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what is the current version?

The package contains two versions. You can install either older v2.6 (not recommended anymore but it has been tested by many people) or current v2.7 which only has a week (it should be fine as well).

There’s also v2.8 coming as soon as it’s ready which switches custom fields to Advanced Custom Fields plugin among other improvements.

Hi…have purchased this theme from youll but have been facing an issue. site url: https://arjunmark.com whenever i scroll down and click on any item (portfolio) the popup opens on the top, so in this the person has to again scroll down and start from where he/she was viewing from. Any solution for this? to keep the pop up open from where its clicked.


Sorry ! didnt understand which code where?

Ok ! understood … thanks …but the scroll seems to be scrolling up can v do something for that ?

When you open any page, post or project it will be scrolled to the top. You can change that but that’s beyond the scope of our support because that’s an unusual behavior that no one else wants.

I described how to do the other change because that one was a valid concern.

The site works fine, but trying to update the welcome text gives me an error:

“Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in …. wp-content/themes/daisho/admin/metaboxes.php on line 88”

Any idea?

Which version are you using? The current v2.7 (June 26, 2017) and the previous v2.6 don’t use custom fields to store the welcome text — it can be added as a part of the content http://docs.devatic.com/daisho/#homepage (it’s a part of the content to avoid having more custom fields and database requests for such small elements).

In the upcoming update metaboxes.php will be removed and replaced with Advanced Custom Fields plugin so whatever errors that file may be containing it’s not worth fixing them anymore as the update is coming soon (possibly this week).

Just updated to 2.7. Upon further testing: Any change on the homepage generates the error. I can edit other pages (eg contact) just fine. Just posted a new blog and portfolio entry.

You can send us your URL, WordPress login and password using https://themeforest.net/item/daisho-flexible-wordpress-portfolio-theme/2585124/support and we can have a look if you want.

We use WordPress 4.8, Daisho 2.7 and PHP 7.1.6 on the demo website and we are currently unable to reproduce that error.

Where can I view changelog for this theme? I have been using it since 2012 and it’s still looks fresh, but want to know what have been changed/improved before upgrading. Thanks

Please have a look at https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/changelog.html

v3.1 is planned to follow in the near future (this or next month) as well and the documentation is being updated (we decided to remove old 1.x and 2.x FAQ entries and the new updated ones will be available in the documentation).


oc_h Purchased

After update 3.0 the handling of portfolio post types and portfolio categories on the Portfolio thumbnail grid doesn’t work anymore. I have followed the instructions at the new changelog.

You can email us your WordPress login and password using the support tab and we’ll have a look.

v3.0 requires at least PHP 5.6 to work and the newest WordPress. This may be the problem. If you’re using PHP 5.4 then it’s already outdated: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PHP#Release_history


oc_h Purchased

Thanks for quick answer. The site olechansen.dk use PHP 7.1 and WP 4.8 so that doesn’t seem to be the problem. It’s hosted at one.com. I’ll send you the passwords to the support and hope a solution is possible. (Since I bought the theme in 2015 I haven’t experienced any problems and I have been very satisfied with the exeptional way of handling filters, categories and portfolio items – until now?).

What has changed is the code is now newer and up-to-date. All the previous options still remain (but now you have more of them, e.g. you can specify any arbitrary project labels unlike before).

The custom fields are now handled by Advanced Custom Fields plugin and you can import them in Daisho > Demo after activating that plugin. Maybe that’s the issue that they aren’t imported yet.

Since that plugin offers better fields and more of them (and they are even editable by you in the admin panel) we’re planning to keep using that plugin from now on.

Is there an easy way to upgrade to ver3.0? I’m currently running 2.1

Updating to any up-to-date PHP version (starting with PHP 5.6) should help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PHP#Release_history

Updating the PHP worked but now that the site is updated I’ve lost the portfolio slider on my front page! How do I get it back?

Never mind fixed it. Think I have it under control. Thanks.

Having a major problem with updated theme. When I update theme in Dashboard it reflects the changes I have made. However when I look at live site the changes are not reflected. I have refreshed, emptied caches, installed new browsers, etc. I even contacted the hosting company and they have all cleared all caches on their end. Any idea what could be causing this?

We would still suspect some kind of cache.

Here’s what may be caching your website:
  • WordPress plugins
  • Your server
  • MySQL
  • CloudFlare DNS (if applicable)
  • CDN (if applicable)
  • Any other services that you may be using

It may be some other configuration issue as well. The theme is a presentation layer and will display whatever is in the database. The database is specified by wp-config.php and it’s the same for back-end and front-end.

