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Our home page layout (newspaper format – with 3 articles across and three rows of articles down) is suddenly appearing with huge horizontal gaps of white space between the rows. It is happening in 3 different browsers. And there doesn’t appear to be any updates needed to our Wordpress site. Any idea what might be causing this?

This issue has something to do with the sizing. If you zoom in or zoom out it snaps into position, but when it first loads on Safari, Chrome or Firefox, it displays large white gaps/spaces. Even when I load it on my iPhone, the home pages show the abbreviated posts with large gaps between the articles. Please let us know when you can what the problem might me. Thank you.


I received your email with the link to your page and didn’t see the gaps at all. Maybe it’s browser related.

However, I recommend to disable the sharing plugin that outputs the sharing links below your excerpts to see if this plugin might be the cause of the issue.


eBosh Purchased

Hello. Thank you for the great theme. I install it, but can’t find plugin “Ruven Toolkit” on official Wordpress site. Where can i install it?


eBosh Purchased

Thank you very much!


are there any guidelines I should follow regarding the logo? A size or file type? I have a couple of issues with it. Any image I upload won’t scale to fit and the image quality seems to decrease and get slightly blurry. Do you know what might be the problem?


The Image will be taken as it is uploaded. If you didn’t size your logo prior to uploading it, you can do it by editing the image in the media library and scale it to the size you need it to be.

Once you set the image as logo via customizer, you can use the fields “Header Top Padding (in px)” and “Image Logo Top Padding (in px)” to position the logo vertically.

For example, you could give the whole header more space:

Header Top Padding (in px): 100

And then position your logo more to the top with a negative value:

Image Logo Top Padding (in px): -50

Let me know if you need more help :)

Hi there, love the theme! Is there any way to add an image to the left of the slogan/identity section (“Solution Station”)? I wanted to put an image floated left of the text.



You have to go into the original theme, copy the whole function rvn_put_page_header() (from line 463 to 578) into the functions.php of the child theme and then you can make changes. The function in your child theme will then be used instead of the function in the original theme.

Sorry, I should’ve made it clear from the beginning, how to use child themes.

Thanks! I got it somewhat working, however it doesn’t look great in mobile view (I want my image to remain in size and the title and description to wrap below).

Currently my image just shrinks. I can’t use the short codes for columns – so I am hard coding the image in with 20% width.

Mind taking a look? Would love some suggestions to get it look right on mobile!

You can influence the responsive behavior of the image according to smaller screen sizes with media-queries in CSS. Explaining this exceeds the limits of theme support, but if you google “css media queries” you should be able to make it work pretty quick :)

Hi there, how do I get excerpts on the blog posts page (latest posts)? Right now it is showing the entire post for each post.



Any thoughts on how to get it hardcoded within wordpress (my guess is content.php might be the right place to put the_excerpt() or some code)? I had done this a long time ago on another theme but forgot how and where exactly.

Any help is appreciated!

Assuming you know how to use a child theme, please replace all code in the content.php file with this code and then it should work with the_excerpt():

I see the title, darkwhite has dark bolded and white unbolded. How do you do that?

In the customizer you can enter which part of the title you want to be thin.

Prefect! Worked in child theme. :)

Hi there. This may be a SUPER simple fix, but I want to disable comments on a page, but am not able to. Going to the Screen Options (and unchecking ‘Comments’) doesn’t work either. Any other ideas?

Thank you.

I wrote a section in the documentation about this. Here you go :)

perfect! got fixed. :) Thank you!

I just installed the Child Theme – however now my Customizer is not working. Would appreciate some help! Thanks! :)

also – fyi: I installed the Child theme by zipping it up (it was in a folder when it was downloaded). Then I added the theme through wordpress.

What exactly happens when you open the customizer? Could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data and short summary of the problem within this email (for my record), so I can investigate it?

Hello,m I am not seeing the portfolio items I created, only the categories on top..

also, in the customize page, I get this message> Warning: Creating default object from empty value in (...)/themes/Darkwhite/includes/theme-customizer.php on line 384

1. done, just sent you the email

2. solved, thanks!

