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Hi I need to activate archive function in woocommerce. We sell book so we have to show in a clear way the different type of book to our customer.

if you go to the page https://www.inknot.it/shop/ for example if i click “Bambini” only child books will appear and so for all the categories

There were a few fixes to WooCommerce component recently, you can download them here: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php and that should solve the issue.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I’ve upgrade new theme, and now works! Thanks a lot

Hi IKONIZE, I added a link to the “imprint” page in the footer. Is there a way to display the footer in the “project view”,too ? Thanks in advance

Currently the project view is an overlay on top of your page. You would have to hide the current page’s header and content and set the project’s container to have relative position. The code would look something like this:

.project-coverslide { position: relative; }
.portfolio_box { position: relative; }
.daisho-portfolio-viewing-project .site-header { display: none; }
.daisho-portfolio-viewing-project .site-content { display: none; }
.single-portfolio .site-header { display: none; }
.single-portfolio .site-content { display: none; }

It wasn’t tested and isn’t guaranteed to work with all theme versions.

Is this theme no longer being updated?

You can download the newest updates using https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php

3.x versions will not be updated further.

The next release will be Daisho 4.0 with WordPress 5.0 and the new Gutenberg editor support.

This release will be available in the repository soon (before it’s available on ThemeForest).


are you planning an update for the LayerSlider plugin in your theme?


We will be releasing Daisho 4.0 soon (it will have Gutenberg support, all shortcodes removed and replaced with blocks, compliance with the new Envato requirements that were announced a few days ago and many other improvements). There are no further planned updates to 3.x versions because version 4.0 is 1-2 weeks away.

Please email us to get the newest version of the plugin if the version in the repository is too old.


We’re still waiting for some things to happen (like #7147 should be finished) and when they happen we’ll replace 3.x versions with 4.x versions.

Good afternoon! Have a pre-sales question for the team – are there width/height controls for the size of the logo? Or any controllable parameters, or a a maximum width? Additionally – are there controls to change the rollover/highlight colours in the navigation (currently the teal colour in the demo)? – Thank you in advance for your reply. Best regards.

1. The logo is handled by the native WordPress function https://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Logo and we don’t modify anything about it.

You can upload any logo as long as its size is reasonable (0-200px in width should be OK with no height limits). There is no need for width/height controls.

There is no “retina @2x” parameter for the logo (we thought about it but we decided to not create such option), we recommend that users upload SVG logos https://demo.ikonize.com/daisho/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/daisho.svg – they are much smaller and work on all screens (@2x, @3x, @4x etc.).

2. You can edit the accent color in [Appearance > Customize] which will change all teal colors or you can run find/replace on CSS files.

Hi there, after the update from version 2 – 3 all the portfolio items are gone. Your theme doesn’t have [slide] shortcode anymore and your documentation doesn’t mention what you changed it to. Can you please explain how to update the theme in documentation and what to change “slide” shortcode into?

Hi there, we’re sorry for any confusion.

Here’s the situation:
  1. In 2012 when we released this theme WordPress didn’t have its current media library (you can still find some old 2005-2012 videos or screenshots of it if you want) and we created a replacement [slide] shortcode.
  2. But only a few months later in early 2013 WordPress introduced its new media library so we removed the [slide] shortcode at that time.
  3. Since then you can simply use the new media library.

We kept the [slide] shortcode intact to maintain backwards compatibility for up to early 2017 I think.

A general rule about our updates and WordPress core updates:
  1. Updating between major releases (like v1.0 to v2.0) is expected to change major things.
  2. Updating between minor releases (like v1.0 to v1.1) shouldn’t impact anything.

Soon in 2018 there’s coming a new improvement: Daisho 4.0 will be released where we’ll be removing all shortcodes and switching them to blocks. We’re only waiting for #7147 to close. But all your media library items made in v3.x will not be impacted.

So… I suddenly stopped being able to easily add new portfolio items to my website. So I figured I needed to update to the latest version or something. I did.. blocks .. yeesh.. not a fan – converted all my existing portfolio items to blocks, seem to have lost all my old text, links and colours – and the portfolio isn’t displaying – at all – . Can you tell me if there is a way for me to revert to an old version?

great.. i’m screwed. I’ve done all that.. it took hours – but portfolio block does not work. it just doesn’t.. notrdesign.co.uk there’s nothing on that front page – why? because it used to be the portfolio grid :(

We understand and we’re sorry that you’re experiencing difficulties.

While we don’t know how your website looked before the update perhaps the following advice will help:

  1. We’re very happy about Gutenberg and this change. The theme became conceptually simpler and easier to use when shortcodes, custom fields and page templates became blocks. We consider the previous system (with separate widgets, shortcodes) to have been worse.
  2. The demo website is using the same Daisho 4.0 which is uploaded to https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php and we can confirm that the “Theme: Portfolio grid” block definitely works. You need to have some projects and a portfolio page (like [Pages > Portfolio]) with “Theme: Portfolio grid” block. This block doesn’t require any configuration by default.
  3. The way your website looks right now is unexpected. You may have a mix of old and new files.
  4. Please make sure that all your CSS and JS files are not cached and that before uploading the new theme version to /wp-content/themes/daisho/ you renamed the old folder to /wp-content/themes/daisho-backup/. None of the previous files should stay in the original folder.

