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Hey. I’ve bought theme But i have a problem. I can’t set it up this

i think it doesn’t support korean. code>style.css< This message comes up

what can i do?

I couldn’t upload it. Fail maessage is “There is no code>style.css” like this.

I’ve just done it all. Thank you for kindness

From Envato’s FAQ:

Missing style sheet error when installing the theme
A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

Is woocommerce compatible now? PS great theme

Technically it works with WooCommerce (so yes, you can sell things using it) but it’s almost not styled at this moment. Our designer is working on its style. I don’t know when will he finish that because there are a couple of other improvements that he’s working on prior to this one.

Hi there

I just cant get this page to work. http://www.byo.dk/cases/ The colored box and the slider does not mach on a tablet because the slider is responsive and the colored box is not. Is not possible to have the page shown properly on a tablet. Is it not possible 2 give this page a separate stylesheet, just for showing on a tablet??

Best regards Thomas Hillerup

Yes, that’s possible.

First of all, you may need a help of some developer because this box is a H6 tag and it should be a DIV tag.

Secondly, it needs some class. Like class="some-class".

Thirdly, you can use CSS media queries to style it differently. Example: @media (max-width: 768px) { .some-class { width: 100%; } }.

You don’t even have to edit style files, you can do all that in [Pages > (that page)] and [Daisho > Styling > Custom CSS Code]. A help of third party developer would be recommended as this is custom code that only you have and my advice is just an example of how it works – it’s not a full solution that I tested on tablets and mobile phones.

Hello, how do i disable the mobile view, i want the site to open the same in desktop and mobile devices ( no more Bootstrap ), i there an easy way to disabled

You can change the viewport tag at the top of header.php to your liking. Instead of width=device-width it can say for example width=1024 (Apple did it exactly this way on their website).

thank you

HI! i have a problem. I’ve done almost. But i could’t change ‘OUR TEAM’ photo. I tried to upload a photo in media section. And then paste the adress like this [content_block title=”???” description=”PD” image=”http://doovallo.com/?attachment_id=4013”]UCC??? 50?? ????, ??? ??????? ???? ??.[/content_block] But it’s not work

Instead of image=”http://example.com/?attachment_id=4013” it should say something like image=”http://example.com/image.jpg”. It needs to be a direct link to an image, usually ending with JPG or PNG.

still have a problem.I followed your mention. I put on http://doovallo.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/???_00000.png But still there is no image

I’ve just solved. Thank you

Hi Flow, quick pre-sales question:
Would it be possible to turn Dasio theme to look like this one: https://nest.com ?

I need the following:
1. To have a slider on the front page
2. To have squares re-sized and aligned as on the nest site.

Let me know if it is doable.

Because (a) you can do this with much simpler HTML and (b) it doesn’t allow you to create two and three equal thumbnails in one row by default.

You can adjust this grid thumbnails’ dimensions using:

according to the link – if I need additional customization I can hire one of you guys/gals to do that?

You can hire developers on http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization

A few freelance developers used to work on the forum but since Microlancer exists we decided that it’s a better idea if they moved there. The “Custom Modifications” sections on the support forum is closed and it redirects everyone to Microlancer.


Again, love the theme! I just want to see if it’s possible to add a “glyph” on my nav bar when using wpml. At the moment I have “glyphs” above every menu item… except for the auto generated (by wpml) language switcher item. I couldn’t make your “built in” language switcher fit into my site so pushed it (via css) 4000px to the left, (so it doesn’t display on the site). Should I be asking wpml how to get an image (glyph) above the menu item or do you guys have an easy answer? Let me know!



Hello! I’m glad that you like the theme :)

I have already suggested this to the WPML team a few months ago. The problem is even bigger than that because their menu item completely ignores custom menu walker classes (http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/Walker), so it will always display with the default HTML, even if a theme or a plugin wants to change this HTML structure (for example to allow descriptions from “Description” field below menu items).

