Discussion on Daniel - Responsive Under Construction Landing Page

Discussion on Daniel - Responsive Under Construction Landing Page

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hello, I will buy this template, does this site have a UTF-8 Turkish character problem?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, for a while we stopped working, but now we are back in the ranks! What do you mean by the problem with Turkish characters? UTF-8 encoding?

how set smtp data for sending emails ?

Please send all your requests in our ticket system http://ticket.smartythemes.com/ Thank you

it would be Super Cool if the Vimeo video would pop up or go full screen when we click play button instead of play in such a small area…

Just a suggestion (comment) Otherwise, I really like these templates!

Thank you for your suggestions. We will think about it.

this template don’t work responive!!!! Doesn’t work on iphone5 and ipad! what’s wrong? i’m very disapointed!


I like your Daniel theme but the cloud animation is very resource intensive . On laptops is triggering the cooling fans at maximum speed and on mobile devices is very very slow and stuttering.

Please let me know: 1) How can I reduce the resource requirements in the cloud animation? (I don’t want to disable it!)

2) How do I reduce the number of clouds generated?

3) What do I need to change in clouds-anim.js and/or cloud.js ?

Thank you.

no significant improvement of performance is achieved not succeed. it is the best settings (

Hi there, love this. Is it at all possible to use this with wordpress? Any chance we can somehow get this working whilst we build the site in wordpress in the same Cpanel?

probably not. it’s just html version.

I buy and download the package but when i open one landing page, index-image-bg.html i didn’t see no year no hour no minutes and countdown don’t start. I modify my template and _config.js to set correctly date but countdown is invisible and don’t start. Why? I Try to register to smarty themes support site but i can’t login to backend for request support. Why? Can you resolve me my template problem? Thanks

yes of course we can help Please just keep your ticket at our new system http://ticket.smartythemes.com/

probably not. it’s just html version.


unfortunately I have a slight problem with the theme, the first bg Picture is not correctly displayed on mobile devices. Only a small snippet of the Picture is visible. If I open the Page in a desktop Browser (tested with Safari, Chrome and Firefox) an reduce the window size afterwards, the picture is displayed perfectly. If I load it with small sized desktop Browser, it’s not. So maybe there is a problem with the media queries? Also I would like to have the „Scroll down or use Up & Down Keys“ Text and Icons hidden in mobile view, in my opinion they are not necessary there.

Could you please help me? The Website (sonjagranzow.de) is already online and I don’t have the time to look after it myself.

Thanks in advance

Regards Ulfert

PS: your provided mail Adress support@smartythemes.com rejects my Mail

Hello, our support operator will definitely check your issue on Monday.

Tech Support was not able to resolve the Issue. I’m disappointed.

Hi. did our operator said that they are not able to solve the issue or did they refuse to help you?

Hello, could you tell me where I can change the dribble icon? I want to put a Tumblr icon there. If you have a Tumblr icon please send it here elvillio@gmail.com

Hi. Sory for deley we will answer all your questions. But you need to write a request to our support forum. http://support.smartythemes.com/forums/forum/daniel-responsive-under-construction-landing-page/

Thank you, I’ll post there my question.

Thank you, I’ll post there my question.

i check demo from the note 4 with standart explorer but i only see black screen when i look for the youtube background any fix or what is wrong?

Hi, i installed your theme, but the contact us form is not working, any idea?

Hello support any idea? this is really bad when you don’t have support for some work which have problems and glitchs.

Hello, we are checking your issue. Please wait for a reply

Hello, please send me your FTP details on my email dismalsoulwtf@gmail.com

Greate work!

After some time in the chrome browser scroll stopped working. You know what’s the problem? – all other browsers, scrolling works well!

Issue has been fixed. Please update the theme.

hmm .. I have made a lot of changes. Can you write what you replaced a specific part? Please !!!

You need to replace js/curtain-scroll.js with original one.

I would like to express my displeasure with Smarty Themes. A month ago that attempt to contact them to give me support with the last error that exists in Chrome. If you haven’t a solution and do not give us support, I think it’s only fair that our money back and give us compensation. At least I’m losing the trust of customers for this error. If you do not answer me already this post I will take legal action.

its incredible…

Thank you for your constructive comments, we are now engaged in their elimination.

I purchase the team…. Good Job by the way. Just to let you know… This site does not work in Chrome at all. Do you have a fix for this????

Do you have a timeline for this???? I have the client screaming at me for not being able to see their content at all. I am afraid this is not good at all.

Hello, issue already fixed. Please download new version.

Thank you.

For some strange reason it has stopped working on Chrome. Still works on Firefox but Chrome will only display first page. Any Ideas? Thanks for an Awesom job guys!

Thank you for your constructive comments, we are now engaged in their elimination.

Thank you guys. I appreciate alll your GREAT work! GOOD LUCK with the hard work it takes to make and fix these things. People think it’s all about money and it is a big part but being great programmers and having to do customer support and fix things is the hard part. You guys ROCK! Thank you!!

I’m trying to write any kind of message to ask you to help with the template but do not answer me. I urge to use the template and can not use it because the mobile phone can not see the background. I do not know if this is right also because I paid. Please could you help me to fix? thanks

I wanted to tell you that I solved, I bought another template because your not going well on the mobile phone and nobody gave me support. I am very disappointed ….

We are very sorry. Thank you for your constructive comments, we are now engaged in their elimination. Soon we will release updated with all patches.

If you can not fix the error of your template at least rimborsatemi; not can I use your template because the mobile phone does not work, for me it is useless. I have to work to please answer. I also posted a blog of care but does not answer anyone. Give me the news, it is urgent. thanks

Friend I’m trying with all versions of Android from oldest to newest and with various phones like Samsung or Samsung Galaxy Note. The background video is not seen and the background is black. I tried to put this code you gave me but it does not solve the problem. Please fix soon because I urgently.

I attach screenshots of mobile phone so you too see what I see. Are 3 different phones. Android starts from the penultimate to the last version. http://www.villaulimare.it/ciao/it/1.png http://www.villaulimare.it/ciao/it/2.png http://www.villaulimare.it/ciao/it/3.png

8/06 day I have to throw the page and unfortunately the page that I bought from you on the mobile phno not working. It ‘a disaster for me. Please try to solve this problem in time …. please ….

I would like to understand why no one would answer. I paid your page but the mobile phone is not working. I need support because I have to work and it is urgent. Can you help please?

Hi, I bought this theme fantisco or I installed the page. I have the problem that the cabinet is not seen. What is it, how do I fix ?? I have installed the page with the youtube video as background.

I not quite understand what do you mean as ‘cabinet’? To solve the problem on mobile resolutions try to add this line in style.css

#tubular-shield { display: none !important; }

Excuse me but I use google translate. When I write “cabinet” I mean mobile phone, mobile phone, cellphone. I tried adding the line that you have written to me on style.css but the site is still not visible on the mobile phone. Try opening the link that I sent from a mobile phone to see what’s the problem.

Is there anyone who can help me solve the problem of visibility on the mobile phone of the template ?? I urgently, thank you ..!

Hi, I purchased the template through envato but I can not find the control panel to create the page. Can you help me ??


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