You can switch to the default WordPress theme and check what happens. Then you can deactivate all plugins.

If by “When I update theme in Dashboard it reflects the changes I have made” you mean Appearance > Editor then you may be modifying the wrong theme.

It was in fact a caching issue. After many hours I discovered that a caching plugin I used had created pages (3 subfolders deep) like “about.html” which caused the interface to create page titles like “about-2.html”. After I (manually) deleted these files it worked fine. Thanks for your help!

Is there no way to edit the layout of the individual portfolio item pages? Seems like you could in the earlier versions. i want to remove or change the social media icons.

The project pages display the title and your content (just like page.php or single.php) and you could create many sophisticated layouts there with plugins like included Visual Composer.

The project pages also display project labels and social media icons. The social media icons are located in single-portfolio.php and can be edited in that place.

Another file that updates these icons is /js/portfolio.js and it does so when you enter projects from portfolio pages without page reload.


I’ve problem with VisualComposer, I can not add items to new pages or edit pages that have already been created with VisualComposer.


Ok thanks, now its works!

how can i hide the title of the page? Now on the homepage I see the title “home”

If you import the demo content the title of the homepage should be hidden. It’s hidden in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS but if it’s not then you can copy a line of code that hides it here: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/#homepage

We decided that hiding the page’s title is not worth a database call and a custom field if it can be hidden using the WordPress’s native field made for such purposes.

Such option may appear in the future though, as an optional plugin that would contain some styling options (adding custom CSS is the best you can do and it’s a plugin for those who can sacrifice performance).

I am just trying to change the fonts. No easy select option with google fonts????? Very frustrating….

We’re sorry to hear that an option that you expected to find is missing.

There have been a few major updates to the theme recently and more are coming.

This option will likely never be a part of this theme but we will instead move all non-essential functionality (current /inc/customize.php and other related files) to a separate customization plugin (probably very soon, in v3.2). After this change there are likely going to appear more customization options gradually with every update, including fonts selector.

Users are primarily encouraged to use child themes to do any modifications if they can. This way they won’t be sacrificing performance for additional database calls and that’s the simplest/cleanest way of modifying anything.

Others can install the upcoming optional customization plugin. It will be available in Appearance > Install plugins.

I understand, don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely theme but some of the usual options Im used to are not available.

Besides that my other question is if we have the ability to use Font Awesome instead of Pictogram?

Such option isn’t available in v3.1, however, that’s a very easy change and we made it now.

You can go to https://demo.ikonize.com/daisho/wp-content/themes/daisho/css/fonts.css and either download this file (it’s minified though) or just download the last lines that start with .menu-item[class*="fa-"] and you can use all Font Awesome CSS classes in Appearance > Menus from now on. E.g. fa-tint would be a valid CSS class name that you can add to any top-level menu item.

This feature is going to be added to v3.2 as well.

Pre-sale question. Is it possible to have blog with 3 post bellow portfolio on homepage? regards

You could create a static page where you could paste the two shortcodes for displaying the grid and 4 recent blog posts: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/#recentPortfolioProjects

The theme is based on the default framework http://underscores.me/. The normal blog is located in index.php and in archive.php. You can’t include it on a static page just by using the admin panel but you could modify the files slightly to achieve that.


I have a pre-sales question: What exactly does “compatible” with Facebook mean? I even couldn’t find any features listed under “Item Details”?

And is it possible to maintain a specific aspect ratio of the images shown in the grid? As not all the images would have the same dimensions I would suggest an auto-resize of the image to fit the div container with the desired specific aspect ratio.

Is this possible to do with your theme?

Many thanks, Osewa

It means that an item can have any feature that uses Facebook. This item has sharing icons that include a Facebook icon.

The grid tiles can have one of the dimensions seen on the demo website. If you upload an image that doesn’t fit well then it will be cropped and centered.

The library we use is https://isotope.metafizzy.co/. Doing any potential adjustments to the grid should be very easy for a developer of any skill level.

Many thanks for the extensive answer! Very much appreciated :-)

I have to add a comment about this – Portfolio Individual item. There were 2 things I loved about this theme: one was the slider of portfolio. Still there. The other one was the fact that I could create a portfolio item just by adding content into fields and setting the size of the thumbnail. Now it’s just a normal page where I have to add custom fields or do things that I can do with any theme in WP. If you remove all the unique customization, it becomes just a default theme with a composer. I’m trying so hard to keep using this theme instead of a framework like Divi (from Elegant Themes). I’m trying, but with every update you make it harder to remain a fan and a user that love this theme. The Daisho I loved first is 60% gone!