If they still didn’t move it to [Appearance > Menus] and if it’s not available as another menu item then you can only add this icon with JavaScript. Please create a support ticket and let me know what is your website’s address and I’ll prepare a code for you.

Hello! Does your template include a page builder? Thanks

Hello, it doesn’t at this moment.

Hi thanks for the theme. I’m having a problem with a website however, I was hoping you might be able to help. I know some other users have had this problem already, but the navigation icons are appearing as text in firefox and IE. They work perfectly fine in Chrome and Safari.

I have already tried disabling all my plugins. I have checked out the font files and fonts.css and everything looks ok. I have also tried contacting my server administrator. They told me it is a development issue and that they can’t resolve it for me.

The website is at http://www.eurotechny.com/

Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks Ivar

Thanks for the response. I’m sorry I’m still quite new to web design, I’ve never dealt with an issue like this before.

“When they are sent to the browser, server sets some headers for them. Very rarely (like in 1-2 cases out of 1000) servers send that as text files “

May I ask is there an easy way I can confirm that this is what is happening for myself? I’m sure that you are right but I would like to be able to get something to show to my server administrator since they have already dismissed it as a development issue.

Thanks again!

This is not a development issue because if it was then every single buyer out of 3900+ would complain about that and ThemeForest would disable this item until fundamental issues are fixed. So far only 4-5 people have had this problem and causes were only two: (1) incorrect headers or (2) domains/ports/protocols that don’t match.

I just investigated this thoroughly on your website and this is not a headers problem like I suspected. It sends them as font files.

This is same-origin policy problem because your domain is http://eurotechny.com/ and fonts are being sent using:

You can read more about same-origin policy here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same-origin_policy

There is no way to fix that in the code, it has to be fixed on the server.

Thanks for going to the trouble. I got in touch with the server administrator about the issue again, hopefully they can solve this for me.

Cheers, Ivar

Hi Flow, I have checked many of the sites using your beautiful theme, but none of them are being monetized in any forms or shapes (or I couldn’t find any). There are no ads, no sidebars etc. Is it doable at all? Could a non-bbpress forum be integrated with the theme?


1) You can have a sidebar on pages and in posts that are present in admin panel. You can assign it conditionally to a group of archives of categories, tags etc. (everything that doesn’t have a placeholder page in admin panel) using http://support.forcg.com/topic/assigning-a-default-sidebar-for-daisho You can also use WooSidebars plugin to assign different sidebars for different pages: http://support.forcg.com/topic/knowledge-base-plugins

2) As for the forum the theme is based on Twenty Thirteen/Twenty Fourteen so most plugins that work there will work with Daisho too. bbPress integration is on our “to do” list.

3) As for online store, it’s rather a portfolio theme and I didn’t add there any ecommerce features. If you an online shop that works well then it may be a good idea to use another theme that explicitly states ecommerce support in some ways (PayPal integration, WooCommerce integration for selling goods/services/downloadable goods or whatever you need). You can use WooCommerce with Daisho (it will work normally) but it’s not styled in any special manner – it just inherits the theme’s styles and WooCommerce’s default styles.


I’m interested by the Thumbnails Grid approach. I have a few questions to be sure of my choice before buying this theme.

  1. When I click on a thumbnail it loads a sort of modale window with the content (is it a real article ?) and great the URL change with the appropriate URL of the article. But I don’t see the same feature when I click on a topic (identity, motion, ens.). Is it some kind of an option that we have to enable into the administration panel ? How can we deal with this ?
  2. in the grid, is it possible to work with variable height ? For example if we want to have square picture or to show the text below the imagine instead of in rollover
  3. For our project we have to deal with 2 menus of categories. In the demo I only see one, is it possible to add a second one ?

