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Hi there,

Cool Konzept Theme! I’d like to clarify several things before making the purchase. (1) How does video look like with this theme? as in embeded vimeo link on the grid page. (2) On the grid page, would it be possible to have a pop-up page where a vimeo video will play? (3) Would it be possible to have a google map background on the contacts page?

kind regards, J.


Please accept my apologies for delayed reply!

1) Example: http://themes.devatic.com/konzept2/portfolio/shapes/

2) You can have Vimeo videos in the slideshow. You can also link the thumbnails to some other location with videos (a blog post, a page, any other URL).

3) If it was in the background, visitors wouldn’t be able to manipulate it. Therefore perhaps it’s a better idea to insert an image of such map there?

Hi I also need to remove “ALLWORKS” but if I use the code you recommend, # filters: first-child {display: none;} removes all Portfolio categories and not just “ALLWORKS”

#filters li:first-child { display: none; } is alright. The version you pasted doesn’t have li and that may be the cause of this.

Please also see http://support.forcg.com/topic/excluding-things-from-all-works and “Delete ‘All works’ and start with different item highlighted” if you’ll also want to highlight different item when “All Works” is removed.

Upss… Sorry :) ... made a mistake… It’s working NOW! Thx a lot….

Great :) Have a nice day then and let me know once you need my assistance again!

Hi there,

I am about to buy this theme too and am wondering how an embedded vimeo video would work with this theme.

The motion part of the theme is not showing video.


Here are two examples: http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/portfolio/shapes/

As for the HTML5 video player, it will use WordPress’s default design that [video] shortcode produces (it’s the same look in 99% of the themes).

Hi there,

I have another question with the video but for mobile view.

When it’s previewed on iphone4s both Youtube + Vimeo video were scaled up only on the height.The videos look proper on the scale but there is big black area both on top and bottom of the videos which looks pretty weird.

If I buy this, would you fix this problem for me?

Many thanks,

also, it seems there is no “filter” on portfolio section when check it on mobile. Can you implement this feature back to it?


This is already reported as WordPress bug but they don’t know how to fix that yet due to diversified behavior of various media:
  • YouTube can maintain its aspect ratio
  • Vimeo can maintain its aspect ratio
  • SoundCloud can scale horizontally but not vertically
  • Blip.tv can’t scale at all, its iframe requires reload

I sent WordPress team one possible fix for review. This behavior is present in Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen and most other WordPress themes as well (unless some author fixed that).

Plugins like http://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-video-embeds/ will fix that and I’m thinking about adding similar fix to Daisho in one of the nearest updates. At least for YouTube and Vimeo.

If you create a support ticket after purchase I can attach my script that fixes it if you don’t like the plugin(s).

UPDATE: Yes, there is no filter for mobile phones. Good idea. If you’d like to receive it earlier (as soon as it’s done) please create a support ticket with such request and I’ll attach the updated files inside. So, you’ll most likely have this update before it appears in v2.1.

Hey there

any news on an update soon? About 6 months ago I asked about a better page builder and also using LayerSlider instead of your own sliders and I recall it was on the roadmap – any progress?



It’s still on the roadmap. It’s actually the only thing I’m working on right now.

I don’t want to share any details because I don’t like promising anything but we have a lot of the work completed and there’s a schedule that we stick to. It assumes that it’ll be ready in not that distant future.

I’m too tired of manually typing columns markup and other shortcodes when creating pages or blog posts and I understand that it needs better solutions.

Thank you for your continuous patience!

As for LayerSlider, it’s already there. Indeed, it’s a better solution than the old slideshow. I would’ve used it at the beginning but it appeared just a couple of weeks before Daisho and it wasn’t popular yet.

Hi Flow – any news on Visual Composer as the page builder?

We’re still working on it and I really want to add it as much as you want to finally start using it. It would benefit everyone. But this can’t happen until it’s of appropriate quality.

We have most of it working already but still there are certain situations that are likely to confuse users if not resolved so we need to sort that out.

Again, all that should be ready in not that distant future. There’s certainly less to be done than more at this stage so we’re farther than halfway there.

Is there anyway to integrate lazyload into the isotope you have within the theme?

The site is starting to crash with how many images we have within the portfolio.

Thank you! I really need help with this!

