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Sorry I didnt use the supportsystem, didnt see you guys want us to do that!


All the Pexeto items support is handled on our support site:

so, we would kindly ask you to use that site for the support questions you have. Thank you! :)


I am interested by your theme.

1/ Have you got a French template ? Or Must I translate myself this theme ?

2.1/ Is it possible to change the width of the theme (I would love a theme taking all the width of my browser).

2.2/ Is it possible to put a slider in a post with the same width than that of the home page (with the text under the slider) ? (for me the width of the posts is too small to put a slider or big photos)

3/ What about photos with different sizes in the slider ?

4/ Can we add a ligtbox effect for vertical format photos and for big size photos (in addition to the slider)

Thank you very much for your answers !


Thank you for the interest :)

1. We have included a “Translation” section in the options panel where you can change all the default English words into French – you can see some examples here.

2.1. There isn’t such kind of option included, so some additional CSS modifications will be required

2.2. Generally the theme supports sliders to pages only. However there are lots of slider plugins that you can use into your posts, for example the Nivo slider plugin for WordPress.

3. As you can see on the demo, the slider images are all in the same size, there is an option included that would automatically crop the images to this size. Otherwise, if you have smaller images than the default slider size, with a small CSS modification they can be displayed in their original size.

4. There isn’t such kind of option included and some code modifications would be required. Alternatively you may link the slider image to another page where the image is displayed in bigger size.

Hallo, I want just to say big thanks for superb theme! I used before The Core paper with pleasure too. I’m absolutely beginner and it’s easy to work with theme. Good luck, Deana

Hi Deana,

Thank you very much for your kind words and for taking the time to post your feedback, I’m very happy to hear that you like the theme :)

Hello. I am very excited about this theme. I just purchased the theme and when I tried to upload it to wordpress, i was told the css file was missing. I looked in the folder and i did not see it. also, when i tried to register, i copied the item purchase code and it said it was invalid.


I guess you might be trying to upload the whole zip file that you have downloaded and this is not correct, because this file contains not only the theme, but PhotoShop files, documentation, etc. You have to unzip the download zip file and there you should see the zipped theme and after that you can upload it from the Install Themes section of the admin panel. For more information about installing the theme you can refer to the “Activating the theme” section of the documentation included.

Regarding your registration on our support site – if you want, you can send me your purchase code in a private message by using our profile contact form, so I can check why this message was displayed to you.


Hi All,

If you have any support questions, we kindly ask you to use our dedicated support system here:

where all the Pexeto items support is handled – registration takes less than a minute. Thank you :)


Hello, I was wondering if your theme has the ability to easily change fonts and if it’s possible to insert a video in the main slider.

Thank you, Aryel


The theme currently supports Cufon fonts – there is a list of fonts that you can choose from and also you can upload custom fonts and you can easily switch between them. Also we are planning to implement Google fonts in the next update.
Regarding video – by default the slider supports images only, but it would be easy to implement a video on the place of the static image header – we can provide instructions about this on our support site.

Hello pexeto

Is it possible to set a background image (preferably hi-resolution) in this theme ?

My client wants something like this:

But with just 2 columns and the roof of the temple.

Is it possible to make room to show the roof of the temple at the very top of the site?? (with the Background image)

I mean my client wants it always visible and among the two colums they want the content of the site, they want these in every page of the site.

Thanks in advance.


This would be easy to accomplish with a few CSS additions – just the image should be made non-repeatable and a default position should be set if needed.

Love this theme! Once question I hope you can help with. How do I remove the service boxes completely from the home page? :)


We have launched a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use this system to post your support questions:

Thank you :)

P.S. You can just use the default page template with a full width layout set to it.

For someone who has very little experience of html and word press, is thi simple enough to use?


Yes, it is simple to use – there are lots of beginner users that use the theme and told us that they found it easy to set. We have also included detailed instructions about setting any aspect of the theme, so you just have to make sure you follow the instructions and everything should be okay.

i want this item… i do have one ? is it necessary to be a pro at wordpress? as i have never used it before in my life and its not even installed on my computer? how difficult would this be? i always used dreamweaver, ps and ai… but never wordpress thanks!


Regardless of the theme you are going to use, you would need at least some basic understanding about how WordPress works. In the documentation that we have included with the theme we have included some useful links about working with WordPress and explanation about how to work with the theme and what steps to follow when setting it. Otherwise, (as I explained in the comment above) the theme is very easy to set – you don’t need any coding knowledge in order to set it – it comes with detailed instructions and also we have created some videos that should be very helpful as well :)


Am I able to add the thumbnail slider to individual pages? I need each portfolio page to have a (different) thumbnail slider.