Thank you for that point in the right direction! – I deleted all the old files completely and reuploaded the new D4.0 files and it works now! I did manage to get a mix of old and new in there I guess – I just have to make it look presentable now, and It should be ok. thanks again!

Hi there Ikonize,

I’ve been using Daisho for years and still like it

In a recent change, I seem unable to add new thumbnails / meta data to my new portfolio items. They all appear as grey boxes with text. Previous items appear fine.

I’m missing the text boxes within the Edit Portfolio Item page which I had before.

How do I repair this, so the theme displays portfolio items properly?


Tom www.losttrack.co.uk (you can see this now)

1. Please wait 2-3 days for Gutenberg 4.0 as it fixes one important issue.

2. Then please re-download https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php and use Ikon Importer to import your ACF fields. The previous packages deliver ACF v4 fields (wrong) and that package delivers ACF v5 fields.

If something would still not work then you can open a support ticket: https://support.ikonize.com/

I’m updating from 2.6 to 4.0: At first, I was trying for a straight folder replacement (delete old version, add new version), updated/added all required plug-ins etc., but my page simply went blank. No content at all. I then deleted all plugins and reverted to 2.6. This broke some of my customization, but… ah well.

I then updated to 3.1 (the one on the theme’s themeforest page), which seems to work. Tried to do another update from 3.1 -> 4.0 with all plugins refreshed again… BAM! Page goes white again. Is there some secret ingredient I’m missing? This update should be a smoother process IMO.

At this point please use only 4.x versions.

We just added all the newest changes to the repository and that should fix any issues: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php

It likely stopped working because we were using gutenberg_render_block and now it’s renamed to render_block after WordPress 5.0 release. The repository was not yet updated.

We are doing checks for existence of Gutenberg functions but this one didn’t have a check.

Current release schedule:

1. We’re currently doing final adjustments to v4.0. We’re planning to satisfy the newly introduced “Gutenberg Optimized” conditions.

2. It’s certainly going to be uploaded to ThemeForest in the final state soon (this year).


on portfolio pages is it possible to change the size of titles ? can you give me detailed instructions please?

Thank you.

In /wp-content/plugins/daisho-blocks/blocks/isotope/style.css:

Find @media (min-width: 1260px) { .project-title { margin: 0.375em 0; font-size: 160px; } } and edit.

There are a few responsive breakpoints for this so you can edit only the ones you want.


Is it possible to have a portfolio title split in two lines ? I tried to insert a “br /” or “div” tag in the title but since it looks fine on the project page, it doesn’t work as expected on the image thumbnail.

BTW, any idea when the theme will be officially released for WP 5.0 ?

Thank you.

It just displays the regular title field of WordPress. So, you can use whatever WordPress itself allows there.

With <br> it works on the thumbnails and inside posts for us.

The repository version is always up-to-date and anyone can access it anytime so it doesn’t make much difference. But we’ll be uploading it shortly. We’ll try to do this next week.

Hi, I’m trying to remove the social icons and after removing from single-porfolio.php it keeps re-popping up when I refresh my site. Where else do I need to remove? Thanks.

They are also present in the daisho-blocks plugin in the *.js file of the isotope block.

(Or if you’re using an older theme version that doesn’t support Gutenberg then in the /js/ folder of the theme.)


I want a link to directly connect to a specific catogery on my portfolio page like a link pointing to a pre-filtered portfolio category

Pls help


Like this

awiaitng for ur reply

The portfolio grid has a very good API and if someone is looking for some code snippets then there’s a chance that it already has what you’re looking for: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/

In this case such functionality is present in extras: https://isotope.metafizzy.co/extras.html

You’d have to copy and adjust the code snippet available on https://codepen.io/desandro/pen/vErxXj

The file that has to be modified is /daisho-blocks/blocks/isotope/front.js.

Please let us know if you need more information about this.


My name is Sajjad from RTL-Maker . net

Are you have some themes or plugins that have no RTL support yet?!

But you have some customers that have RTL language (like: Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, …) and need RTL support for using your themes or plugins.

We have a service for adding full RTL support to your themes or plugins. Just look at our website at rtl-maker . net

Best Regards - Sajjad

Hi – If I add a “Gifs” tab to the Portfolio section, will animated gifs autoplay? So if you view “All Works”, will they autoplay there too? Thanks!

Hello, yes, they will autoplay.

That place is using a standard img tag and GIF and SVG formats with animations can be inserted.

Hi Flow,

Some thumbnails on my portfolio tiles won’t show. do you know what the problem might be?.

