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Excellent theme. Does it support HD server videos?

Thanks and good luck in sales


Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

I guess you are asking about the lightbox plugin, right? If so, basically the plugin supports .mov and .swf movies that can be uploaded to your server. I haven’t tested it with HD videos but I don’t think it will be much of a difference, however if you provide a link to one, I can try it.

Looking good :) Your on fire.

Thanks mate :)

Very nice theme :)

Thank you :)

Beautiful theme!

I was going to buy another theme, when I ran into this one.

Some questions:

1. am I correct that cufon isn’t available? Are fonts easily adjustable, or do I have to edit the css in many places? :)

2. Are there shortcodes for widgets in content, especially for the frontpage?

3. Is the frontpage area content, meaning that I can do anything with it?

4. Are there any settings for the blog view, like optional removal of date, tags, etc?

5. Are there shortcodes for videos in blogs and on other pages?

6. Are the round buttons still round in IE7 and 8?

7. Any place for adding Google Analytics?

8. Any inclusions for Google Maps?

In the demo on a Mac the menu wraps ‘contact’ under ‘blog’. Thought you might want to know :)

Thanks in advance! Tom

Thanks for the interest, I’m glad you like it :) Here are my answers:

1. This theme uses only safe web fonts, so Cufon is not enabled. If you need to change the font- you will have to do it only in one file on several places, but you can always use a “Find and Replace” option :)

2. I am not sure what shortcodes exactly you are asking about, but you can see all the shortcodes available in the Features section of the demo. If you are interested in how the home page is set- the main title on the top is set with a shortcode and for the 3 boxes below there is a section in the admin where you can set everything.

3. Yes- the main page content is displayed above the boxes so you can insert anything in there.

4. Yes- you have an option to disable the post info (the date, category, author and comments data).

5. There aren’t video shortcodes included in the theme, but there are lots of plugins that are specialized about inserting videos into WordPress and provide shortcodes for easier usage.

6. Yes, they are.

7. Yes, there is a Google Analytics section added.

8. Yes, there is a Google Maps plugin included- you can see it working on the Contact page sidebar.

I’m interested in purchasing this and was wondering what is the minit on the number of slides for the Accordion Slider? One of my projects requers at least 6 – 8.



Thank you for the interest. There is no limit about the images- I think 6-8 images will look nice on the slider :)

Hey, great theme. Can I center the logo in the header? Can I center the the menu buttons too?


Yes, this can be easily accomplished- you have to open the style.css file and in the both sections #logo-container and #menu-container you have to remove the float property and also add:


(to both sections)

hey, how do you do that code thing in the post? Is it like this?
Thanks for your help Pexeto, In my css, the #logo-container originally looked like this:
    width: 160px;
    float: left;
    margin-top: 15px;
    margin-left: 40px;
I changed it to this:
    width: 170px;
    margin-top: 15px;
and the logo centered just fine.

For the menu, when I remove the float property it becomes hidden behind the NIVO slider. Any suggestion on how to fix this?

I really appreciate the help.

You also need to remove the margin-top of the #menu-container div, so the final CSS of the div should be like this:

#menu-container {

I hope it will be fine now :)

PS: I didnt mean to type 170px, it is exactly the same at 160px.


great stuff, really. The overall looks, typography and positioning looks great.

Just one thing: will you fix the issue with the thumbnails in the thumbnail slider? They are not cropped but only resized which one almost doesn’t see with the images you use, but could be a problem with other types of images like those using large text…

Br, Andreas

Thanks for your time, appreciate your answer and will implement that!

I have just implemented it on the demo- it is about one line only change and I will implement this in the next update very soon :)

Great, thanks!

Thanks again. No luck. Great theme anyways.

Can you please provide a link to your site just to have a look?

Hi and congratulation for the theme is awesome! I’m thinking it to buying it for the business I’m going to start in Feb.

I’ve a very important question, firt do you think it is a good theme for my kind of business. Second, I don’t have any experience of web code, css and all these strange stuff. So, would it be ok for me to setup and have a good result? I meanly need a website to give potential clienmts information on what I’ll be offering. Have a look on the link above so you can better understand what I’m doing! Thanks!!! Antonino


Thanks for the interest, I’m glad you like it :)

Yes, I think this theme is very suitable for your business. You don’t need any coding knowledge in order to set it- the theme is very easy to set, you just have to follow the instructions explained in the documentation and you will be able to set everything you can see on my demo without any code knowledge.

hi, looks great. i will buy this theme, but have only one question. is it possible to display the slider matter which page is displayed?


This can be very easily set just with a one line code change – you have to open the single.php and change the $slider variable on line 12 – you have to choose between slider-accordion | slider-thumbnail | slider-nivo. If for example, you would like to use the thumbnail slider, then the variable should be like this:


thanks, i’m going to test it tomorrow. another thing does it support child themes?

Yes, it does :)

Does the theme come with all the demo files when you first install it?


Yes, there is a demo content file included that you can easily import into your installation, but I always recommend starting from scratch and following the documentation as the theme is very easy to set and it will be much easier for you to set it, rather than getting rid of the demo content.

Hi Pexeto, I liked this theme so much, I decided to try this one too! Quick question for you.

When I try to add a new sidebar within the admin section, I get an error. Thus, I am unable to create and name new sidebars. What may I have done wrong?



I’m glad you like this theme as well :)

I think that this might be caused by a plugin you have installed, so can you please temporarily disable all the plugins you have just to check if this is caused by one of them? If this still doesn’t help, please feel free to send me some login details so I can have a look at your installation.

Hi Pexeto, where can I send you my login details? That still didn’t work for me.


You can do it via my user profile contact form.

I’m a big fan of “The Paper Core” but this is without a doubt your best work yet. Keep it up!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it :)

HI Pexeto,

Thank you for the wonderful theme :)

I did the XML import and there are couple of other settings which need to be set.

Can we have an exact replica of the demo?



There are some settings that WordPress doesn’t save with the export, such as the new WP 3 .0 custom menus, sidebar and options settings- the exported data mostly provides the content, rather than the settings and this is why I always recommend setting the theme from scratch as it is really easy to set- there isn’t much required :)

Thanks Pexeto..

Its really easy to follow the instructions in the documentation. I second setting up the theme from scratch. It helps.


I’m very interested in this theme and I might purchase soon. I have one question though. The gallery images have a hover-effect, from a sort of transparent white to full-color. Is it possible to change this effect from black and white to full-color? So that all images are shown in black and white and when you hover them, they turn to color?

I’ve seen that effect on another website and it is really nice. The rest of this template is just brilliant. It offers all I’m asking for basically.

Cheers, Casper


Thank you for the interest :)

This effect works in a more different way than the current one- it would involve the usage of 2 different images that will need to be edited with an image editor in advance, which I think won’t be suitable and easy for most of the users to set.

Hi Pexeto,

Thanks for the reply, I understand. Bought the theme anyway, because it’s lovely in design and quite complete. One more question though: can I change the background color of the sidebar? All my widgets have the same background color in line with the background color of the container.

Cheers, Casper


Yes, you can change the sidebar background color- you have to add the following lines in the Dandelion Options->Styles->Additional Styles section:

.sidebar {

(you have to replace the #CCCCCC with the color you like)


Great theme!

Is there a section to incorporate some of the popular social networking site icons for quick links? If not is that something that can be easily added?

Thanks -dfek


If you open the Home->Featured Posts page on my demo you will see on the right sidebar the built in WordPress Links widget that I have used in order to display the sociable links – I hope it will be suitable for you :)