Dark Horizontal One Page Portfolio

Dark Horizontal One Page Portfolio

Muse is a one page dark themed portfolio layout. It’s dark tone and smooth scrolling gives a magical experience.

The target audience of this template is creative freelancers. That includes copyrighters, illustrators, designers, painters, coders, programmers, musicians, bands, cartoonists, magicians. Any artistic craft.

The theme consists of 4 sections. An introduction, portfolio, about, and a contact form.

The Introduction
The introduction works on the 5 second rule. Entice the user in 5 seconds or they will leave. This is why the introduction only details your name/brand, a photo, contact details and a brief description of who and what you are.
The portfolio is where you showcase your work. The images are put into a conveyor-belt which scrolls based on the cursors movement. Creative and well planned UI.

The “What I Offer” is a good measurement of your skill set. Having this makes it very easy for a potential customer to view what you’re capable of.

About Me
Give your site a bit of personality and converse that through here. Relatively simple, write an about me. The brown text is meant as satire so be eccentric!
Contact Form
The contact form will work out of the box, all that’s required is for you to enter your destination email address.. The required services and projected budgets are easily editable through HTML alone.

Muse works in all major browsers, features some nice CSS3 properties and degrades gracefully for older browsers.

Documentation / Support

I’m here for support if you require assistance. The item documentation is extensive and the source code is properly commented and formatted, and it’s easy to customize. As updates are made to the template, additional documentation will be supplied, along with an updated frequently asked questions section.


v1.3 - 6.2.2013
    Added item descriptions to the portfolio scroller.
    Shaved a further 100kb by compressing images.
    Rewrote some JS and CSS.    

v1.2 - 17.12.2012
    Binded navigation to the left and right arrow keys.
    Rewrote and cleaned up form validation.

v1.1 - 3.8.2012
    Shaved 100kb by further compressing images.

v1.0 - Initial version