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One questoin before I purchase this theme. Can I change the order of the portfolio categories (the top menu under portfolio)? Or it has to in alphabetical order?

Sure, you can do that with “Taxonomy Terms Order” plugin – http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes#plugins

Hi Wish to check on when you plan to release update 1.9.4. Great theme – I love it, and keen to keep it the freshest.

I think that this plugin shouldn’t have any impact on updating but it’s always safer to disable it temporarily.

You can rename old theme folder to ‘daisho-backup’ and upload the new version to ‘daisho’ folder. You’ll be able to quickly go back to the previous version if something goes wrong.

Thanks – I just read on your forum 1.9.5 coming out this week? Should I wait a few more days before updating from 1.9.3? thanks.

You can either update to 1.9.4 and then to 1.9.5 or to 1.9.5 straight away. This update will fix a couple of bugs and will add full support for WordPress’s 3.6 new video and audio players (also in portfolio projects).

We will get rid of our [video], [vimeo] and [youtube] shortcodes because I don’t see a reason to keep them if WordPress comes with [embed] shortcode now and new video/audio API.

Can you recommend a snippet of code or plugin that I can use so when visitors click on image thumbnails in the Preview page, they are taken to an external link (preferably one that opens in a new window)?

Thank you.

You can do that with [Admin Panel > Portfolio > Add New > External Link].


Great theme. Does it support post excerpts in the portfolio grid? And also, can the posts be filtered by popularity and/or newest posts? Thanks

Regards Marcus

What do you mean by that? Excerpt is usually used on archive pages. Portfolios don’t have archives.

Just like posts support excerpts where I can usually add descriptions or shortcodes. Would’t the custom post type ‘portfolio’ also support it? I just need to add text or short codes below the images on the portfolio page. So instead of displaying the name of the post on hover, it needs to be displayed already below the image, along with a short paragraph on what the post(portfolio item) is about.

Thanks again.

I see what you mean but it unfortunately doesn’t work this way. I’m afraid that it would be technically difficult to be created because the smallest thumbnails are only 220×150px.

Portfolio title

on the main page with portfolio where i have my minatures with photos and after i go on top of it with mouse there is limited number of words or letters, how to make it longer? i would like my all long title to put in that window :)

is there possible to show whole title of portfolio page on the portfolio icon?

That’s correct, it’s limited to two lines of text to prevent overlapping. You can increase that to at most three lines of text (that’s what we’re going to do in 1.9.4 by default).

Let me know if you need more information about that!


I quite like this theme and would like to buy it. But it doesn’t seem to work on my windows phone, meaning that it is not responsive in this case. I’m using Windows Phone 7, please see the screenshot.

Or am I wrong?

Here is the link to the image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8544365@N02/9378270142/

Regards Daniel

Daisho on windows phone

Thanks for your comments! I uploaded Daisho 1.9.4 yesterday. It has a new mobile mode that should be more suitable for less common browsers, system, screen sizes and devices.

In other words, previously iOS and Android were well supported and now iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Opera Mobile and other less known browsers should be supported much better. I didn’t insert <meta name="MobileOptimized" content="320"> tag in the end because the newest default WordPress theme – Twenty Thirteen – didn’t insert it either. I’m trying to stick to the standards and default configuration in important areas as much as possible. You can add that in your child theme or via plugins (any plugins that add meta tags to the <head> section – like SEO plugins).

Let me know what do you think!

Great, thanks a lot! Will test it soon and then let you know how it is working. Cheers Daniel

Alright! I think that the current mobile mode (1.9.4) should be compatible with 99.99% of mobile devices. Previous one was unfortunately compatible with only 90 – 95% of devices, resolutions and systems. We had to replace it with something simpler.

The current one will probably stay this way forever. If something doesn’t work in it then it’s most likely easy to be adjusted and we’ll do that if necessary.

If you have any questions, suggestions or bugs to report please create a support ticket and we’ll be able to track everything that you report more efficiently. Thanks!


I love this theme and am looking into purchasing I just wanted to check one thing first.

On a portfolio item page am I able to make the images as a slideshow not just static images below one another? As I will be displaying websites as the portfolio item I want to flick through as a slideshow to each webpage image I add in.

Thanks :)

Hi. I have stuck with using the slider that you included in your theme and it is working well except when viewed on the ipad. It doesnt look like how it is on your demo on the ipad.

The slider doesnt fit into the screen. Do you know how I can fix this? as this is a problem when showing clients the site via the ipad.

Also the three boxes under the slider view one under the other on the ipad can they view next to each other? Also the recent projects dont show in one line either?

Your help would be appreciated thanks :)

Sure, it would be great if you could create a support ticket – we’ll need your website address and someone will test that on an iPad and reply with solution :)

Thanks I have submitted a ticket. I fixed the slider so it is just the other two issues.

