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Hi, I’ve just bought your template, which is really cool by the way. I’m trying to setup Slider Revolution, but I can’t understand if the slider templates are included in your wp template? If yes where I can find them?

Hello, where I can find the icon list?

Hello, how does portfolio works?

Hi there. I am using your Dalton theme and am having a problem. When I try to set up the shop the title of the page is replaced with Category ”” I don’t see where to fix this. Thanks

also when my products display the bottom part of their prices are cut off

Hello there, I’m beside the support period but could you explain one thing for me ? I jumped from version 1.4 to v1.6.1 and the Smart Recent Posts widget is gone – how come ?

Hai Zoom-arts, I am using the Dalton theme for several website. Besides some bugs pretty pleased by it. Before I go order it for a new site, I am wondering; are you going to update the theme any soon? It’s getting dated realy fast now….

Hello Zoom Art,

I purchased your Dalton theme, which I like a lot , but there are a couple of features who do not to seem to work.

‘Font Awesome’ is not working and I can’t link the icon to a page.

Can you please advise on how to fix the issues?

Thanking you Joseph


I’m an SEO and I just took on a new client that is using your Dalton Version: 1.3 Theme and from what I’m seeing, this theme has not been updated since 2015, am I correct? If so, can you guild me to the best way to get this theme updated?

This is the site in question: https://selectivesound.com/

Dan ClevelandSeoGuy@gmail.com

Is there a way of left indenting the icon list text, as a bulleted list would appear?

Hi there,

amazing work with the theme! Thank you!

I would like to ask you about this WooCommerce error I get on Single product page:

Warning: Missing argument 3 for za_single_prod_thumbnail() in public_html/wp-content/themes/dalton/framework/functions/woo-commerce.php on line 168

Is there a solution?

This is super important for me.


Hello, I am having issues with WooCommerce update. It says dalton/woocommerce/cart/mini-cart.php and dalton/woocommerce/content-product.php are out of date but I don’t see any updates to download on the theme page. Please help! Thank you.

having an issue with page title showing ” Category”” ” instead of what is entered in the page title section on the dashboard. This is on the shop page for woocommerce.

Hi zoom-arts, I have purchase your theme and I have a problem for previsualisation Can you help me please ? :grin: screenshot : https://ibb.co/cveigL

Hi there,

I sent an email yesterday, regarding the spacing between the single images placed in an inner row. Is there a way I can do this between visual composer?

Let me know whether you require additional information in order to assist me.

Thanks, Gemma

Buenas tardes, he comprado este tema para hacer mi portfolio personal tipo galería. Me gustaría saber, como podría eliminar el link de la miniatura de cada uno de los trabajos del porfolio a una nueva página exclusiva de ese trabajo. Me gustaría poder mostrarlos símplemente con la opción de galería en cada uno de ellos en la propia home, eliminando el botón de la flecha y el link de la propia imagen a la página del trabajo. ¿Cómo podría hacerlo? Gracias!!


collyboy Purchased

Hello, is there a way to limit the number of portfolio pieces that show on a page? Like within the built-in Wordpress portfolio function. I would like it to show an amount of portfolio pieces, with the older pieces automatically going onto other pages. Then it would have to show 1 | 2 | 3 for example at the bottom of the page so you could see the older pieces. The main issue with the page now is that it doesn’t load in until all the pieces are loaded and that takes a long time. Thanks. Oh, this is the site if you want to see what I mean, there are just too many things loading and it makes it slow. And to be honest, I will be adding lots more pieces on this site/page in the future. <https://colinmurdochart.co.uk/>

I am considering to purchase this theme, but since I don’t see any answer from the support team going 5 months back, and since most responds before that start with ” I apologize for the late reply.” , I wonder if this theme is still well supported.


jringham Purchased

I’m in the process of ensuring my website, which uses this theme, is compatible with PHP7. I noticed an issue that I’ve fixed temporarily, but wanted to share these change with you so that you could consider incorporating them into master codebase so I don’t have to re-add them on each new release.

Issue 1 – dalton/framework/meta/init.php

[05-Nov-2018 11:52:15 UTC] PHP Warning:  count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /webroot/wp-content/themes/dalton/framework/meta/init.php on line 774
Changed this:
elseif ( is_array( $meta_box['pages'] ) && count( $meta_box['pages'] === 1 ) )
To this:
elseif ( is_array( $meta_box['pages'] ) && count( $meta_box['pages']  ) === 1 )

Hope this helps!


machbase Purchased

Hello I bought your theme. I just wonder about license of theme. I have a running web site. I want to develop this site using your theme on test server. and after finishing work, upload on running server. Test server will not use after finishing develop. I don’t want buy another license for just test server. How could I serve this problem?