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Hi, I installed the plugin, Add Link To Facebook. I was meesing around trying to add that plugin features to Portfolio as well since I am using the Portfolio posts as main blog posts.

Not only was I successful, I also messed up the custom field setting for the Add New Portfolio page….

Please tell me how I can fix the problem….

Thank you!!!

Most plugins that work with JavaScript initialize their code only once on page load. Therefore, you would probably need to enable page reloads for portfolio to make it work. Please see “Portfolio – enable page reloads” – http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

After that you can insert this in project-container.php. It will start behaving like a normal WordPress theme (so, direct project entrance launches single-portfolio.php and everything happens with PHP only).

I tried that above but it did not solve the problem; I am not sure if I communicated the problem correctly… The priority right now is to fix the portfolio slide management. It is gone and instead there is the normal text entrance box. How do I bring the interface back so that I don’t have to code everything in. This is how it looks now. http://wineandinterior.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/problem1.jpg

Thank you

It’s been removed since WordPress 3.6 because this version of WordPress introduced native embeds and video/audio API. Our shortcodes that do the same thing are useless since then.

Removal of SuperSlide for this projects brings more benefits than disadvantages. See comparison table: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-195

You can still use “Add Media” button to insert images and videos the same way and you can paste a link to YouTube or Vimeo to insert videos.

SuperSlide Editor will remain for Konzept theme because we’re in fact dealing with real “slides” there but in Daisho the project view looks like a post or page so it’s just more convenient for everyone to edit it like a post or page.

[slide] shortcode was left for backwards compatibility reasons but you don’t have to use it at all – you can just use the code that WordPress generates for you. There is no manual typing of anything.

I just updated this theme to the latest version and it wiped all my data :(

From which version were you updating? What data disappeared? If your homepage turned into blog, please visit [Settings > Reading] and restore your previous homepage. Posts, pages, projects and everything else shouldn’t be affected by updating.

Hello, I want to remove the text all works portfolio page.

Hello, please try ‘Portfolio Filter – remove “All Works”’ – http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

Thank you very much …)

Hello :)

I would like to have a portfolio with certain amount of projects from certain category on the home page here – http://web-id.net/keg/ – without filter if it’s possible.

Also I would like to have an regular portfolio section with all the projects and categories.

Do you have an idea, how this can be done :)

Thank you in advance!

All the best :)

Sure. Steps to follow:

1) Please update to 1.9.6 because some options mentioned below may not be present in your current version.

2) Please go to [Pages > Homepage > Exclude Categories] and exclude or include some categories for the homepage. It needs to have “Portfolio Template” selected and it needs to be your front page in [Settings > Reading > Static Front Page].

3) Please create another portfolio page in [Pages > Add New] and pick different set of categories the same way.

I hope that helps!

Thank you for your answer, but .. :)

Everything has disappeared from my download section, so I can’t download the latest version – no theme files, no purchase code, nothing!?

I wrote to the ENVATO SUPPORT, but there is no answer from them!

Here is the screenshot. that I’ve sent them – http://web-id.net/Missing_Downloads.png

So, what do I have to do now!?

Thank you!

Cheers :)

They should get back to you shortly. I opened a ticket 2 days ago and got a reply today so this usually takes 2 – 5 days.

I hope that they’ll be able to shed more light on that :)

Hi Flow,

I would like to buy your theme and for sure I’ll but I’ll customize it a lot for my project and I’m waiting for version 2.0 . I read somewhere on your forum thatyou will add many new features on version 2.0. Like revolution slider? Flat design?

When V2 will be ready? Can you write more about it?

Btw. One of the best theme on ThemeForest. Thanks!

Yes, I’m considering replacing our slider with LayerSlider or some other slider solution from CodeCanyon but this topic isn’t sticky anymore so I’m surprised that you’ve found it :) A lot of elements have flat style already. We’ll just keep going in that direction.

It isn’t any official announcement or a promise but all further updates like 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 etc. will rather add support for more things and none should alter main template structure significantly.

It means that if you use v1.9.6 and customize it then after updating to newer versions like 2.0, 90% – 100% of your changes should remain intact.