Steps to follow:
  • Please check Web Developer Tools (F12) in Chrome and “Network” panel to see how much the website in question weights and how long does it load. iPhone and iPad have 6.5 MB of the memory. The demo weights 1.1 MB with all its assets (13 thumbnails) and example project “Bas Van Der Veer” weights additional 0.7 MB. If the website in question crosses 6.5 MB, please do what you can to optimize it before trying lazy loading solutions. Some time ago Google officially announced that website weight and server speed impact search results and that fast and light websites and CDNs will rank higher. Optimizing the website this way has other benefits too.
  • If you have to use lazy load, I haven’t tried that yet for the Isotope grid but I just googled “isotope lazy load” and a couple of answers came up, including this one: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12675831/lazy-load-isotope So, this should be possible. Isotope is being initialized in /modules/library-isotope/portfolio.js around line 303. If you’ll need my help with this, let me know!
  • Some people have enabled lazy load for the project view too (which I personally consider not useful). Lazy loading will work for project view but only if you enable page reloads for the portfolio. All the plugins that use JavaScript (tabs, accordion, lazy load) require page reloads to be enabled. You can enable that by following “Portfolio – enable page reloads” in http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

I hope that you’ll find the information and my advice helpful! Let me know if you need more information about that!

Hi there 1. How come that www.byo.dk cant be showed on Explore?? Is there a reason for that?? 2. How do I center the content on the page? 3. When I use blocknote my text does not show right. http://www.byo.dk/indretning-af-private-hjem/ 4. And a last thing, I have tried to get scocial icon on the menu after you advice, but no lock. Can you give me a more detailed info how I does that??

Best regards Thomas

Yup, I was just about to answer :)

1) Which IE version are you using? Daisho is fully compatible with IE9, IE10 and IE11. I entered the website in question using v11.0.9600.16384 and it displays fine.

2) In [Admin Panel > Pages > Add New] you can use <div style="text-align: center;">content</div>. This will center any text inside.

3) Blockquote should be used for long quotations. In this case the code you created is alright (it produces the right outcome on desktop resolutions) but you’ll probably need to move inline style to style files or [Daisho > Styling > Custom CSS Code] to cover mobile mode with CSS @media queries. With inline style you can only make the background 60% wide and the image 40% wide. With media queries you can make them become 100% wide on mobile resolutions.

4) Have you tried http://support.forcg.com/topic/possible-to-add-a-widgetized-sidebar-to-header? You’re planning to use the icons from the footer there?

Hi Is there anyway I can control the columns set up whit percentages and I would like to center the columns, so they don’t are on the left side.

That depends on how is it supposed to look like in the end.

You can’t center the columns but you can center elements inside the columns. The way to center them depends on what kind of elements are those. Media library items have “align center” option when you insert them. Text has “align center” in the text editor too. You don’t need the columns to center most of the elements. The WordPress’s tools should be sufficient.

Hi again I just cant get around it but how do I do this page http://www.byo.dk/indretning-af-private-hjem/ whit columns?? Do I have to cange the style sheets??

Best regards Thomas Hillerup

I know I have asked a lot, but Looking forward for reply. :-)

There are 12 columns. Each, except the last one, has 3.8% (40px) of the right margin. Therefore, you can’t use the columns to create a layout that will have purple background color touching the image next to it. You will need custom code for that.

You already created this custom code but now you also need to extend it to so that the text block and the image become 100% wide on lower resolutions. This should help: http://css-tricks.com/css-media-queries/

Basically, you can give a class for each container that you already have and use media queries in [Daisho > Styling > Custom CSS Code] to update containers with new CSS on lower resolutions.


Purchased the theme,

I was just wondering if there is a way to make portfolio thumbnails on my home page screen unclickable. I am using blocks of colour with information which is clickable but combining it with a couple of photographs amongst the blocks, but would prefer if these photographs were not clickable through to a page.


Please try “Thumbnail – make it not clickable, make it not link anywhere” – http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

is there a way to enable touch controls to scan left and right on portfolio pages?

Currently there is no such option. This can be done with code modifications and for an average developer that would probably take half a day of work.

Besides implementing “swipe left” or “swipe right”, you would most likely also need to adjust fade in and fade out animations to sliding animations. I’m not sure how would that perform with large images or videos (probably it wouldn’t work because the animated elements would be too heavy).

Also, iOS and Android don’t allow custom “swipe left” and “swipe right” on top of videos if I’m not mistaken. They prioritize videos’ controls.

This request requires testing and consideration of sliding animations and conflicting videos. Let me know if you need more information about that!

Hi, i need to translate the string “continue reading…” I searched in the mo/po flies and nothing, is not there, and in the theme admin neither. Please, where is that string?