In 3.x versions we switched to Advanced Custom Fields plugin and all the previously available custom fields still remain.

In addition:
  1. There is one additional field that allows you to upload thumbnails from external URL or your media library (if you use the latter option you will benefit from the srcset feature)
  2. Project labels can now have any arbitrary label/value pairs
  3. You have to import your custom fields in [Daisho > Demo] or you will not see them.
  4. You have a new possibility (not available previously) of not importing certain parts of the demo content as well or you can repeatedly import only certain parts if you want
  5. You can edit your custom fields using only the admin panel which wasn’t possible before
What was removed:
  1. You had a color picker which could be used in [Portfolio > (any project) > Thumbnail] which only worked for images from the same URL (external images didn’t work due to CORS restrictions and we didn’t enable this due to a risk of security issues) but it had to be removed because the “thumbnail” and “thumbnail color” are now separate ACF custom fields and we couldn’t make them be merged if they were supposed to be editable in ACF options

We didn’t worsen anything, in fact our own /admin/metaboxes.php was already outdated and it’s a much better idea to have Advanced Custom Fields plugin handle your fields as it’s updated and tested independently and has a near perfect 5/5 rating in the repository.

Hello, i am trying to fo a test on the contact form and when i press “send” the following message comes out “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.” can you help me with that?

Hello, your website is using version 2.1 of the theme. Can you please update to the current stable or the current development version (v3.2) first?

All 2.x versions of the theme are unlikely to be fully compatible with the newest WordPress and the newest versions of the plugins.

Hi, can I somehow download an old version of Daisho (v2.5)? I want to update the theme to the latest version but some changes were made to the theme. I would like to move those to a chil-theme

You can create such request on our support forum and we can email that version to the email address associated with your Envato account (there is no need to provide your email in the ticket, we will see it in your Envato account data).

Hello I have a problem

the fonts in the portfolio section overlap. check this screenshot


how can I solve this font problem?

The font shown on the picture is not the original theme font.

The original font called “Open Sans” (and also its fallback font set to “sans-serif”) don’t have any overlapping letters.

You can consider replacing the font or adjusting line-height among other options.

how can i adjust the line height

You can visit our page about custom modifications to find out more about them: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/custom-modifications.html

Hi, i’m trying to remove the portfolio icons on theleft that change the grid. I found previous comments directing me to http://support.forcg.com/topic/daisho-common-changes but i cannot open any of these support links to daisho common changes. Please could you help. Thanks

We did significant changes to the theme and most topics from 2012-2017 were already outdated.

Before doing any changes please read https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/custom-modifications.html

This is one possible piece of code that will accomplish what you’re looking for: li#toggle-sizes { display: none; }

Thank you. I The one other piece of code I am having trouble with is how to change the hover over and selected colour for the main menu. Thanks for your help.

Thank you. I The one other piece of code I am having trouble with is how to change the hover over and selected colour for the main menu. Thanks for your help.

Hello! I have a problem upgrading from 2.6 to 3.1 or 3.2. Instead of category selection from my portfolios my homepage loads all portfolio items. And in the backend I am missing “Page Option” section after upgrading.

http://www.te-ma.cz/www/frontend-2-6.png http://www.te-ma.cz/www/frontend-3-2.png http://www.te-ma.cz/www/backend-2-6.png http://www.te-ma.cz/www/backend-3-2.png

Anybody knows what am I doing wrong? Thank you. Lukas :)

Upgrading to the current development version (v3.2) is a better idea than using v3.1.

In [Page Options > Demo] you can import your custom fields.

In [Pages > (your portfolio page)] you can include or exclude portfolio categories to display.

When we updated to Advanced Custom Fields (in v3.x) we renamed some fields. We also renamed the main database option to “daisho_options”.

Some settings may need to be manually updated by some users but that shouldn’t take anyone more than a minute or two.

How do I change the font size of the H1, H2 etc? I tried make this change in the stylesheet but it didn’t carry over to the pages?

Please see https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/custom-modifications.html to find out more about modifications.

H1, H2 etc. tags are defined at the beginning of style.css and then they may have updated styles depending on context (e.g. font size may vary depending on resolution and on whether that’s a page or post etc.) so it’s not easy to answer your question exactly.

If you will modify style.css or your child theme’s style.css then surely the changes will be present on your pages. You may have to disable any caching plugins or other caching solutions on your server to see them instantly.

Hi there, how do i put the normal navigation on the blog posts page, and remove the compact menu? Thank you

In functions.php you can remove the line that says $classes[] = 'compact-header';.