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wow! Very cool.. and clean.
Good luck sir :-)

Thank you ;)

Hey, a tabvn original! I really like it, great job and GLWS!

Thank you, and good luck with your new commerce theme too :)

Nice work!
Good luck with sales :)

Thank you :)

Hi mate, i love your themes… Great work. And thanks for another one! However i have a problem with the Layer Slider in your new Danat theme… I’ve followed your documentation to the letter. But get this error:

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘radicalh_drup341.layerslider’ doesn’t exist: SELECT * FROM layerslider WHERE flag_hidden = ‘0’ AND flag_deleted = ‘0’ ORDER BY date_c ASC LIMIT 100; Array ( ) in include() (line 10 of /home/radicalh/public_html/ts/sites/all/modules/layer_slider/layer_slider_list.tpl.php).

Any suggestions?

thanks allan

Dear Customer,

seem this is issue by database user permission the module could not write new table in your database,

now you can use phpmyadmin select your database, and import this mysql dump file(this is layerslider table)

if you have more questions submit your ticket to

Best regards,


Thanks Tabvn. As usual you are most helpful. This solution works fine. I recommend any of your themes and have used them most successfully on several of my projects. And your support is fantastic. Thanks again! cheers, allan

You’re welcome, Have a nice weekend!

Once again Thank you for using our themes!

Best regards,


Hi, This is a great theme. I am considering it for my non profit website. Is it possible for you to give links to any live website using your theme? It’d really help me in taking a decision.

Hi, is thet theme support rtl languages ?

Best Regards.

Great theme, lots of fun. Is there any way to dis-able the image zoom? (When holding a mouse over an image, it zooms). Thanks Tabvn!

Dear Customer,

please open sites/all/themes/danat/css/style.css

find and remove this code if you dont like image animation

.blog-grid .views-field-field-image img:hover,
.socials a:hover,
.node .field-name-field-image:hover img,
.flickr_badge_image:hover img, 
#isotope-container .views-field-field-image:hover img{
  -moz-transform: scale(1.3) rotate(0deg) translate(0px); -webkit-transform: scale(1.3) rotate(0deg) translate(0px); -o-transform: scale(1.3) rotate(0deg) translate(0px); transform: scale(1.3) rotate(0deg) translate(0px);

for additional question please submit your ticket at

Best regards,


Tried to contact you on tabvn support page … no answer yet.

In my Danat installation, your drop down menu does`t work. I tested all latest browsers…

Please help

Dear Customer,

please follow videos in the documentation for more information.

i hope it helps,

thanks for understanding and being patience.

Best regards,


First of all , congratulations on this design . I have commented (<!- <iframe…. ->) the video of the video slider that comes in the example, but keep listening background music . How could I remove it ?

thank you very much

Hi frodrigueztoledosoft

If you would remove video in the slider, please edit the slider via then remove video iframe.

Best regards,


I love this!

thank you :)