3. the link shows a blank page

4. ok, I´ll do some research about that. thanks.

— NEW: 5. all of my portfolio items are displaying a page title that says “out team” and I cant seem to find it, as the portfolio page has a different page title, and the portfolio items dont have a page title meta box….

thank you!!

please disregard the Question #5. It´s solved (there was another page using portfolio template and for some reason, the portfolio items were using it´s “page title”)

1. Please open the file “wp-config.php” in your WordPress root folder and set WP_DEBUG to “false”. This should make the warning disappear.

3. Sorry about that, this one should work:

Hi there, thanks for all your previous help.

I wanted to WHERE and HOW to change the link colors. Right now they are light grey. I want to change it to blue with underline effect.


Sorry, please try this here:

a, .content a { color: #272727; }
a:hover, .content a:hover { color: #999; }

Hi there, I’ve tried that, but it doesn’t seem to work. Could there be another reason?

You have to change the color codes to the color you want (blue).

This here should do the trick (I also added the underline):

a, .content a { color: #6CCBEB !important; }
a:hover, .content a:hover { color: #58AFCC !important; text-decoration: underline !important; }

Hi, I love the theme but didn’t realize that the single portfolio page template only works if you have 1 image and a little bit of text. Is there a way to let it start with the featured image (2/3) and text (1/3) then transition to an full width section after that? Or even to mimic the blog post style for individual portfolio posts? I just need to not have a (1/3) column running all the way down the page. Thanks.


The theme does not offer such a feature out of the box. But since I kept the code base simple and clean, it should be no problem to customize the theme via child theme and add this kind of feature.

I suggest utilizing Envato Studio:

Ruven, how can I make the related post in bottom be really related? >> to belong to the same category (aka portfolio TYPE) as the portfolio item being displayed.

Otherwise, how can I make a “related posts” plugin display in the portfolio posts?



The theme does not offer such features out of the box. Depending on the plugin you’re using, there should be a PHP function you could just add to the code of the single portfolio page, where you want the related posts displayed. How exactly you then link that to the portfolio type is up to the plugin. You might want to ask the developer, if the documentation doesn’t help.

If you can’t get it to work yourself, I suggest utilizing Envato Studio:

ok, thanks for the info!

Hi there,

I just wanted to ask how I could keep my title instead of it changing when someone selects a category. For example, if the category is “Confidence”, and someone clicks it, the top of the page title turns to Confidence. I want it to remain the title I have set on the homepage.

I changed the code and made a child theme for you that will only display the default header.

Please install and activate this child theme: (but leave the original theme installed).

Hi, how can i customize the 404 page? The message appears in english, but i want to put a portuguese message. Could you help me?

You can actually translate everything in the theme. Here is how:

Hello, this theme has been working great for us, thanks a lot Ruven.

I noticed today we have a little issue with the FILTERING: when going from one category to another the thumbnails stay stacked below previous ones, and sometimes the layout even shrinks and don´t show the thumbnails…., if the same cat is clicked again, then the layout gets fixed…

it´s hard to explain, but you´ll see it here



I’ve never encountered this bug before and I can’t replicate it on my own server.

Could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data and short summary of the problem within this email (for my record), so I can investigate it?

Hi… when I click on the link to download the Ruven Toolkit plug’in from the documentation… it says the link is no longer available… how do I load that toolkit?

Sorry, I have to update the link in the documentation. Here is the (working) link:

Thanks… is there a way to put capital letter in the Site Title?

Figured it out… :)

Is there a way to add featured images into pages in the same manner as they are added into posts? I would like the featured image in a page to show up above any social sharing icons like it does in a post.

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the late reply. Please install and activate this child theme: (but leave the original theme installed).

This will display the featured image above the page content (just like in a post).

When you pull up one of the months from the Archives right margin item, the subhead says “This archive holds all posts form month year.” But it should be “from”. Can I get in there and correct the typo? If so, how do I do that?

Still looking for an answer to this one. Where can I find the subhead that the archive list is pulling so I can fix this?

Hi, I uploaded an update to fix the typo and will let you know when it’s available (hopefully tomorrow).

The update is now available :)