There isn’t any date set for the update yet but either 1.9.7 or 2.0 will appear soon because iPad displays the website in responsive mode and that’s what I want to fix soon. Mobile mode starts at 950px and it will be shifted to probably 720px.

Thanks a lot

I bought & installed theme, however it says, This theme requires the following plugins: Contact Form 7 and Symple Shortcodes.

This theme recommends the following plugins: Envato Toolkit and WordPress Importer.


Most themes on ThemeForest use TGM Plugin Activation class which allows themes to bundle some plugins. At this moment it’s a requirement for theme submission to ThemeForest: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/472

  • You don’t have to install Contact Form 7 and Symple Shortcodes. You can skip them or install replacement plugins.
  • We use Contact Form 7 to generate the contact form here: http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/contact/ – we didn’t write our own forms plugin, simply because Contact Form 7 is secure, complete and many people are already familiar with it – http://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/
  • As for the Symple Shortcodes, it adds “S” icon to your Visual Editor in the admin panel that allows you to insert tabs, toggles, pricing tables etc. You don’t have to use it if you don’t need tabs and toggles or you can use any other shortcodes plugin if you wish.

More plugins: http://support.forcg.com/topic/knowledge-base-plugins

I hope that clarifies everything!

Question. I noticed that the portfolio posts work when you click on them on the homepage, but when you type in the url for that posts, it gives me a 302 redirect to the homepage.. Why is that? Is that a setting that I missed?

When you enter http://example.com/portfolio/some-project is will start with 301 to add the missing slash and then proceed normally.

When you enter http://example.com/portfolio/some-project/ is will start with 200.

When you enter the project directly and hit the “Back” button, it will reload the page and generate 200 status.

I think that having a page reload to go to the portfolio page is necessary because otherwise how wp_title(); or body_class(); can execute and refresh? Not to mention any custom data added by plugins.

Having projects open in a dynamic way was an experiment and it works for many people since it raises various limitations there is also standard mode available. You can enable page reloads everywhere and make it behave casually by following “Portfolio – enable page reloads” in http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

Let me know if you need more information about that!

Hello, we have some problems with the porfolio when we saw the site through a mobile device (for example iOS7).

We click on the porfolio image, than on the title and after a “scroll on top” nothing else happens.

I think that it’s a mix of older and current files. Root directory files aren’t from 1.9.6, and /modules/ folder is updated to 1.9.6.

On line 692 in the source code I found $container.isotope({ (from project-script.php which doesn’t exist in 1.9.6) and the same piece of code, but with newer settings, is located in /modules/library-isotope/portfolio.js.

Can you please confirm if that’s correct? Updating all the files to 1.9.6 will make it work like seen here: http://themes.devatic.com/daisho

If you need us to login to your WordPress or server and confirm that, you can create a support ticket with login details.

Hi, we deleted the theme and installed it again. Now it works on iOS!

But now, we have a problem with the portfolio, before the upgrade we can move every slide with the drag and drop, now we saw a lot of shortcodes instead of the graphic way.

Decision to remove SuperSlide Editor was made entirely by analyzing facts: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-195 – solution that had more benefits won.

In this theme project view looks like a standard page so I think it should be edited like a standard page in back-end as well. More: http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#portfolio

SuperSlide Editor will remain only for Konzept theme because in that theme we’re dealing with real slides that need such editor.

Hello, is there a way i can change the pictures in sub pages to small thumbnails instead having a big image and a long scroll bar?

this is the page of the product “http://cadesignhome.com/?portfolio=flag” i want to make it show like this: http://i43.tinypic.com/bgz9cx.jpg

You can do .project-slides img { width: 33%; } if all images are supposed to be like that. Or please just add style="width: 33%; or a special class that you’ll style in style.css for individual images – http://gyazo.com/7783ee437e8f16eae588685bacb8f0b1.png

I would use that class method because then you would be able to make them 100% wide on mobile phones and 33% wide on desktop computers. So:

  • Add class="my-special-class" to images that are supposed to be narrower.
  • In [Konzept > Styling > Custom CSS Code] please add .my-special-class { width: 33%; } @media (max-width: 950px){ .my-special-class { width: 100%; } }

will try that tonight, thank you

Hey there, your theme looks amazing! Been shopping around for the right theme and I’m just about to purchase this theme, but I have a quick question.

