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Thanks for the fast reply epicera.

Where is the guide to change the 3 square images into one long one? I’ve been through the folders over and over but can’t find it.

Oh – it’s actually in the Wordpress version of this I believe. I’m updating the documentation right now though – hang tight until it’s been updated later on tomorrow or you can send me an email right now and I’ll send it to you today. Cheers!

Hey Epicera,

Its been mentioned before, but just wondering how i can switch the 3 squares too one long one on the home page? Not sure if its been updated yet?

Hi Camilo – that tutorial should actually be inside the FAQ document :) Let me know if it’s not in your download for some reason (or download the latest version). Cheers!

Thanks for the quick reply epicera!

But ya i do not have that FAQ document? Im not sure why, but i looked everywhere and cant find it. How would i download the latest version? I just purchased the template about 2 weeks ago.


Hmm, odd – send me over an email and I’ll send ya the file :)

Thanks so much! but what e-mail? I sent over an email the other day about a different question but got no reply?

If you noticed the auto-responder, it can often take a day or two (or more on busy weeks) for me to get back to everyone via email since I get 150+ emails a week :) That said, it’s still the best system for me to answer each question or request with a meaningful reply. Just be patient and I’ll get to ya ASAP in the order that your email was received ;)

Thanks for the FAQ sheet! worked perfect! just one more question, if i wanted to move the main html pages (i.e. index.html) out of the folder they are in and into another one, how would i do that? but also making sure all the css files and images are still linked to the pages?

Hey epicera,

Just a quick question…

Probably a stupid one knowing me :(

How do I get the twitter feed to work?!

Look forward to your response

I’m using hostmonster to create my personal domain, and I really like this template.

(Obviously a novice here…)

If I’m wanting to upload this wordpress through my /wp-admin site…is this the format I need?

Or do I need the $32 format?


Hi Grace,

Thanks for the comment – yes, you need the Wordpress format to upload to a Wordpress site… the HTML version won’t do you any good if you need it to work in WP. Hope that makes sense!

Cheers! Brandon

I just purchased Dark Atlantica and have never used a template before, only my own HTML site in Dreamweaver. I cannot find the installation instructions. How do I begin using the template to build my HTML site in Dreamweaver? Thank you.

Also, there is no FAQ file that came with Dark Atlantica HTML . I just downloaded it again today. There is a Getting_Started file and a Support_Guide, but no FAQ .

Hi, Just downloaded & the site looks great, thanks! Just one question… How does the contact form work? Doesn’t look like there is any send command within the Php, & There is no help file for it?

Please help asap. Thanks

Where can I get a copy of the FAQ sheet? I would like to change the 3 boxes into one large box on the front page! Thanks.

I just re-downloaded the file, there is no FAQ file within the zip anywhere! Could you please send me the faq file? I would VERY much appreciate it! Thanks again!

Please could someone send me the FAQ file or tell me where to get it?\\?! It is NOT in the DOWNLOAD , and I need it rather quickly…

Hi Tyrrin,

What particular question do you need answered? The FAQs are currently spread throughout the main documentation, but I’ll be glad to check out any other questions that you might have.


I want to change the 3 blocks on the front page into 1 large box, all the comments in this section say that it is in the faq, but i have read all the included documents and there is nothing pertaining to this. Also, there is no FAQ included in the download. Could you please send me instructions? I would VERY much appreciate it!

I cannot get this theme to upload at all on my new page. I bought it a little over a year ago and have it on this site and love it, I bought it again today for another client and it just will not upload. Looking at the contents of the files I downloaded today at purchase there are a lot of differences. Somethings are missing like the simple getting started page. there is no dummy content folder etc. Need some help here I need to get this going for my client ASAP . I even tried downloading the version I bought prior. It starts to upload and then says its missing the style sheet. The new one I bought today just fails.

Hi I like this but I need a responsive theme is this responsive and or do you have it in a responsive theme

Hi Stl!

The closest thing we have is our Reason theme, which includes a dark version :)


Man, looking back at this theme bring back some good memories :)

I remember looking at it over and over again and couldn’t believe how good it was lol. Still look nice after 4 years, pretty amazing.

The good ol’ days.

hello! Could you please help me? I have bought this HTML version of site. BUt I need the WordPress one ((( Do i have the possibility of downloading it?