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Hello, I purchased the theme and I’m happy with the design. Both your column shortcodes and other plugins that I’ve installed don’t work on my site, and I was wondering if you could tell me why.

A page with column shortcodes in it is:


Could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data and short summary of the problem within this email (for my record), so I can investigate it?

Hey. Quick question: How can I eliminate the sidebar completely? I removed all the widgets, but search, archives, and meta is still showing. I’m not sure how to go about this in regards to your theme, but I have read up on adding some code. I’m looking for your recommended method.

Thank you.

You could just delete the content of the file “sidebar.php”. If you want your page then in full width, take a look at the file “template-full-width.php”. You’ll have to add the class “full-width” to the div with the ID “site-content” on the template files, that originally had a sidebar.

I just want to say that I got this working. Thanks!

I’m having trouble with using @font-face with the Child Theme. I got the headers to display a custom font but not the paragraph/body text. Can you take a look at it please? I’ll create an admin account for support[at] and send you the info and details… Thanks

Sure, I’ll take a look and respond via email :)

HEY! I am really loving the theme and the feedback has been great. Our user base is growing rapidly. The mobile version worked great until i made edits for social media icons and custom additions but I’ll have that fixed soon!

You helped me with a few edits and I also had a couple of other questions.

1. You helped me with the ‘Full Page’ Portfolio child theme. I wanted to ask if you can help me get the featured image to the full width of the page? Here is an example of the changes you made, i just need featured to be full width of the page:

2. Comments on portfolio items seems to be turned off. I see the php line there but do not see an option to turn them on. Any input?

3. On a post page, the navigation to the previous and next post are at the bottom of the page. I’d like to see them right below the nav bar. Perhaps also decrease the height of the box by half. Would this be possible?

4. You stated that the default comments box overlaying over a full screen video was going to be fixed, has this been completed? I am currently using disqus now but want to move to the default commenting platform.

I have made many changes to the code so if you can help me with simply where to add lines and edit php individually that would be awesome. You helped me like that before when we removed featured images from the author inquiry. I hope all is well and also help others find this template as awesome as I do.

Hi, I’m glad to hear that your users like the new site :)

1. I can code this into the child theme for you. I guess you made some further modifications to it, so please send the child theme in a ZIP to support[at] and I’ll modify it for you.

2. Here you have to modify the code that regisers the post type “portfolio”. This happens in the Ruven Toolkit plugin in the file “init-portfolio.php” on line 64. You have to replace the line with the following:

'supports' => array('title', 'thumbnail', 'editor', 'comments',  'post-formats')

3. Yes, you’d have to put the line <?php rvn_put_post_nav(); ?> on line 2 in the “single.php” file. The CSS changes you can make in the style.css on line 751.

If you need further assistance with customization work, these guys can be of help:

4. It’s not fixed yet. Im currently very busy with client work, but I promise that I’ll include it with the next update.

One of the features says: “set any page as the frontpage!”. But, what’s the difference with what you can regularly do with reading options in Wordpress? Thanks.

There is no difference. I simply wanted to point this out, because many themes here on TF are coded in a way that doesn’t use WP standard features and some pages can’t be set as start page. Darkwhite is coded with all WP standards in mind, after the model of the default themes :)

I’d like to display my category/search results in the same grid style as the home page? Or at least post excerpts, rather than the full post

homepage: cateogry:


Hi, Please go into the Customizer and select “Alternative” as “Archive Layout” in the “Blog” section :)

Is there shortcode I can use to embedd a self hosted audio file into a page?

It will come with the next update. Then WP 3.6 will handle audio and video output and it will also have shortcodes for this.

Hi Ruven,

This question probably has nothing to do with your theme, but I am going to ask it anyway. I am embedding a youtube video. Normally, appending ?rel=0 to the iframe embed code url (provided by youtube) stops suggested videos from showing when the video finishes playing. However, in my case, the suggested videos are still showing up. Have you successfully embed a youtube video with the darkwhite theme and prevent suggested video at the end?

Hope to hear a reply soon.


Hi Samuel, I think it is a some sort of YouTube issue. I embedded a video into my test version of the theme and it also suggested more videos in the end. The source code though was the same as embedded and the ”?rel=0” was still there.

Hi! I have purchased darkwhite and it’s successfully up and running with a bunch of minor modifications at

Unfortunately I’m having an issue where adsense ads fail to load correctly when present on the page. I’m using standard adsense code, and have had no problems on previous versions of the site. Adding Darkwhite was a fairly straightforward reskin so I’m thinking it’s likely there’s some odd interaction going on between the adsense, the theme and maybe one of my customisations.

In a nutshell, whenever adsense is called on a page, instead of loading the ad from google, an iframe is loaded with as the src. That, of course, is a 404, and the presence of /undefined/ in the URL makes me there’s a javascript issue. The iframe rendered on the page by google’s ad code specifically declares “src=”undefined?wmode=transparent” . Removing that using firebug/webkit inspector has the ad then loading correctly.