Also, am I able to make an unlimited number of portfolio pages? I will need between 5 and 10 different portfolio pages.



Yes, the theme supports unlimited sliders – you can set different sliders to different pages :)

What about portfolio pages….can I make an unlimited number of different portfolios?

Yes, you can :)

Hi. My site was developed with this theme, but I do not know the purchase code. Is there a way to located the purchase code through wordpress? My new developer has some questions such as how can he make the header larger/2lined, and are there compatibility issues with the latest wordpress update?


The only way to get your purchase code would be to login via the account used to purchase the theme on ThemeForest – as I can see the account that you are using now (khan95osu) is not the one you have used to purchase the theme, so you have to use that one. After you log in with that account you can check the registration instructions for our site here.

I’ve added this item to my public collection!!! P.S. You can “Rate” this collection…

Hi, I have tried numerous times to go through the support site and ask my related questions there… but forgot my password to log in… when I fill in the “forgot password” form it tells me to look in my inbox… but the mail never arrives. Waiting 3 days already and it does not seem to come through… Please would you send me my password or reset password link to my username is: wianmatthee – Thank you


I have just reset your password and sent you a new e-mail – I hope everything will be okay now :)

Just a quick comment to express my happiness with this theme. Bought quite a few themes already, and this one by far wins it for me. Custimizability is awesome, even down to the admin options panel. Coded sublime, documented code, it’s awesome and makes my life alot easier :)

Thanks for the superb theme, and code beneath it!

Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m very happy to hear that you are satisfied with the theme :) I hope you will enjoy working with the theme in the future as well!

Hello Pexeto.

Is it possible to add or insert some flash animations (images and sounds) like this site ??


It depends on what exactly you are trying to accomplish and where exactly you would like to insert them – if it is just a standard animation in the content section, you can embed it with its embed code or you can use a plugin for easier embedding.

hi ,

just need help with this theme for below two item, (we have brought this theme)

1) i have changed the size of logo and changed CSS with get more space at the top but if you see child pages the top potion got screed up, any idea how can i retain the same space as home page.\\

2) i would like to use icon with top-right menu, (like hover over) what should i changed in order to implement this.

i hope community or author can help us .. thanks


We have launched a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use this system to post your support questions:

Thank you :)

Hi Pexeto,

Hope you’re well!

I have a (random) question, before I purchase this item. I’m putting together a quote for my client regarding using this theme and she likes all of the images that you’ve used in the slider demo you have (and they match what her site will be about).
I see you’ve used Flickr and Photos8, but you haven’t linked to the images directly – is there any chance you can send through some links to both sites, as I would like to know how much money I will need to spend to get the images from Photos8 (and include this into my quote).

If you would rather email me the links, please send them to kate[a] (or send through my envato profile) – that is no problem.

I hope that’s not too much of a hassle (I’m hoping maybe you’ve saved the links in your archives or something similar!), and I look forward to working with your theme in the near future :)

Kind regards,

Hi Kate,

Actually most of the images (all of them except the ones on the portfolios) are purchased from the PhotoDune marketplace, as they are too many it would be hard to provide links to all of them, but if you are interested in a few specific images – you can let me know and I will provide the links. Otherwise, the ones from the portfolios are from Flickr – we have provided a link to the author’s page where you can find all of them.

Hi, It depends on what exactly you are trying to accomplish and where exactly you would like to insert them – if it is just a standard animation in the content section, you can embed it with its embed code or you can use a plugin for easier embedding.

Well our client wants to update his website, which is this

But he wats to keep those animations that fall down over every page… we tried to explain and convince them not to use those animations anymore but they insist on keep them.

So if your theme supports or is able to reproduce/adapt those animations just as they are or at least something very close to that, then we’ll buy this theme and began to work on that as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.


The theme doesn’t support background text animations (and so far I haven’t seen other themes that do), so you may try with looking for a plugin that can implement this functionality – there may be something similar.

Can someone please urgently help me, none of my sliders seems to work.


We have launched a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so we kindly ask you to use this system to post your support questions:

Thank you!

P.S. You can try with following the Troubleshooting steps here (steps 3 and 5) as I think the problem is either related with a plugin installed or modification in the theme’s code.