From all the showcase links that you’ve provided, when you click on any one’s project, it brings you to a separate page to view the project while scrolling down. Is there anyway to make separate galleries that pop out on the columned pages? - For example, If I’m brought to a page that was titled Sketches, I don’t want to be brought to a page with sketches, I want to view the sketches in a dimmed window and arrow keys will change it.

I haven’t seen that in any of the showcased sites, so I’m wondering if there was a way to do it. THANKS!

I’m glad that you like it!

Showcase websites are real live websites, some may be customized.

What you’re asking for sounds like WordPress’s [gallery] shortcode or lightbox solution.

This is native WordPress’s [gallery] with Jetpack plugin enabled: http://twentythirteendemo.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/milkshakes/ (but I’m not sure if it does this masonry effect by default or if it’s something they customized).

Example Lightbox plugins are listed here: http://support.forcg.com/topic/knowledge-base-plugins It looks like that: http://wordpress.org/plugins/prettyphoto-media/screenshots/ and it can be enabled on a standard page or in a blog post. It works with any theme.

very good theme and really helpfull support. i can recommend higly this theme and this author. it’s not like other support forums, where you place a question and get no or poor answer. keep on the good work!

Thank you for your kind words :) I’m glad that you found the support forum helpful!

Hi Flow, I want to ask you something about portafolio. Do you know if threre any possibility to show our portafolio thumbnails in a random position? If you have any idea or code to use please it will be fantastic. http://www.locarmen.com/ Thanks. Javier

Yes, in [Pages > (any portfolio page) > Order].

You can also make thumbnails have random sizes in [Portfolio > (any project) > Thumbnail size].

Here’s a valuable source of information: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes – if you have any other general questions that qualify for FAQ entries, let me know! I’m happy to answer those.

Thnaks a lot you are a machine!! I got it YEahhhh!!


I purchased this theme and i want to remove the footer which has all the logos.

How can we do that

In [Appearance > Widgets > Footer 1 > Text Widget] or in [Daisho > General > Footer Layout] if you’d like to remove that row (widget area) as well. More: http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#footer

You can have any footer layout, multiple rows and from 1 to 12 columns inside each row. Each column is a widget area that can be populated with widgets or custom text/html in [Appearance > Widgets].

Hi Flow, i like your theme very much! I have one question please – sorry if already asked… When I choose a filter like “Web Design”. Is it possible that in the portfolio/project view you only navigate through the 2 Web Design projects? At the moment you will navigate through all the projects regardless of the chosen filter. I find this a bit confusing. Thanks!

Yes, you can do that in [Pages > (any portfolio page) > Loop through selected category projects only]. There’s also “Boundary arrows disappear” mode. Both can be tested here: http://trial.devatic.com/

Hi Flow,

THanks so much for answering back to me. I recently purchased the theme and working on it right now.

I have a quick question of how to do this, I figured it might be easier to give you a visual of what I want. Excuse the rough mockup. http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/9250/fakz.jpg

What I’m trying to get is a gallery inside a portfolio page with a plugin.


You’ll need a lightbox plugin first. For example something like this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/prettyphoto-media/

This library can be called with a simple link click it seems: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

And you can specify such link for each thumbnail in [Portfolio > (any project) > External link] but you can’t add rel="prettyPhoto" to it this way unfortunately. Therefore, you’ll need to edit project-loop.php and on line 244 change a class="thumbnail-link" to a class="thumbnail-link" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery-id]".

It is easy to be done but still requires some developer to setup galleries correctly and to probably do all that conditionally and add a new admin panel option and not for all the thumbnails. It’s something that would take an average developer around 2 hours of work.

Thanks For answering Flow, I’m having some friends that are Developers help me with this at the moment, But where would I locate the ‘PROJECT ID’ Or Gallery ID for each project?

As said from before, I’m trying to put a lightbox gallery in a specific Project. How would I find the ID for each new project I create? When I create a project, is the ID coded in a code file?

Thanks in advance

Image gallery demo code from here should answer this: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

In project-loop.php a developer has to make it output multiple images with unique gallery ID. Currently it outputs one image (which is a single thumbnail).

hello as you can translate the theme to Spanish thanks

You can translate it to Spanish. POT file is included in /langauges/ folder. All you need is POEdit and you can translate it. Once you have es_ES.mo, it will be loaded automatically by WordPress.