Thank you!

If it’s not in the PO/MO files, please hit “Update” in POEdit and the strings will be updated. It will say exactly this: Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">?</span> where the span element is an arrow pointing to the right and can be removed altogether.

It didn’t work, i hit update and it just remove everything… can you send me the updated version of the files please?. Thanks

The PO file must be present in the theme’s /languages/ directory. Hitting “Update” will work then. Ideally, please hit it on your own and it will match the files you have.

When you already have PO/MO files created, the “Update” button needs to be clicked every time you update the theme to the newer version. It may occasionally update some strings.

Here’s the newet available file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24744973/daisho-po-2.0.1.zip

Hi, thanks for the great theme! I’m a UX designer and this theme seems to be highly usable among a hundred other themes I’ve tried. Before I purchase it, I wanted to report what may be a potential bug if not a defect.

I tested it on iPad using the demo site as well as trial site. I found this issue occurs with Safari but not with Chrome. If you zoom-in anywhere on a project page and the page gets zoomed-in and when you try to zoom-out, Safari crashes instantly!

If you re-open Safari after it crashed when the page was zoomed-in to a considerable amount, it keeps crashing constantly while attempting to render the page.

This issue occurs only with project pages while zooming anywhere on them including the text, images, and the navigation menu.

I was a little worried to see this happening with such a great theme. Is there a quick fix for this? I believe this is a relatively significant issue as the user would naturally zoom-in on images to see finer details of the image, if not on the text which is already sized well.

Hello and thank you for your kind words! :)

iPhone and iPad usually crash when they are out of memory. Both have 6.5 MB memory limit but some people report it crashing earlier: http://css-tricks.com/crashing-mobile-webkit/

I just tested this and indeed you’re right. It happens on iOS 7.0.4 for me too.

Daisho and Konzept share exactly the same framework and I tested Konzept as well. It doesn’t crash so I’m guessing that Daisho’s assets are heavier or more demanding…

...after 20 minutes of testing I’m 99% positive that it’s this library’s fault: http://isotope.metafizzy.co because this website crashes too.

So, I can’t do anything about that at this moment. Maybe Isotope v2 that this person has already announced will fix that and if not then further versions of tablets and mobile phones will. This will be happening after purchase. The good news is though, that nobody have reported that before you so probably nobody zooms the website in on the iPad and iPhone and this can be ignored.

Thanks for your reply! In case it’s the Isotope’s fault, I’m hopeful it will get fixed in near future. By the way, is there any way I can disable zooming on mobile devices so this issue won’t occur in the first place?

Good to know this issue hasn’t been reported earlier. I’m a little finicky about this because some of my users may inherently tend to zoom-in on the images to see finer details as I’ve noticed this in previous usability studies. Nonetheless, I hope they won’t. :)

There is a way to disable zooming by changing <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> to <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, user-scalable=no"> at the top of header.php.

I can’t guarantee that Isotope will fix that. It may not be its fault – probably modern CSS animations are just still too heavy for some less powerful devices. This is improving quickly though and Isotope is one of the best libraries of this kind available today.

Hi again, I would like to clarify and test a few things before I finally purchase this great theme.

1. Can I increase the margin/padding on the project pages? I would like the content to be more spaced inwards from the previous-next arrows.

2. Can I make the navigation menu for portfolio and blog to be sticky on iPad like the desktop? I would like it to remain sticky on the top when the page is scrolled up and down.

3. I know the project pages have limited features and do not have image slider. Still, is it possible to use tables, accordion, tabbed content, quotes, etc? Also, an image slider is a good option when you have multiple similar images and you want to show only the most relevant image to the user while allowing the user to slide through other images only if desired.

4. If you click the Post Comment link with the mandatory fields left empty, you are navigated to a separate error page! Is it possible to highlight the empty fields or errors on the form before it is actually submitted? I know this works fine with contact form. Still, can the error messages on this form be more user-friendly than what they are “FORM CONTAINS ERRORS”?

Appreciate your help! Thank you, Suhas

Yes, it’s no more sticky because of the way touch devices zoom in websites (fixed elements can’t be zoomed in nicely) and because Android and less common systems and devices didn’t work well with that. Only iOS 6 and iOS 7 were almost absolutely fine.

I had to change that to the simplest possible structure and this new structure guarantees very good compatibility with all browsers, systems and devices.

