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Hi, I cannot register new account with your theme when VQMOD is installed. Can you please have a look into it and provide a fix for this bug?

I installed VQMOD from here: https://code.google.com/p/vqmod/wiki/Install_OpenCart on a fresh installed opencart and I installed the theme and I was able to register a new account.

Are you creating an update for version 1.5.6?

I installed theme in version 1.5.6 and it I don’t see any error. The theme contains two folders one is and it works on 1.5.6. I don’t see what’s there to update.

Is it possible to include the category images in the refine search here?


There might be a plugin for that in the opencart.com modules section. But I can’t include that modification in this theme.

For some reason the subcategories names on the left menu are a in a mess. Please let me know where i can send you a screenshot or the url.

Send me a link to your site via my themeforest profile.

This may be a very dumb question but how do I update the theme? Do I just re-install?

I updated opencart to the latest 1.5.6 but now the theme doesnt look right in chrome browser but works fine in IE… since there was a recent update to your theme im wondering if thats why it looks a little off?

Love the theme any help is appreciated


You need to re-install version, yes there will an update for the theme soon.

I re-installed version but the top is still a bit funky… can I send you a private message with the link to the site so you can look at?

Hey Festus, I checked on a differnt computer in google chrome and the theme is fine so maybe is something with my laptop, im going to do a little research of my own and if I need you I will message you… sorry for wasting your time man…

Hi I bought the theme few mounts ago, no when I try to install in on 1.5.6 OC. the theme is not good. Do I have to pay it again?

Regards Alex

The theme is not compatible with version 1.5.6, it is only compatible up to version


OpenCart OpenCart OpenCart OpenCart 1.5.6

Its written the the information about the theme.

Regards Alex

It might be my mistake. Now I installed it on Everything looks perfect but when I search I get these messages:

Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in /home/jaelectr/public_html/newshop/catalog/view/theme/DarkCart/template/product/search.tpl on line 12 Undefined variable: filter_sub_category in /home/jaelectr/public_html/newshop/catalog/view/theme/DarkCart/template/product/search.tpl on line 41 Notice: Undefined variable: filter_description in /home/jaelectr/public_html/newshop/catalog/view/theme/DarkCart/template/product/search.tpl on line 48

Delete search.tpl from catalog\view\theme\DarkCart\template\product

Thanks a lot :)


This is a great theme. Any chance of updating for OpenCart 2.x?

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