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I love it. Best of luck with sales.

Thank you Eugene :)

Great and unique theme. Good luck with sales evaske.

Thank you Massix :)

Very nice and very different. Congrats! Your efforts you placed in this resulted in a beautiful ending! Best of luck in your sales!

Thank you very much :)

Live preview seems to be down now -

Yes. Apparently the server my VPS node is hosted on is having some work done to it for the next hour. I have put a little message at the top of the theme information. I’ll remove it when its back up.

Alternatively, if you send me you’re email I’ll let you know when it’s back up :)

I have moved the live preview over to a free hosting account for the time being until my VPS is back online.

How do I make the contact form actually work? where should i put my email address??

Hello Shota,

The contact form isn’t hard coded with any PHP . It is simply a HTML structure. If you give me a short amount of time I will make the code for you so that it works :)

Thanks for your quick reply. That would be great. I don’t know about PHP .Please make one for me.

Do you have an email address I can send the files and instructions to? :)


I have the updated files for you that include an AJAX working contact form. Either post your email or use the contact form on my profile to email it to me :)

live preview not working for me in IE8



Any chance of a screenshot? On a mac at the moment.



Should be all fixed now. I overlooked the fact that IE6 ,7 and 8 can’t handle HTML5 . I’ve added in an extra JS file so it should no longer be an issue. I will be uploading this to the marketplace today.

If anyone buys the theme in the meantime, email me and I’ll send you the JS file you need :)

nice and clean ;)

Thank you :)

Looks amazing, will be buying this shortly!

Best of luck with sales on this one! :D

Thank you. :)


Very nice indeed!

I run a small hosting company and this template will be perfect.


Looking forward to the Lightside version.

I’m glad you like it.

I think the light version will be about a week to release as I have a big coding project on at the moment. I’ll try and make it as quick as possible! :)

Love it man :)

The blue style is amazing, running it now on my site! Thanks for a unique theme, a lot of hosting themes are just cheesy images of servers, and random flashy stuff noone cares about. This theme is completely different and I love it!

I’m glad you like it! :)

Wow, nice i love the darkside one.. Now if i can find a CMS version i would be inlove with it that much more.

I’m considering trying to make it a WordPress theme :)

Ahh! You shouldn’t of made Lightside in my opinion, I fell in love with Darkside too much! :D

Well done evaske, keep us updated with improvements! :)


I figured the option would be there for someone. I got asked to make a lighter version!

Glad you like it though :D

I very love it your design and will buy, But is it possible to drop down menu on the top?


It would certainly be possible to add a JQuery dropdown menu in. There are a number on the internet that would fit right in there and it would just be a case of adding the original CSS styling to the dropdown menu.

Evaske, your my favorite on Themeforest!

This is the nicest template I ever seen.

Thank you for that :) Makes it all worth while hearing comments like that.

Hm are you provide for that little implementation?

I would have to charge a small customisation fee.

How much for it?

Would you like to email me at me@kieraneves.co.uk so we can sort it out on there instead of clogging up the message board :)

Sent the message there.

evaske, please check your e-mail! I sent something about WHMCS .

I’ve replied :)

Anyone looking for the WHMCS Integration of this theme, feel free to contact me through my contact form! Comes with custom UI too!