More: http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress

Hi Flow,

Version 2.0 any soon?

I’m checking every day :)


Thank you for checking it :)

There are some new features and improvements added to it already on my localhost but I’m working on more because I prefer less frequent updates. What features are you looking forward to?

How it looks on iPad. Right now it’s look on iPad like on mobile. All is centered in column. – I think that’s the most important.

Second thing Rev. or Layer slider for homepage?

Still is the best theme for portfolio ever.


In the nearest version iPad will display the website like Chrome at width=1024 in landscape mode and like Chrome at width=768 in portrait mode. Most websites switch to mobile mode below 800 or 768 so iPad often displays the version of the website for mobile phones (at least in portrait mode).

For now I made it switch to mobile mode below 767, so iPad will still display it normally.

Yes, slider is also on the way :) It’s already added and it will appear in the nearest update.

I want to use the jetpack plugin to publicize to facebook. We are using the portfolio as our main posts. The publicize section does not show in the portfolio add new page. What Can I do for the publicize section to show on the portfolio as well so that the portfolio posts are automatically displayed on our FB page?

Thank you

It most likely doesn’t know about existence of custom post types such as portfolio. It only knows about default post types present in WordPress: post and page.

  • Please consider using standard blog posts for what you’re looking for. You can link thumbnails to blog posts if you wish using [Portfolio > (any project) > External Link].
  • As the very last resort you can modify \wp-content\plugins\jetpack\modules\publicize\publicize.php and change if ( 'post' == $post_type ) on line 344 to if ( 'post' == $post_type || 'portfolio' == $post_type ). That will probably work but I don’t know the code of this plugin so that’s just a guess. It looks like Jetpack isn’t intentionally meant to work with custom post types added by themes.

Hi Flow! I am trying to activate the info box drop down menu, but it is not working. I did not used it originally, but I would like to include it now. I have added the info box page, marked it at the daisho-general option, added text (same as the trial site) and nothing. What I am missing? the website is anconayancona.com Thanks!!

That’s right, that’s all you need to do. Steps one more time:

  • Create a page in [Pages > Add New].
  • Name it like “Top Box”.
  • Add there any text and make sure that it uses “Default Template”.
  • Choose it in [Daisho > General > Top Drop-down Panel].
  • Working example can be tested on: http://trial.devatic.com/

If it still doesn’t work, please create a support ticket and we’ll be happy to visit your admin panel and assist.

Hello Flow..

Is it possible to add a non-linked picture among the portfolio items, on the portfolio page? (I mean that I want the portfolio page as project 1, project 2, project 3 pictures, and an emotional picture to fill the gap..)


Unfortunately no… I edited the item using Chrome>Inspect Element. I implemented style=cursor:default;and it worked.. But when i checked the code of the item, there is no identifier (like a post no). Here is the code:<div class="element b2b-cloud portfolio-category-27 isotope-item" data-symbol="Mg" data-category="alkaline-earth" style="position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; -webkit-transform: translate3d(450px, 310px, 0px);"> <a class="thumbnail-link" href="javascript:void(null);"></a> <p class="number" lingdex="8">2</p> <div class="thumbnail-meta-data-wrapper"> <div class="symbol">Cloud</div> </div> <div class="categories" /> <p class="id" style="display:none;" lingdex="9"></p> <div style="background-color: #c2b69c; width: 100%; height: 100%;" class="thumbnail-hover" /> <img class="project-img project-img-visible" src="http://www.domain.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/cloud_s.png" alt="" style="width: auto; height: 100%; top: 0px; left: 0px;" /> <div style="background-color: #c2b69c; width: 100%; height: 100%; z-index:-2;" /> </div> I guess what we put into css as .isotope #post-5521 doesn’t attach the css to code… :(

I found a workaround… I wrote my [Portfolio > (some project) > External Link] as javascript:void(null);" style="cursor:default Check the ””s :) Thx a lot! It works now.

This unique ID has been added to each thumbnail a few months ago and ability to insert style="cursor:default;" in that place has been disabled. Perhaps you’re using some older theme version but I’m glad that it works :)