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Hi, Thank you for making such a wonderful theme.

1) I have one question about the main menu mobile version. The Menu displayed under ‘Navigation Menu’, is there any way to make this more presentable, such as many theme use three lines icon to replace the actual ‘navigation menu’ characters?

2) Can you please help me to make the footer menu in the mobile version listed herizonly?

Thank you very much!

3) I found the meta info are all in italic font, can you please help me to write a custom css code to make them all not in italic?

4) My contact form in the contact page is not as same as your demo. (http://bang[dot]voco[dot]com[dot]au/contact), the last message box is not the same as your demonstration contact form. Is there a css code to fix this issue?

Thank you so much!

Update: 4) contact page’s issue is solved. :) Cheers!


1. Yes, you could use a child theme and overwrite the header.php file. Here you can switch out “Navigation Menu” with a hamburger menu icon. There are plugins to install font icons.

2. Sorry, support is only offered for the theme as is. If you need to customize the theme, is the right place. Just look for “WordPress theme customization” :)

3. This code will change the font-style to normal:
.hentry .entry-meta { font-style: normal; }


can you look into the additional questions I asked to my comment 14 days ago?


I answered your new comments :)

Why i can’t edit my customize them options? It’s impossible for me modify the copyright year at the footer primary theme. There’s another place for modify it in Thank you!

done! Il send you by email the password for Thank you!

I looked into your WordPress installation and saw that you’re running a very old version of the theme. I fixed a bug with the customizer in version 1.5. Please follow these instructions on how to update the theme and let me know if that fixed your problem:

done! Thank you!


First, I have to say that I am from Spain and maybe my english is not 100% correct. Sorry for that.

My question is this: I wish to make the portfolio filtered sheet as my blog home (I like the square aspect and the fully visual aspect very much) but my problem is that I can not use the portfolio pages as blog pages (the text columns in the portfolio sheets are very tight).

So, can I link the portfolio main page with my blogs subpages?

Congratulations for the theme and thanks for your time.

Kevin Martos

Hi Kevin,

It is not possible to use your blog posts with the portfolio template, if that was the question.

However, it is possible to set your portfolio as frontpage. To do that, please just go to “Settings > Reading” and select your Portfolio page as “Front page”.

Hello – I can only see one blog layout style for the black white theme. Also can I customise the homepage as a landing page?

Hi, you can change the the blog layout in the customizer. Through “Settings > Reading” you can set any page as front page.

Hi, I set the homepage in Portfolio mode, but I wanna add a slider or image in under the menu or in the page description area for showing more info as in it is the home page. Can you please help me to do this?


Hi, the theme doesn’t natively support a slider, but you can modify the theme via child theme:

If you need further customization, I recommend:

I am trying to install the portfolio onto DarkWhite using the ruventoolkit mentioned in the documentation, and here

Is that plugin still available?

Sorry, I have to update the link. Here is a working one:


Phita Purchased

Hi, This is really a great theme what I need. Just one question: How to make the sidebar appear on mobile mode? Thank you in advance.

Hi Phita, because of the small screen size of mobile devices, the headings in the sidebar move above the content and the sidebar disappears to make space for the content.

Hello, We have a problem when trying to install this theme Darkwhite: Blog / Portfolio WordPress Theme, the plugin link doesn’t work, please let us know what to do,

Thank you :)

the purchase code for the theme is. f490a015-db54-4de3-8a28-c6d0bd2635d9

thank you,


Is there a way to have main menu links that display an already filtered portfolio. I would like the top menu to read PRINT WEB VIDEO , each link would display a portfolio page filtered to its portfolio type.

Thanks :)

Hello! Unfortunately that’s not possible without modifications to the theme’s code. If you need help with that, please take a look at the WP customization services on