Thanks, I understand it now. Nonetheless, I would like it to be sticky for my website (since the users may not take the effort to scroll all the way up on longer pages to reach the menu, so this may hinder the navigability). I know there is always a trade-off, and providing efficient navigation is more important to me than solving the zooming problem. Can you please guide if and how I can make the menu bar to be sticky, for both web and mobile?

The sticky menu is no longer present in the package. You would have to style the current one differently which is rather easy and not that time-consuming (the HTML structure doesn’t have to be changed) but still it’s something that would take at least two hours for an average developer.

YouTube, Wikipedia, NYTimes and many other top websites have this kind of side menu too and they didn’t make it sticky. It’s available at the very top even if the Wikipedia’s or NYTimes’s article is very long. On some touch devices you can tap the top part of the screen to be taken to the very top of the website. I think it’s not that big issue.

All these websites made a decision to make it not follow the screen because touch devices don’t work perfectly fine with fixed containers.

Anyway, with Daisho’s HTML structure it’s relatively easy to make the menu sticky with zooming disabled or not sticky and attached to the side of the website. I can’t help you with that though but I’ve added your comments to the list of user feedback for further consideration.

Project Title and Description Hi I want to change the font size from there I’m changing, but the effect does not portfolio.css

It look like you’ve already found the correct CSS rules and the correct file which is portfolio.css. Indeed you can use .project-title { color: #000; font: 900 1000%/0.75 "Open Sans", sans-serif; } to change the title’s font properties.

If you’re using a child theme, you’ll need to dequeue the parent theme’s portfolio.css and enqueue your own like described here:

Hello, i want to know what would be the url so as to go to the portfolio but with a cotegory focused/selected. I mean, i want a link to open the portfolio in a category. Whenever i open it, it’s on “all works”. Sorry for my bad english, but i hope you understand my wonder. This is the portfolio where i want to go with the link, not to “all works”, but to “muwom”. Thanks!

Thank you so much, now it works, i tried here: http://imanolramos.com/test/ The only problem is, when i click on “motion graphics”, the portfolio is opened ir the “2” category (that’s what i need), but the “selected” category is “all works”, How could i do as as the selected category looks “green” (selected)? Thanks a lot for the support.

I updated the answer in http://support.forcg.com/topic/portfolio-category-url with two more lines of code that will do this.

Thank you very much!

HI, I would like to know 2 things: how do we put the welcome text and how do we set up the icon in the menu. thank to your answer ;)

Can I take a look at your website, please? Portfolio template supports Welcome Text and other page templates don’t support it.

You can also create a smaller text that looks like Welcome Text when you’re creating a homepage with slideshow. Here’s the code: http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#homepage

it okay…. I fond a solution.

but I do not arrive has to show the icons of the menu. Are you sur it is compatible with the last version of WP?

This is how you configure the menu icons: http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#header

I don’t have your URL yet so I assume that you’re using the trial website – it is WordPress 3.8 + the newest Daisho.

Hi, I’m considering to purchase your theme. I have question about portfolio page. Can I use flash, html5, gif image into portfolio page?

Thanks, sawasdeeidea

Hello, yes, you can put there anything, just like in a normal blog post or on a normal page. You can test it on the trial website.

Flash is outdated and should not be used anymore by the way. Please consider using GIF, SVG and HTML5 assets instead.

Impressive theme, i have (meanwhile) setup a test site at your demo environment. To evaluate it, and then possibly make a purchase.

I have already a question: Is there an option to edit/create page templates?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read/answer my question regards Charles

Please accept apologies for delayed reply and I’m glad that you like it!

There is the “Default Template” which is a blank canvas that you can populate with any content (columns, text, media, forms etc.). You can extend this theme with other templates too (plugins like WooCommerce sometimes add them) but people do that very rarely so perhaps it’s not what you meant.

Hello, i didn’t find my answer on the forum, i want to remove the border of the thumbnail, i want all image to stick together like a mosaic effect without any space or border between images, how i can do that??

Thank you sir!

One more question, is there a way to fix the way the thumbnails appear in the site when it load for the first time, to be more clear: i want to manual organize mosaic dimension thumbnails instead of random dimension

You can set their sizes manually in [Portfolio > (any project) > Thumbnail Size].

yeah but every-time i open the site it will randomly placed the thumbnails and it will scramble again, the issue that i have that sometimes i have empty white squares in the middle of the site because no picture can fit this square

You can pick their order in [Pages > (your portfolio page) > Order By]. It may be set to “random”.

Please also make sure to set this (or some other portfolio) page to be your “Main Portfolio Page” in [Daisho > General]. This may be related.