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Hi Flow,

How are you? After i did the WP update my site not appear any more.

Please take a look: http://www.townlifttransportation.com/

Hello, I’m fine, thank you! I hope that you’re well too :)

What did you update? WordPress to 3.7?

Can you please also update the theme to 2.0.1?

Hi Flow,

Tku for promptly reply! I just have a problem the zip file is very big and always that i try to upload the expiry the connect. Can you help me?

It’s best to contact the server administrator in such event because it’s up to the server configuration or simply, please login to your server using any FTP client (like Total Commander or Filezilla) and upload it manually to /wp-content/themes/.


Thank you for your comment and I’m glad that you found the support helpful :)

I made a short tutorial on
how to colorize the services page using a modified shortcode!



Thank you for that link!

In current v2.0.1 this shortcode has been extended to also allow insertion of carousels of news: http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#contentBlock but the rest stays the same :)

Aha good to know! :) thanks!

Hi Flow, how are you. I updated the theme and all my styling settings were loose, so i need to set everything again.

I tried to set the color of font description, and the didn’t work. Can you check for me?


A couple of questions:

  • From which version did you update?
  • Did you have a child theme?

Some selectors may have changed. Currently style.css has TOC at the top so it should be easier to find the pieces of code that you’re interested in than before.

Page description is for instance .page-description { ... } and welcome text is .welcome-text { color: #000; } and it’s located in http://www.townlifttransportation.com/wp-content/themes/daisho/modules/library-isotope/portfolio.css so you can either add that at the bottom of that file or dequeue it and enqueue a modified copy in your child theme. Alternatively, [Daisho > Styling > Custom CSS Code] can be used.

If you need more information about that, please create a support ticket and list all the selectors that you’re looking for.

1) 2.0.1 2) no, i didn’t use a child theme.

I will open a ticket.

Hello! First off I would like to say thank you for such a great theme! I’m having one issue…I would like to implement password protection on a portfolio page. Is this possible? I enable it in WordPress but it just continues straight through. The default template password protection works great, but not portfolio template. Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I’m glad that you like it!

If a portfolio post has password set then it should always pop up as of v2.0.1.

If not (although it should), please enable page reloads for portfolio and then it will work just like any other page or post – see “Portfolio – enable page reloads” – http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

Thank you for the quick reply. I have attempted to set the portfolio post with a password and it comes up with the title as “protected” but still let’s me through with no password. I have also enabled page reloads as you suggested and no luck. I essentially just want to create a new page with the portfolio grid template and have that page be password protected. Thanks again!

Ah, that’s what you mean. You’re right, portfolio page template doesn’t have password but individual portfolio projects have passwords.

I see that you opened a support ticket. I’ll prepare and post a solution there.

which plugin would you recommend i use together with Daisho to instantly post my blog posts to Facebook?

I haven’t tried any plugins like that yet but Daisho is based on Twenty Thirteen’s framework so if a plugin works well with the default WordPress theme then it should work the same way with this one.

There are many Facebook extensions for WordPress available here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=facebook – please try a few (starting from the most popular).


do you have a tutorial to add a sidebar in the archive.php? I’ve read the comments in the sidebar.php and i’m trying, but with no results :crying:

Can you please open a support ticket? I’ll post the full tutorial there. ThemeForest comments don’t allow mixed code.

Hi there – amazing theme – love it Question – is there any simple way to link the Our team images to a WP Page with more info on that team member?

Thanks in advance

awesome you rock – going to rate this template. Once last question please. On the portfolio page I know I can hide the 2 view toggles, but i want the default view/action to be the 6 toggle – how do i accomplish that?

My mistake. It’s “link” now. It’s been renamed in the last update. I just updated the documentation.

Please let me know if it works now!

On the portfolio page I know I can hide the 2 view toggles, but i want the default view/action to be the 6 toggle – how do i accomplish that?
Many people suggested many different changes to that. Some wanted to skip “All works”, some wanted to exclude some categories from “All works”, some wanted to have the opposite size toggle selected at the beginning and I’m unable to add each and every option to the main package but I added a few suggestions/tutorials here: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes – please try “Portfolio Filter – start with size toggler opposite option selected”.

cannot download the code after purchasing.. cannot open page [the s3 url.] please advise!

It’s probably temporary. Please try again now. I just tested it and I can download files from that server right now.

This server belongs to Envato and ThemeForest so if the issue persists it’s best to contact them directly: http://support.envato.com/ Please also try another browser.

How Flow!

I have a quick question and I can’t seem to locate the functions ( if there is )

How do I change the color of the arrow on the upper pull down info box, and also the color of the Filters?

I tried looking at the options in DAISHO – STYLING/GENERAL, but couldn’t find the options of those.

Here’s a visual of my question. http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/2521/ywbl.jpg

Thank you!

As for the filter colors, it’s “Portfolio Filter – categories filter mouse over” in http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

And as for the arrow, it’s an image – http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/wp-content/themes/daisho/images/header-arrow.png

Any plans for a page builder? love the design but building content can be hard work. I recall you were releasing a new framework or something?

thanks ;)

Yup, I also think that this is very important. I’m in a habit of not making any promises or commitments so I’d prefer not to say what and when is going to happen but I’m here all the time and I’m working on new features :)

As for the new framework, the theme is finally based on it and I think that it won’t need any major changes in the next couple of years. It’s mostly up to date with the newest WordPress standards and recommendations.

Upgraded the theme and wordpress. Man that was jarring! But all is good. Thanks for keeping the updates coming and keeping active with this. I don’t regret this purchase for sure.

