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Evaske I’ve been sent email a weeks ago but still not getting reply from you.

Is there a wordpress edition coming soon? I’d really love a wordpress edition.


As much as I’d love to release a Wordpress version I just don’t have the knowledge to create it! :(

Aw. :(. I would buy this one, but since i’m opening a hosting website, I don’t want a lot of other people to have the same layout as me, how much do you charge for custom templates? Also, how much do you charge for custom logo’s?


I don’t really have time for custom work at the moment as I’m working on a new release for TF.

The contact forum is not working, i’ve already edited the email to send it to in the PHP , but it’s not sending to my email.

Hmm… the contact form definitely works. I just made sure of that by adding my email in to the PHP document…. it could potentially be your hosting not allowing outgoing mail?

also… Ubuntu Google web font arent use at all in your build.csss… is there any reason?

Ubuntu Google font? Where does that come in to the template? :S

Hey I need to change the the text reseller hosting in reseller_hosting_background.png can you tell me how i have firework and photoshop

I’ve replied to your email. Tad rushed with it being late so if you need a more in-depth response just let me know.

Hi evaske,

Ubuntu Google webfont is called from your text/css in all files.

Also, there a weird behaviour when using French caracters (like Ééà) in the < title > tag. There are converted but in the rest of the page, they are well displayed.

other than that, great theme loved it!

I see what you mean about the Ubuntu font! It’s not needed. That was there from when I was testing between using Droid Sans or Ubuntu. :)

If you send me an email using my contact form I will send you 3 files that will mean french characters are displayed correctly in the title :)

oupse… html tags are deleted. see corrected version

email send yesterday.

I replied to you yesterday.

I’ll copy the email here for you:


Is it possible for you to provide me with a link to where you’re having the problem :)

Regards, Kieran Eves

Hello Would it be possible for you to make a simple 1 menu drop down for this template :) ?

Just to let everyone know, the WHMCS integration is still available! Just contact me on my ThemeForest page for a quote!

Would like to see this, but the Live Preview isn’t working. :(


It’s working as far as I can see.

Regards, Kieran

contact form is not working i have also changed the php code but still its not working ?

The contact form definitely works. I will not offer you support though as you don’t have a purchased badge. If you comment or email me with the account you used to purchase the layout then I will offer you support :)

This seems like a great template, but the code is a bit messy. You make use of WAY too many id tags, which would make it quite difficult to customize.

Is the logo featured on the template usable? That will save the money for buying a logo separately.

The logo is just text based :)

Is it possible to get a Windows and Plesk logo for the footer? I’m not real sure how you setup the template to make the necessary changes.

I can do this for you but you’ll have to bare with me for a couple of days. Accidentally wiped my hard drive and need to re-install all my applications and get backups etc.


Also how can I put in an actual Twitter feed? I’d love to see that feature.

There are a number of options around Google for including your twitter feed in to a website. They generally include a javacsript file where you put your username in and select the number of tweets you want to display :)

What is this file called WordPressFacility.sql?



Ah, that shouldn’t be in there. Its from a test of a WordPress installation I was working on :)

Any new updates soon evaske?

Any mobile version on the works?... if so… I’m already a customer…

Is there a problem in the preview template? I can not access, it appears offline …