Hello, currently there aren’t any known issues with that module and it works on the demo website which has WordPress and all plugins updated to their newest versions.

Therefore, there’s like a 99.9% probability that it’s a configuration issue.

We recommend that you try a standard set of steps first:

  1. Make sure that you’re using the newest development version of the theme from https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php and that all modifications (if any) are done correctly and are not causing this.
  2. Make sure that all plugins are updated to their newest versions.
  3. Make sure that Advanced Custom Fields plugin is active and that all custom fields are imported.
  4. You need to have a page with ikon/isotope block.
  5. And the last thing you need are some portfolio posts with thumbnails uploaded (you can upload them into two fields: either as a media library item or as a external URL and when one is uploaded then the other one will not work). We speculate that this step is the most likely culprit.

I am new to wordpress and web design. I can’t seem to activate the thumbnail grid view on daisho for the front page of the website.

Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us!

We will be happy to assist.

We have already replied with the same information in your other support request so here it is only for reference for others.

The difficulties some new users may be experiencing may likely in some part come from the interface of WordPress which many users don’t find easy to use as seen in the comments of the new editor on: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gutenberg/

Steps to follow for you:

1. Before we can help you please always download and use the newest version of the theme from https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/repository.php – this URL contains all recent fixes and very often solves issues for our users.

If some user found a real bug (which sometimes happens but not too often) then the fix usually arrives on the same day or on the next day to that URL.

There were multiple small recent fixes and they may be affecting you so please make sure to download and install the newest version now before you move on to the next step.

2. Make sure to follow the installation guide: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/

2a. Especially make sure that “Advanced Custom Fields” and “Daisho Post Type Portfolio” plugins are active in [Administration > Appearance > Install Plugins] or in [Administration > Plugins > Installed Plugins] if they are already active.

2b. Make sure that Ikon Importer plugin is active.

2c. In Ikon Importer it’s enough to import the “Portfolio” page and then you can edit it in [Administration > Pages > Portfolio] and your grid is already there with no configuration of any kind required.

3. You can edit your portfolio posts in [Administration > Portfolio] section.

4. Please check the screenshots of each section to see how the demo website is configured by default: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/screenshots.html

So, to conclude all information that you need seems to be available to configure the grid and other components quickly.

Please let us know if you need further assistance (if so, please let us know what exactly would you like to have on your website and we’ll do our best to assist).

Hi, is there an easy way for users without a degree in coding to adjust fonts? I am using the Diasho-version of 2014 and find this job pretty horrific. Should I downlad (buy) the latest version? Thanks, Henk

Thank you for the link!

Yes, in such case all advice that you need is already written above:

1. Only you know your business model and your plans and needs so we can’t recommend anything specific.

2. But for most people who only need to have simple about, portfolio and contact pages any template is good.

Statistically speaking changing fonts or colors will hardly have any impact on anything.

(We understand that website owners certainly care much about their own websites but for your visitors it’s often a website number 100 that they visited this week. From their perspective such presentation as you have now should be fully sufficient.)

Hi, one last thing. Would you know how to make the font of the captions smaller? I have tried this css-code in the customizer but nothing changes,

.wp-caption-text { font-size: 10px; }

Thanks for your help! Henk

For new Gutenberg blocks it would be:

.wp-block-embed figcaption,
.wp-block-image figcaption {
    font-size: 0.75em;

Please see /wp-includes/css/dist/block-library/theme.css for the complete list of selectors. (This is a WordPress file, not a theme file.)

Hi. We have just updated the Daisho theme and now our site seems to be broken. It doesn’t display correctly. Is there something we did wrongly?


You must have updated from 1.x, 2.x or 3.x to 4.x.

All information about updating to 4.x versions is available on: https://docs.ikonize.com/daisho/changelog.html

Thanks very much. I’ll check this out. Thanks again for your reply.

Hi, I just updated from Daisho 2 to daisho 4. I had an issue earlier with the portfolio grid not showing but that’s fixed. On my page I had a ‘News’ page which doesnt work anymore. The news pafe had the following shortcode ’’content_block post_type=”news” posts_per_page=”15″”.

The “news” post type together with this shortcode were removed a long time ago (possibly around 2013-2015).

What you could do now would be this:

  1. Copy the contents of the file /core/post-types/post-type-news.php ( it contains register_post_type() for “news” among others) and paste that in functions.php (without the opening <?php tag).
  2. Then you will be at least able to see your news in the administration. There exist blocks that are capable of displaying any arbitrary post type.
  3. To copy also the old shortcode you’d need to locate the PHP file with that shortcode and copy its contentsto functions.php, copy the relevant CSS, copy the JS library that was making it be a carousel and the JS snippet that enables that carousel.

(Or you could consider enabling some plugin that registers this post type, this claims that it registers “news”: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-news/ but it probably doesn’t register “news_category”.)

For a typical developer that’s a 1 hour task to restore that.


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