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In your “Live Example”, when I go to the Portfolio area, Nothing happens when I click on one of the Portfolio items….except that I’m taken back to the Home Page section!

If this was a lightbox thing or something, that would be good.

I’ve updated the theme. On hover of a portfolio item a description and title will slide out and the other portfolio items will darken.

how do i change the scroll speed of the page ?

Hi, i’d like to buy this theme… i just want to know before if it’s possible to add more pages and to change the pages order, for example to have the about before the portfolio etc… Thank’s in advance

Yes it’s possible to add more pages. If you look at the HTML you will see section tags. i.e.

<section id="intro">intro content </section>
<section id="portfolio">portfolio ... </section>
<section id="about">about ... </section>
<section id="contact">contact ...</section>

If you need further help, please ask on my support forum.

I’ve made an update!! :)

- Arrow keys have been binded to the navigation.
- Re-wrote form validation.

Let me know what stuff you want in the next update;)

Made another update.

- Added item descriptions to the portfolio scroller.
- Shaved a further 100kb by compressing images.
- Rewrote some JS and CSS.

how do i update ? where are update file ?

You can download the updated files from your themeforests downloads page.

next and previous button doesn’t work with new safari browser but theme forest muse dark horizontal working how do i fixed ?

Happy to assist, but please use my support forum

I’ve purchase your theme and everything seems to be working well. However, when I submit the form in the e-mail php file after changing the e-mail address to my own, nothing happens. Help please!

Please direct your questions to my support forum.

Explain what exactly you have changed in mail.php file, because it works out of the box.

Scrolling doesn’t work in Safari. I went to your support forum but you don’t seem to have solved this over there either. Please let me know how this can be fixed.


I did and you didn’t answer it there either.

The contact form is not working and the creator didn’t answer in his support forum and seems not answering here too…

The contact form works perfectly. The error is most likely your end.

All files uploaded correctly, my email entered in “email.php”, php mail function is enabled on cPanel, so i don’t think the error from my side.

remove the first and last lines of the .php file and run it directly in your browser. What does it say?

Hello,i’m bought this theme.But i didnt work contact form service.What should I do.

lib – email.php file fixed but didnt work.What should I do to make it work.

There is a way to start the site in the site in the third section?

Yes – you should be able to do with a little bit of javascript, something like

$(window).load(function () { $(‘body’).scrollTo(’#about’);

I love the theme. Kudos sushipasta! :)

Unfortunately I am having the same issue with the email.php. I added my email address on top- no other changes were done.

Once the SEND Button is pushed, nothing happens. I tried Chrome and Safari as browsers. Using Amazon s3 for hosting, domain registrar for emails. Sending/receiving is working via webmail or client.

Please assist.

It sounds like the host isn’t configured to send emails remotely. Sometimes if things aren’t configured correctly the server tries to delivery mail internally whereas it should be going external

can i add media queries to this theme?

Yes, you can add them to the stylesheet or create a new stylesheet to house them, you would need to style all the elements yourself as it breaks down though

where is coming update because navigation button cant safari browser

Hi, its been tested showed to be working in safari, what OS are you on, what safari version are you using?

I just purchased the template and extracted the zip file, but I cannot find the muse file to open. The muse folder contains an asset folder, lib folder, and html file. Am I looking in the correct place? Thanks.

The files are in the HTML folder

I sent a question 6 days ago and have not received a reply. Should I be using another venue to send questions?

I cant see the live preview !!

live preview is broken