All the best

  1. It used to be a popup window (not a standard post) but a lot of people wanted to insert there shortcodes and plugins that use JavaScript so I gave them an option to enable page reloads for it and make it work just like other WordPress posts and pages. By enabling page reloads, WordPress will generate things like body classes and JavaScript will be executed on document ready event. You can enable page reloads using “Portfolio – enable page reloads” from http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes
  2. You can pick one of the predefined thumbnail sizes. You can test that on the trial website in [Portfolio > Add New]. Modifying thumbnail sizes is possible. You can follow http://support.forcg.com/topic/change-dimensions-of-portfolio-slides and http://support.forcg.com/topic/margin-of-the-thumbnails-in-the-portfolio to do that (for advanced users).
  3. You can create multiple portfolio pages, each can display a different set of categories. You can also try to separate filter into two rows with CSS but I’d need a mockup to give you any advice because I’m not sure how exactly you’d like it to look like.

I hope that helps!

A little be hacky to my ears ;-)

In a little bit simpler terms:

1) Page reloads can be enabled or disabled. They should be enabled if you’d like to use plugins such as tabs, accordions etc. there. Direct project entrance and clicking the “back” button will always force a page reload – it’s needed to refresh SEO data, document title, body classes and other things that WordPress generates. Clicking a thumbnail on the grid can but doesn’t have to open a project with page reload.

2) Thumbnail sizes require manual changes and you need to recalculate their sizes and spacing to fit the page nicely. This probably requires a help of third party developers. It’s only about CSS changes.

3) Multiple portfolio pages are a theme feature – you can simply create a few pages and pick what categories each one displays.

I hope it’s clearer now :) Let me know if you need more information about anything.

Hi Flow, After a week of browsing I think Daisho is the best for my need! That’s awesome! I have 2 important pre-sale questions: 1) Is it possible to set latest blog posts immediately visible after the slider images in the homepage? 2) Is it possible to add some space to have logo displayed also in blog page template and in the category page template?


Maybe you did not need my money but I really this information to decide whether or not to buy your template:please can you give me this info? Thanks

Please accept my apologies for delayed reply!

1) You mean you’d like to add LayerSlider above the blog? LayerSlider: http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/homepage/ Blog: http://themes.devatic.com/daisho/blog/ – pages that dynamically generate content (blog, archives, search results, portfolio posts) don’t accept static content and you would have to insert this shortcode directly in the theme files, in index.php in this case.

2) You can switch to normal header by following “Compact menu – disable on blog and single post pages” in http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes

I hope that this is what you’re looking for :) I’m not sure if I’ve answered your question number one correctly. If not, let me know.

Hi, just bought this theme, but can’t upload it. Fail message is “There is no code>style.css” like this.

You can upload thumbnails in [Portfolio > Add New]. Please make sure that you’re using Daisho 2.0.1 and WordPress 3.8.1.

In older Daisho and WordPress versions (before Daisho 2 and before WordPress 3.5) there was an old Media Library and this used to happen if the “URL” form field was empty. It’s present right above the button that inserts the image. It needs to contain the image URL (by default WordPress inserts there an image URL automatically).

Newer Daisho versions use the updated Media Library and this is no longer a problem because right now WordPress forces some URL to be present there and users can’t manually delete it.

I’m not sure if that’s what happens in your case. I’d need more details if that’s not the case.

Hi, I mean, that there is no images in portfolio http://www.helgagolubew.com/portfolio/90/ I can’t upload them.

Hmm, it’s Daisho 1.0 (2 years old). Please update to Daisho 2.0.1 as the first step. A LOT has changed and a lot has been improved since then.

Secondly, it looks like the images have been there before but now they are gone or they aren’t accessible. When did this happen? Did you ever manage to upload any image or they appear broken?

Can you update to v2.0.1 and upload them to the new WordPress’s Media Library? It’s likely to resolve your issue. Daisho 1.0 wasn’t tested with WordPress 3.8.1 and this version of WordPress uses updated Media Library to handle uploads.


just a pre-sale question: Can I display my portfolio in grid style instead of masonry? Meaning each box is of the same size?

This is great. I will definitely buy this theme!

Sorry, just one more thing, can I adjust the number of columns?

Grid system for pages (and posts) has 12 columns. Each one is about 54px wide + around 40px of margin. You can use some plugin instead but many plugins that enable you to create columns use the same or very similar numbers (4.85% for column width; 3.8% for column margin).