You can see the issue on live on – if you can spare any time for any insights on this issue, I’d really appreciate it.

Hi, please try the following: go into the file “Darkwhite/js/jquery.custom.js” and delete or out-comment line 44. This line attaches a ”?wmode=transparent” to all iframes to overcome an overlay bug caused by some YouTube videos. Maybe the adsense URLs are getting messed up by this.

That worked, thanks!


Did you ever do the update where if you selected an image to be a featured image, you get the option to not show it on your post at the very top? I’m kind of a noob with wordpress. Thanks.

Ok, please paste the following code into the “Custom CSS Code” field in “General Settings” to remove all featured images on single posts:
.single-post .entry-featured-media { display: none; }

OK I got it—Thanks so much for that, it was so easy. You have to go to Appearance then Customizer to access General Settings, for anyone else who is looking for this.

Apparently some places may have this also on your Main Settings page, but it was not there for me.

Thanks again!

Thanks for adding this information. Don’t know why I left that out in the previous comment ^^

What would be the most straightforward way of using the image grid based layout on some specific (not all) category pages?

I’d look at the portfolio template in the theme and the CSS code that’s assigned to it. Then copy it for the categories template with an IF statement that determines which categories should be outputted in a certain layout. If you need customization work done you can contact my partner Tweaky:

Hi there, is it possible to have several images under each other for the portfolio items?
Also, you’re listing Font Awesome in your credits, is it possible to use the retina-ready icons within the theme? I don’t see any example.

Hm, maybe it would make more sense to copy the file “media-gallery.php” into the child theme and then replace line 17 with this here:

This way you don’t have to change any CSS.

Working like a charm. Thank you for the fast reply.
Just gave your theme (and support) a 5 star rating well deserved :)

Hi there—I use your template and it’s great. I was wondering if there was a way to have more than just the 10 latest posts to show up on the home page? 20-25 would be great for me so users can just scroll for content rather than clicking on the “older entries” button.

Hi, You can set the amount of posts on one page in “Settings > Reading” in your admin panel.

Hi Ruven,

Any update on the internet explorer (ie8) issue regarding the “alternative” Blog layout. It looks really messed up. Any solutions/hacks?


Hi Ruven,

Any update on the internet explorer (ie8) issue regarding the “alternative” Blog layout. Specially the three column portfolio, it flickers and looks really messed up. Any solutions/hacks?


Sorry for that. I’ll get on it asap.


Pre sales question. Is the theme restricted to one portfolio with lots of different filters/categories or can the theme do multiple portfolios? By this I mean Portfolio 1 with categories a,b & c Portfolio 2 with categories d,e & f

Many thanks :)

You can have multiple portfolios that show for example just one category or one post type, but not selected categories on one page. It’s actually all done with WordPress standards. You just have to set a link in your menu (“Appearance > Menus”) and it’s done :)

I am using the alternative portfolio and love it, but I want to add a sidebar for widgets on the right. I am a complete novice at coding, can you help me out? Here’s my site: -Nick

Hi, the theme doesn’t have the option to add a sidebar to this template. I might add it in the future, but if you need it right now, you’ll have to customize the theme. Customization work is done through my partner:

I’ll definitely be using tweaks, thanks for referring them. Also, I like the “featured image” for the main page to attract readers to the articles, but can I make it disappear on the single post pages? otherwise readers see the same image twice, as the image is already in the article with a caption…

Yes, please go into the customizer and paste the following code into the “Custom CSS Code” fiel in the “General Settings” panel:

.single .entry-featured-media { display: none; }

Hi is it possible to implement a lightbox version of the portfolio?

Yes, but it would require a bit of customization work. You’d have to change the portfolio templates and replace the link to the post with a link to the image. From there you could either implement a lightbox yourself or use a plugin.

Customization work is done through my partner:


Is it possible to change the title color? When I change it via a text editor, it changes all h1 tags. I would ideally like just the blog title “My Egg Noodles” here:

Yes, please go into the customizer and paste the following code into the “Custom CSS Code” fiel in the “General Settings” panel:

#site-title a { color: red; }

Then change the color to the one you want :)


Just configuring my website and need to set up the Portfolio, but cant find the Toolkit for it?



Hi I have added you. The issue is that the top of the portfolio pages are pulling through the Theme header rather than defaulting to the Portfolio header on the portfolio page as per your FAQs. Cheers

Hi any news on this query?

Sorry, I think I received an email with login data a week ago, but there was no description of the problem, so I couldn’t link it to you. Please send me the login data AND a description of the problem in the same email, because I get quite a lot of these emails and it’s impossible to link them to customers if there is no description.