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This is a great looking theme dude, good luck with sales!

Thanks AJ! I’m planning to do more themes this year :)

Awesome design! GLWS mate :D:D:D

Thank you mate :D

Incredible! I really love this design, I may purchase for my personal website. Awesome job!

Ride on!

Great typography & overall style!

Thank you kindly. The theme is based on a strict vertical rhythm. That and the line height support Helvetica nicely :)

Hi. Great design. May I ask a couple of pre-purchase questions?

1) How many portfolios can it support? 2) What is the max size of photos allowed for each post/portfolio? 3) What size can a graphic logo be to fit the top?

Many thanks. Mike.


1. You can categorize portfolio items and then link to the category page. Here an example: This way you can maintain as many portfolio pages as you have categories.

2. The theme adjusts the image size automatically. Your pictures shouldn’t be smaller in width than 728 pixel.

3. I’m actually about to build a function to adjust that into the next update. If your logo is too tall, just send me the link to your page and I’ll send you back a CSS command to paste into the customizer to ajust the header to the logo :) Update should be out very soon.

Best regards, Ruven

Thank you, thank you!

Hi! Amazing theme!

Just a small question. Are you going to implement some more shortcodes such as Tabs, Accordions, Toggles, etc?


Yes, more shortcodes are planned :)


BTW, I see under the page title there are two lines:

Donec nec justo eget placerat fermentum ultrices nulla. Aliquam a lectus aenean dignissim pellentesque felis commodo.

They are in a div called “page-description”.

Is that text the same for all the pages, or can each single page use a different text? I ask because on the demo all the pages use the same :P

You can define different text for every page :)

Very clean, love the content section. ;)

Straight up awesome :)

Keep ‘em coming!

Thanks, I will :)

Love this, great typography, contrast and white space.

Thanks man. I appreciate your feedback :)

Great Theme!

Do you think it would work with Georgia as the main font as well?

I tried it out here: Except the headings I changed everything to Georgia. I bet it would look cool with some Google Fonts too. There are several plugins for that :)

Thanks! Looks great

just a post to get email-updates ;)

I think you only get updates via email when someone answers to your post like me right now. If you want to get notifications about my themes you can follow me on those social networks:

Google+: Facebook: Twitter:

Best regards, Ruven


Just one thing, may you add a simple page example to the demo? “Like about us” or “service”.

Because I was thinking to buy it for my corporate website.


Good idea! I’ll think of something.

Great theme, great layout. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Happy that the reviewers had an eye for this :)

This theme is epic! Just, can you please add ajax load more button for loading more posts without refreshing (pagination)?

Thanks! Thats a good idea for the next updates :)

I installed your theme @ but there is a huge gap in space in the widget area on the left. What is causing this ?

Hi, I can’t locate the space. Did you already solve the problem?

Hi! Configuring the theme on one of my websites :)

I had the issue that the site title looks better on the page with less/no space between both words but I din’t want to set my site title without spaces, so I added this to the css:

#site-title {

This way both words are separated by the same space as default, but it’s not necessary to write them together. For example, I think it’s better for SEO to have the site as “Name Surname” than “NameSurname”, don’t you think so?

BTW, after two days testing and configuring, I must say, it’s an amazing theme and it’s really fast! I love it :D

:) Really, in the last few weeks I bought 3-4 themes for my website, thinking they would fit perfect or nearly perfect. Applied, configured and tested them. But now I’ve installed yours. It’s a lot faster than all the other ones, it’s clean, simple and neat. I really like it and I think I’ll stay with it for a long time. Maybe I’ll even try the child theme, who knows :D

Just to satisfy my curiosity, in this part of CSS:

#page-header {
border-bottom: 5px solid #272727;
padding: 63px 0 18px;

Why exactly 63px of padding? It’s just curiosity :D

Oh, BTW, since my site is in Spanish and maybe also in German (multilanguage), I’ll translate the theme into Spanish and maybe into German. If so, would you like me to send you the MO/PO files? :)

Wow, thanks for your kind words. Seems that the time applied to these, for most people, invisible things, was well worth it. With the next update I might be able to get even more performance out of the theme. The whole layout works completely without images and the theme has a very lean code base. However, for icons such as the play an pause button on self hosted videos, I use icon fonts. Here I’m planning of reducing the font that is loaded to just the symbols that the theme really needs. Other things like minification of JS and CSS I leave to plugins.

About the 63px: Basically the whole theme follows a strict vertical rhythm (always 15px and 35 px). But for such big elements like the header, I just went with my eye to set it in context to the other elements. Sometimes that works better than to throw math at them :)

About translation: That would be great if you translate it into spanish! If you look into the “languages” folder you’ll see that I already went ahead and translated the theme into german (I’m originally from north Germany) :) If you like you can send the files to support[at] and I’ll include them with the next updates so other buyers can have them too.


Oh and it’s definitely worth to do modifications with child themes. It’s easy and keeps the original theme updatable.

I have a section in the documentation about this.

I predict this gets featured someday! brilliant job.

Thank yaa! :D