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gud work. glws :)

Hi, I need to know how enter the email address where the contact form gonna send the email. Thanks

Select the contact form. Now click on options panel of contact form at the right top corner of form. Enter your email address in the second option of Email To.

Sorry but I don’t have access to the option panel. I work with Dreamweaver. Do you have an other way to do that ?

There is no other way of doing this as this is Adobe Muse Template and works only with Muse. You can download the trial version of Adobe Muse its free to use.

Can you make this responsive?

Yeah it will be available with mobile and tablet version in few days

I have one small issue on the about option in the menu, it scrolls to that part but the the at the top od screen can;t be used, all other menu items work OK.

I have tried to move the about anchor bot up and down slightly but this does not seem to help?

Check the anchor point name and make sure you added the right name anchor to about menu button. If still it doesn’t work please send your file to me i will do it for you. Thanks

Hello, great template! I can figure the whole thing out except the portfolio part. How do I change the graphics and also the pop up graphics in the portfolio?

Hi, select the portfolio picture and then click on the blue button at the right side of the picture. Now click on show lightbox. The lightbox will be open and you can change the images here.