowww updating their browser. So, lots of them according to analytics, use IE8 and some even IE7 . Yes, it’s sad :)

What precisely happens if IE8 is used? What should I avoid using? Kind of important. And forgive me for keeping asking questions. The’re kind of important, as I hope you’ll agree. As far as I can see, this will be it though :)

Purchased :)

Looking forward to the solution for IE8 though ;)

Thank you for purchasing. We basically test all our themes in: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE9 , iPhone 4s, iPad 3 in both Mac and PC.

We don’t test in IE8 because it’s technically far behind code used in 2012. We’ve got HTML5 , CSS3, jQuery and IE9 supports all that. IE8 doesn’t support many new functions. It’s serious limitation for developers. Sometimes there is no other way than to create “another theme” for IE8 with special modes just for it. We try to aim future browsers and future devices rather than older browsers (this is only about IE, because older Chromes or Firefoxes work fine).

If you seek for IE8 support then from what I see there’s not that much to be fixed. Menu is going vertically, styled google map doesn’t display, top info box shouldn’t be used and most importantly thumbnail grid breaks at some point (perhaps it’s fixable). Other modules seem to work more or less fine.

We’ll be focused on updates in the coming days and I’ll see what I can do :)

Looks gorgeous, in regards to the portfolio items, when you click on one of the items and it takes you to the portfolio page where you can scroll and view the images, is there a preset for portrait style images? I see most are horizontal and full – width.

Great, thanks. I will play around with it a bit more. Looking for a new solution for my existing site, http://www.jasenhudson.com wanted something a bit cleaner / more streamlined and built on a responsive layout. But the majority of my photographic work is in the form of vertical images, opposed to horizontal.

One more question, is it possible to link multiple items on the home page to the same post / portfolio link? My idea is to have a few beauty, fashion, and event photos on the main page, all linking to the corresponding portfolio link.

An example: 4 Event Photography Images on the home page each link to the same Event Photography Portfolio.

I’m sorry for delayed response. There’s so much comments lately that I must have missed your reply. I’m really sorry!

Your current website is very cool!

You can’t link multiple thumbnails to the same post but you can create posts that are alike. Empty thumbnails (without images) will link to the first project.

OMG !!! I LUV IT !!!! I bought it and I don’t even know what I am going to use it for. Had to have it.

GREAT WORK !!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I’m really happy that you like it!

Nice to finally see a theme that doesn’t use micro-text… love the comments formatting too… fresh design…

Thanks :)

Yes, it’s a good move – especially if we consider dense ppi screens such as iPhone 4S, iPad 3, laptops with 15,6” screen and 1920×1080px resolution etc. Those are becoming standard devices and larger fonts guarantee better user experience on all of them. I’m not a fan of very small fonts either since I’m using one of those high ppi devices.

nice work…

Thank you :)

Amazing! Love your sense for typography and creative thinking. ;)

Thank you :)

Flow, I have to say that you are VERY PROFESSIONAL , CREATIVE, AND INNOVATIVE … You are definitely the INFLUENT WP Creative/Developer that I consider to follow very closely! CONGRATS ! Your theme is bookmarked! Don’t worry I will buy Konzept and Daisho for upcoming bulding projects ;-)

Thank you so much for your feedback and I’m more than happy to read it! :) It’s much appreciated and it helps us a lot!

Hey there, I just bought the template and I’m working on it. I love the little icons on the menu, but they don’t seem to appear. Could you help me? Greetings from Mexico.

Please check demo menu under [Appearance > Menus]. It should have icons. You can just use letters as descriptions for menu items and they will be turned into icons (enable descriptions in admin panel under “Screen options” if they are not enabled).

When I click on the contact page link it automatically opens the top drop down nav. I’m using chrome. ??

What do you mean? It works like it should for me, however, I just noticed some other issue on the same page.

Please clarify what doesn’t work like expected for you about that navigation and we’ll fix that within coming days :) Thanks!

Using Chrome…When I click on the Contact link in top menu (top right) it automatically opens the top drop down navigation.

see screencast (notice my mouse curser stays on top of contact menu link): http://www.screenr.com/lzD8

By the way love this theme…it rocks!!!

Thank you for your valuable video and positive feedback!

I thought drop-down menu for mobile devices appears :) but yes, I can confirm that info box opens also for me. We came to conclusion that it’s worth showing all the users things like that to indicate they exist and can be opened. Since this box may be used as “welcome information” then it makes some sense to open it.

I’m not sure if we’ll be changing that behavior is the nearest update but it’s good to know that it may cause confusion for average user that sees this website for the first time. Very valuable information :)

Once again, thank you! :)

cool! can the icons in the navigation be disabled?

cool, another question to the slider in classic mode. is it adjustable that the slider changes automatically after a peroid of time?

You can only trigger its action using keyboard, mouse, touch on iPhone/iPad. It will not advance itself but it seems like a good improvement.

Yes I think this option should be added.