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Great Work! GLWS

Nice Work.. GLWS :)

Glad to know that :) Many thanks

Nice Theme. GLWS :)

Congratulations Great work.

Thank you Vicky :)

Hey, It is not responsive as the main header cuts off and the image messes up. Can you please fix?

Hey meflies, thank you for helping us improving our Template. We’ve fixed it and uploaded it, just waiting for approval from the staff.

Thanks :)

It’s ok right now. You can go check it!

Nice theme! Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Responsive elements still a bit buggy unfortunately! It doesn’t look like the sub-menu appears on click, also at certain sizes it seems that the layout is too wide somewhere, so it lets you scroll the page horizontally…I think it is something within the navbar that is causing this (I’ve had similar problems)

But those criticisms aside I really like it. How do you make the animations that appear on scroll? (I guess its some jQuery stuff?)...is it easy make new sections which include animations?

Hey there! We are working on this, thank you very much for helping us improving our template. Regarding the Animations on scroll, this is made with CSS3 and jQuery and you can add it to every element you’d like. There are more instructions within our Help File.


The template is really buggy! In google chrome for instance, if I scroll down, and scroll up again the background I have (index-landing-bgimage.html) is on some cases completely gone. Also after loading the page the background image adjusts itself somehow. It doesn’t look smooth. If the background image is fully loaded it will move a few pixels. Can you fix this is as soon as possible?

Hello bvdb, thank you for helping us improving! Please check if it’s ok right now please. We’ve submitted this changes, they are now pending for approval. But just in case you want it right now, just email us we’ll send you the edited files.


When we try to import the zip file into the wordpress we received this message: The theme is without a stylesheet style.css

Hello, unfortunately this is a HTML Template and so, you can not install it on your wordpress.

When I scroll down, the navbar selection never goes to “Features” even though I scroll to that section, it simply jumps from “Reviews” to “Newsletter”. Chrome , Windows 7

Two Issues in Firefox: 1. Solid Background Header Theme : - When clicking on the Menu options, after scrolling it cuts some part of the content of the selected Menu Item.

2. Background Image Header Theme: - At Home, It still shows some part at the bottom which does not show in Solid Background Theme.

Sorry for trouble but I am not HTML guy, so I really need this to be fixed quickly.

can you please use iphone 6 so we can buy it ?

Firefox issue: the form fields are not working/possible. IN EDGE/CHROME input is possible.

how do you add reviews need a plug in?

where do the emails for the newsletter go??