Question, where in the “Appearance > Editor” do I go to in order to make the portfolio headlines smaller? Sure they scale, but if the word is long enough, it won’t matter. Example: http://i.imgur.com/1dW1yqM.png

The good news about updating is that I’m not planning to change the theme’s structure anymore because it’s well done now so all further updates will only add new features and they should be quick and easy :)

[Appearance > Editor] is available if you’re logged in as an administrator (single site) – http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities#Capability_vs._Role_Table

Hi Flow,

How are you? After i updated the theme to version 2.0.1, in some computers the site show very strange, take a look: http://gyazo.com/aa7cb0986534852f9da1820288a12973 http://gyazo.com/6dfe45d6cb67eec7d382fe1bd537160f In my computers looks good: http://gyazo.com/52b5ed4bf1e627b842be96794d9cd7d8 Can you help me? http://www.townlifttransportation.com

I’m a first time visitor to your website and it looks like on the last screenshot here. Please restart the other browser and hit Ctrl + F5 or clear the cache. That should help.

Hi there

I like your theme and I one question for you. Is it possible to make the portfolio page as a front page, so you use the different pictures in the portfolio as a menu as well ?

Best Regards Thomas

Hi there how do I get to the trail version? I have entered the mail and username, but I cant login. What 2 do??

You will receive an email with your password.

yes I got it now. :-)

Love this theme, so our client!

Just got a quick question:

How to specify how images on the homepage are cropped? Basically all images are cropped from the center and all faces are chopped.

Is there any way to crop pictures from top instead of center?

I’m glad that you both like it!

Pictures are indeed centered. It means that it’s best to prepare 220×150px thumbnails (or twice as large but with exactly the same aspect ratio) and they won’t be cropped in any way.

  • There are no cropping scripts anywhere because cropping images on the fly consumes a lot of server resources and some hosting companies like Bluehost don’t even allow scripts like Timthumb.
  • WordPress has cropping mechanism in Media Library when you edit an image and you can use it to generate 220×150px images. It’s recommended and thanks to this your website will be serving the lightest possible images without cropping anything on the fly and 220×150px versions of images will be stored in WordPress’s database.
  • Theoretically you can disable centering for thumbnails and make them appear from top/left instead center/center but why do that if method described above is advantageous in every aspect :)

I hope that helps!

Hi Flow, I have a few simple questions that are related to one another.

1) I managed to get the prettyphoto plugin to work with the front page and the portfolio page. But How do I enable the plugin to work with a specific Project? I tried adding ’#prettyphoto’ to the permalink and that didn’t work.

2) Whenever I create a gallery within a specific portfolio project, I don’t have the option to set the ‘Portfolio Type’. I’m wondering if the Jetpack plugin changes that. If so, how do I activate wordpress/prettyphoto galleries within specific portfolio projects.

Images of my questions if it helps!: http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/2567/auds.jpg

Thanks for your time!

Hmm, Because I asked before about the gallery not working, I had to install the plugin ” Gallery Carousel Without JetPack” for the gallery to work. Link: http://wordpress.org/plugins/carousel-without-jetpack/

And You said something about the hashtag, My link does have a hashtag and it still re-directs me http://rosstran.net/portfolio/skyfire/#jp-carousel-3967

The same thing happens to the pretty photo as well: http://rosstran.net/portfolio/skyfire/#prettyPhoto/0/ I’m guessing it’s a re-routing issue, Do you think you can help me with this?

I temporarily made it public for you again.

THanks for your time!

Hey Flow, did you get a chance to quickly look it over? would love to get your opinion on this!

Please accept my apologies for delayed reply! It took my a while to find the issue but I investigated this and I found it in http://rosstran.net/wp-content/themes/daisho/modules/library-isotope/portfolio.js on line 230 – it reaches line 243 because hashchange fires onpopstate event.

So, it’s something that our event function didn’t foresee and it’s definitely a bug on our side.

Since you have page reloads enabled, the quick fix would be to insert if(jQuery('body').hasClass('page-refresh')){ return; } after line 230, so after window.onpopstate = function(ev){. That is likely to help.

Please create a support ticket, I’ll prepare corrected code and upload it to your server before it appears in the main package on ThemeForest.

Hi there

I’m going to buy your theme its very nice. I saw somebody asked you, if I can move the theme from trail to the right domain. Can I do that or is it from beginning again?

And another thing I have made the front page pretty much the way I want it, and that is whit the portfolio page. It it possible to remove the All works and the icons on the left side??

Best regards Thomas

1) You can use [Tools > Export] and [Tools > Import] to export the demo website.

  • You can export posts, pages, news, portfolio projects, LayerSlider slideshows and menus this way.
  • You can’t export widgets, WordPress settings and theme settings this way.

2) Sure, please try “Portfolio Filter – hide size toggler and categories filter” – http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

You can also hide that only on certain portfolio pages with http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/body_class

Hi guys,

Loving your theme. Just one request – can you PLEASE create a single forum topic on the Daisho forum for documentation of all Release Notes / Update Details for each version? It would be very useful to have an archive of what changes in each update, and I’ve Googled for hours and can’t see what has changed from one version to the next.

Or if there is one that already exists if you can please link me to it?


Thank you for your suggestion! Luckily, brief changelog already exists: http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

Besides that such changelogs are very useful to developers as well but due to licensing policies and the fact that we can’t make the code public it’s hard to share proper changelog with users but I hope that this will soon be possible.

Here’s WordPress’s version control system and that would be great for ThemeForest too but there is no such option yet: https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress/tree/master/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen (you can check entire history of each file from v1.0 to vX.X thanks to this).

I’m using .svg logo but it’s not displed on iPad and Safari. What’s may causing it?


Solved. I saved .svg logo in wrong way.

Great! Current support for SVG in HTML img tag: http://caniuse.com/#search=svg