I have just installed the theme, but I cannot active the Demo content! In the documentation say upon activation you’ll see “Install Demo” button but this button didn’t appear.

Could you please help me?

So, you installed 1.9.3 for the first time and it didn’t appear? This button appears only if you haven’t used it before and if you haven’t skipped setup. It must appear on a fresh WordPress installation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS9ZC8nqOkY

If this is a fresh WordPress installation and you don’t have any content yet please go to [Daisho > About] and hit “Clean Database”. It will remove a couple of theme settings and “Install Demo” should appear again.

If “Install Demo” button won’t appear at all then:

So, basically this button just saves you 1 – 2 minutes of work by creating widgets and importing posts automatically. It doesn’t do anything else. You also need to be an administrator to use this button.

It’s possible in the 40+ pages of comments this has been answered…I looked through a few. This theme may work perfectly for my needs and I have a couple pre-sale questions if you don’t mind:

1. When hovering over the squares, can two images be used – one for the pre-mouseover and one for the mouseover? This would be two JPG’s, etc.

2. Can the squares not have links associated with them? I’m just interested in the mouseover effect and display two images.

Thanks! Nice work on this one.

1) No. The place of modification is project-loop.php. This is there WP Query is located and where thumbnails are generated. You can add there another image on top of the current one and then just style it to appear on mouse over. Time required: 30 – 60 minutes. I recommend that you do that once we release 1.9.4. It’s going to simplify and clean the code a little bit.

2) Yes, if you use javascript:void(null); as an “External Link”.

Let me know if you need more information about that! I’m glad that you like the theme!

Hi. How can I change the order of the portfolio Project ?

Thank you,

By default they are ordered by date. You can change their publication dates to reorder them and that’s recommended because you’ll keep the same order in your admin panel.

You can also change their order in [Pages > (your portfolio page)]. All WordPress’s order methods are supported.

On the left hand side, above the portfolio there’s an option to resize the portfolio (make all the tiles the same size). How do I delete this? I think it’s #toggle-sizes but I need specifics (which file, which lines to delete and what do I replace the deleted lines with). I want to keep the category filter, just not the resize option.

Many thanks


Try http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes – “Portfolio Filter – hide size toggler”. If that won’t work, let me know! It will hide this switch for everyone.

Hey guys I have purposely stored up a few questions and would be grateful for your support. 1. I have used a .png for the slider that is almost full width for the web but doesn’t resize for mobile platform? Is there anyway this can be done or is there an optimum size for all? 2. Can I make the blog page and content as a slider page template? 3. The Contact Us page doesn’t show the contact form and instead shows [contact-form-7 id=”2191” title=”Contact form 1”]. I have downloaded the contact form plug in. Where am I going wrong here? Thanks in advance, lee

Hello! Here are the answers:

1) Can I take a look at your website? I’ll be able to answer this question then.

2) I’m not sure if I understand but if you show me an example of what are you looking for then I should be able to give you some advice. Generally blog posts are listed like this: http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/blog/ and you can load these posts somewhere else (like in the slider) but I can’t tell you more at this moment, that depends on the details.

3) All you need is Contact Form 7 plugin installed and activated. Please also make sure that [Admin Panel > Contact] has this contact form ID. You can compare it to the trial website and copy an example form.

To answer 1 and 2 I’ll need more information. Let me know!


Whats new in 1.9.4 version you updated today? This link doesn’t list the 1.9.4 version.. http://bit.ly/PYjWQU


You’ll find instructions at the top of the thread above. Everything should go smoothly expect minor changes that are listed there.

I installed the upgrade using the Envato Toolkit plugin but now the “Portfolio” items don’t show up on the site. PLEASE HELP!!!!

1) Are they present in [Admin Panel > Portfolio]? 2) Do you have a portfolio page in [Admin Panel > Pages]? 3) Please also check [Settings > Reading] – you can set your portfolio page to be the homepage there.

What shows up instead? Please create a support ticket if you’d like me to take a look at that. I’m certain that only a minor change is necessary in your admin panel to make it work. This update doesn’t change much to the portfolio.


when do you plan on releasing v2?

cheers, Shaun

We just released 1.9.4. The scope of 2.0 is not yet defined but it will rather be focused on shortcodes/new features/content creation.

May I know what features are you looking forward to?

Before I purchase:

1. How many categories can I have for the portfolio filter? 2. Can I have multiple portfolio pages? 3. Are forms other than the Contact Form included?


You can test all that on the trial website.

1) At this moment it’s best to have 5 – 6 with not too long names. That’s optimal number also for visitors.

2) Yes.

3) This theme comes with “Contact Form 7” plugin. You can create as many forms as you like and embed them with shortcodes on pages or in posts.