As for the thumbnails grid, you can change the thumbnail sizes, the number of columns, the width of the portfolio page etc. The JavaScript script will adapt so it solely depends on CSS styling. This is for advanced users that have some experience with CSS. More:

The script that this theme uses: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/

Hi bought the theme.. and love it.

just need to figure out how to change the client logo’s at the bottom of the page.

i.e – Business media, BDMM, nfinity etc etc

i would like to put my client logo’s

many thanks

I’m glad that you like it :)

You’ll find this information here: http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#footer

You can basically go to [Apperance > Widgets] and replace links to images in “Footer 1” widget area.

Is there anyway to setup the portfolio to just open into a lightbox?


Lizy Bloom

There is no such option by default and it would require a custom modification. Thumbnails can link to portfolio projects or any external URLs.

Hi, Is there a shortcode for portfolio category? I would like to have few portfolio categories each display in different page. Is that possible? Thanks,

At this moment the portfolio doesn’t have a shortcode.

You can, however, create multiple portfolio pages with different categories. Tutorial:

  • Make sure that you have a couple of portfolio categories created with posts in them.
  • Use [Pages > Add New] to create two pages with “Portfolio Template” selected.
  • Each of the new pages allows you to select the categories that it’s going to display in “Exclude categories” box. “Page A” can for example display categories 1 and 2 and “Page B” can display categories 3 and 4.

Thank you for your reply, but I’m still trying to understand:

If I do that, can I have more content in the page like regular page, or only grid portfolio?

If I can have more content, where the portfolio grid isbeing displayed? On top of content or under content?

Pages that dynamically generate lists of posts (search, archives, blog, portfolio) usually don’t accept any additional static content even if they have placeholder pages in [Pages > All Pages] in admin panel. This happens also in Twenty Fourteen default WordPress theme.

You can, however, modify the template files to allow that using: http://support.forcg.com/topic/blog-section-in-thumbnail-grid – this allows you to display the page’s content above or below the thumbnails grid.

Hi, I purchased the theme! It is great so far but once I install my child theme, the menu does not display. What could be the cause?

1) You can’t have 3 columns instead of 5 without modifying the code in some way. Related question where someone have attempted that: http://support.forcg.com/topic/change-dimensions-of-portfolio-slides

If you only adjust CSS in any way then JavaScript will automatically adapt and your new thumbnails (with new sizes) will work automatically just like before.

2) All ordering methods that WordPress supports are listed in [Pages > (any portfolio page) > Order By]. There is no way to sort them by category but you can change the publication dates of projects to order them that way (recommended) or use a drag and drop plugin to reorder them: http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/ (convenient but less recommended). Here are all the ordering methods: http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Order_.26_Orderby_Parameters

Ok so if I remove the options in css (for size toggler and filters), how can I increase the size between menu and portfolio?

You can increase the top padding of the container that contains the thumbnails: .tn-grid-container { padding-top: 18px; } (18px is the default value) (it’s located in /modules/library-isotope/portfolio.css on line 101).

To overwrite this in [Daisho > Styling > Custom CSS Code] you may need to use the !important keyword, like: .tn-grid-container { padding-top: 18px !important; } (but it’s usually not necessary).


Does your template includes a shortcode to create testimonials?

Thanks! J

The theme itself doesn’t include any shortcodes but it comes with Symple Shortcodes plugin that has testimonials – http://www.wpexplorer.com/symple-shortcodes/ and it’s compatible with most other plugins for creating testimonials because it’s based on the default WordPress framework – https://wordpress.org/plugins/

Hi there,

There doesn’t seem to be a sticky footer that i can see on this site or am i wrong? Otherwise i was wanting to build one in myself but as soon as i leave an open div in the header (to create a wrap), it automatically generates a closed div in the code, instead of allowing me to close it myself in the correct position before the footer. This makes it extremely hard to generate a sticky footer when there isn’t enough material.

Any tips? Thanks

All good, sorted it.