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Nice :)

Wordpress and/or Html Version?

Thanks Sonyon,

We’d love to see some feedback from “potential buyers”, if people enjoy it, we may come with a html or wp version very soon.

wp version?

In the near future.

Great work Gzimos :), veq perpara

Fatoni (strangerr)

Thank you Faton :)

Wordpress & Html version :) Please create both

We hope to do that soon :) Thanks.

WP version, for sure :)

Don’t have to wait for potential customers with this one. Start coding ASAP :) Very good job.

Thnx buddy ;)

Clean, and great , i like it , good luck with sales :)

Thank you ;)

I wish I was needing a news related template, this is one of the best I have ever seen. LOVE the font and little accent touches!

Thanks for the kind words sir :)

Do both! Anyhow, I would definitely buy a copy! Best News theme I have seen so far!

I’m glad you like it :)

My first reaction…STRIKING! Love it. :)

I’m glad :) thnx

Urime Shum bukur po doket.

Falemnderit Astrit, me vjen mire.

One of the best templates! half a year I’m looking for something that would be suitable for the online magazine. This is great. Do it in black and red versions of colors ( SUPER !) and with running ratings / stars system

Thanks man, when it’s coded mabye it will contain some other different colors, but i think it will be easy so make them yourself easily. I made the rating system with those dots, and not with stars.

This is awesome! You should bring up a WP version! I’ll buy it immediately!

Thanks buddy :)

WP Version, now!!!!, beautiful design, we like design in wordpress, please Notify me!

Excellent. Html version?

When WP or HTML version would be ready, I’ll buy it immediately, so pls notify me, ok?

Thanks and congrats on beautiful theme:)

Bravo Gzim, suksese me shitjet :)

Falemnderit Art :)

I would DEFINITELY buy the WP theme if it was available! Very well done! :)

so beautiful.. good luck!