Hi Flow, thanks for this really great “Daisho” theme. I finished the German version of our site now – maybe you remember the picture idea (www.visual-bastarts.com) and I will start the translation for an English version very soon. If you like it, feel free to add it to our showcase, if not – not. So or so – thank you so much for your great work! I think I will purchase it again for another site. So should the force be with you… ;-) and I will check out the Daisho 1.9.4 theme. Best from Berlin Alex

Yes, I remember your website well :) It’s going to be a pleasure to have it listed there! You’ve got really nice ideas! I just added it there, thank you so much for you link!

As for Daisho 1.9.4 it’s technically a lot better than its predecessors but I moved/removed/simplified many options so it’s a good idea to reread the documentation and test that on the trial website before updating. If you’ll have any questions, let me know!

It’s a honor for me to be part of your showcase! I will check out the trial before an update. Thanks & keep on codin’... ;-)

Hi! Firstly, thank you for your great support. I’ve been able to implement all of your advice so far and it’s been great! A couple of questions:

1. How can I centralise the nav menu? At the moment it’s on the right, I’d like for it to be in the center.

2. On the portfolio page, can I centralise the category list which is above the tiles? At the moment it’s on the right, I’d like for it to be in the middle.

3. How do I add a search bar that works to the site? No search bar plugins work. Is this because search is missing from the site? I really need customers to be able to search the entire site, including portfolio items. Please let me know how I can achieve this.

Many thanks and I look forward to your response.

1) That requires an custom code. You can enable our center menu feature for all resolutions by changing @media (max-width: 950px) { from line 690 in style.css to something like @media (max-width: 9999px) { (you can get rid of that @media query altogether as well and leave only its content).

2) That also requires custom code and attention of a developer that can do that for you and test that for you on various devices, screen sizes, systems and resolutions. Each change requires such testing. It is as simple as this: #options ul { margin: 0 auto; display: table; } in /wp-content/themes/daisho/modules/library-isotope/portfolio.css on line 213 but I didn’t test that everywhere.

3) You can add search widget to the footer in [Appearance > Widgets]. You can also add that to the sidebar. In /core/search.php you can get rid of the filter that excludes ‘page’ post type from search. In /core/post-types/portfolio-post-type.php you can make portfolio searchable – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_post_type#Arguments (exclude_from_search needs to be set to false).

I think that projects and pages are visible to everyone and are available within one click so search should exclude them. Our search function searches only in ‘post’ post type because that’s the only place of the website where users are likely to have more content that is suitable for that. I think that it’s done right this way – that’s what visitors expect.

Thanks Flow! How about the final question? I want separate pages with each category on each page. So, one whole page of category A tiles, another page with category B tiles and another with category C tiles. I’m using version 1.9.3 and don’t want to upgrade as I’ve changed some files. Thanks!

You can create “Portfolio A”, “Portfolio B” and “Portfolio C” pages in [Admin Panel > Pages > Add New]. If all three are set to “Portfolio Template” then you’ll find “Exclude/Include Categories” box in [Pages > Portfolio A/B/C]. You can exclude or include certain categories to be displayed there.

Hey Guys, Just wanted to say that Daisho is such an ace theme. Much easier and more intuitive than any other templates i’ve used on themeforest previously. I would thoroughly recommend it.

That said I do have one slight problem, Can you help me with changing the hover over colour on the portfolio categories, social icons and view portfolio button on front page. Is this a php file amend and if so can you paste the code line here.

Thanks in advance, Lee

Thank you for your kind words and I’m happy that you like it! :)

You’ll find code examples for that here: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

Let me know if you need more information about that!

When switching between the visual and text modes in pages – content seems to loose styling (paragraphs/breaks ect) . Any reason why this happens?

Paragraphs, line breaks and headings won’t change their positions or formatting but usage of plain HTML like columns from here – http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#gridSystem instead of shortcode version may and will do that. WordPress’s visual editor is not able to work with that. It is able to work with elements that you see in the kitchen sink – headings, paragraphs, preformatted text, columns shortcode, pricing tables and other such things.

Everything in that editor will work like in the default WordPress theme. We don’t modify this place in the theme files in any way.

I have a problem, Can you help me with changing the hover over colour on the portfolio categories, social icons and view portfolio button on front page.

Is this a php file amend and if so can you paste the code line here.

Thanks in advance, Lee

Portfolio.css is named like that since 1.9.3 or 1.9.4. Before it was named style.css.

You’ll either find the styles that you’re looking for in main style.css or in /modules/isotope/style.css.

ok thanks for that. Do I need to edit both then?

You either have /modules/isotope/style.css or /modules/isotope/portfolio.css.

The main style.css might have contained some style for portfolio in 1.9.3 so yes – you may need to edit main style.css and /modules/isotope/style.css.