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Is it possible to add video instead of images to pop out? I’m new to website design so forgive me if the question sounds ignorant.

I think yes it is possible. If you purchase the template i can help you on this situation :)

Dude, your contact.php form does not work. Please go back and review it. I have viewed it in both Firefox and IE and there is some sort of error going on within the php script. Please look it over. Just view contact.php as if you were viewing a web page and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Nevermind. I got it to work. Great template.

Great thanks :)

I am just finishing up with our site, but when I went to publish to ensure the layout looked correct, I am getting the slider all messed up. Online it appears to have all 4 pics, not moving, one on top of the other. Any advice?


nevermind, i did something stupid. it works just fine. thanks.

I’m glad that you solved the problem. Have a nice day :)

Last question… We are just about done with the site, but are getting a different background view from PC to MAC . With our MAC , the background and heading gradients are smooth and crisp. Viewing from the PC, they appear ‘blocked’ and stand out way too much.

Is there a way to ensure a smooth background, or did I miss a step?


I think it is about the colors i used in this template. I tried everything but it still seems choppy. Maybe it is because of Windows or Photoshop i really don’t know. I tried same gradients in CS2 and CS4 but nothing changed. I am really sorry about that but if you can find a solution please let me know.

Live preview is down.

it is up now :)

Site is now up and running, and looks great. Thanks for the slick template!

It looks great. Good job :)


LOVE this design and have beeng using it to rebuild one of our websites. We are using the revolving photos to the extreme though, having it run through about 15 different photos. (This fits our needs.) What I’d like to do, but don’t know how, is to REMOVE the little DOTS on the bottom right of the photos. since we’re using 15 photos, we wind up with a LONG STRING of DOTS which carry over into the column next to the photo area. Can you tell me what I can DELETE in the code to remove the dots but still have our rotating photo gallery?

Thanks so much! Great job on this!



Hi open style.css and find #featured-tabs and change it like this:

    margin:-42px 0 0 475px;

If this doesn’t work please contact me from my user page :)

Is it possible to get a WordPress v3 version of this theme?

is the black theme editable to make it blue? its perfect for what i need but i need to change all the black to blue.. is it possible ?

Yes it is possible.