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Is it possible to add some code (i.e a banner image) at the end of each post? If so, what’s the best way to do this?

Thanks :)

You could edit the “single.php” and paste in custom code on line 9. I recommend using a child theme for that. Here are more instructions:


I’d like to clarify a few moments before a purchase: 1. Does the MailChimp widget ( display correctly with this theme? 2. Does the theme’s fonts support cyrillic?

Thank you in advance!


1. The theme os based on WordPress’ standards and best practices. Just like the default themes. There is no reason why the MailChimp widget shouldn’t be displayed correctly. I made sure that the CSS only styles the WP default widgets and leaves third party widgets alone, so their styling won’t be compromised.

2. I suggest to install a plugin for custom fonts. Instead of bloating the theme with a lot of features, I leave things like font management to plugins, because they tend to have more specific features.

Thank you for quick response!

Which plugin would you advise for custom fonts?

Sorry for my late reply. I never used a plugin for custom fonts (only google fonts), but here is a selection:

If those don’t suit you, just send a mail to support[at] and I’ll integrate Cyrillic for you into the theme.

Additional questions: 1) is the “DarkWhite” logo (in the demo) a default site name or a downloaded image? 2) what is the “News & Updates…” in the demo (in the top of a page) – category/page name or H1/H2 headers or what?

Thank you!

1. It’s just text. You can change it to whatever you like. You can also upload an image logo. The paddings can be set by you as well.

2. You can set a “Page Title” attribute for every page. “News & Updates” is set for the page which is set as blog page. When you’re on a category page, the title of the category will be displayed as page title automatically.

I am unable to make my home page look like the demo site with the posts free flowing. How do I do this??

Please go to “Appearance > Customizer” and set the “Blog Layout” to “Alternative” in the “Blog” section.

hello, i am loving your theme, and have been using it for a while. . I seem to be having a problem with galleries in posts & portfolios. I will email you on support(at)

I’ll reply to your email as soon as I get to it :)

Hi, I love the appearance of your theme, but I’m having some issues.

I can’t figure out why, but, for whatever reason, the third column disappears and merges into the other two. Additionally, the text in the second column becomes blurry. I’ve never seen anything like this happen.

I reinstalled the theme to see if it would fix the issue, but it hasn’t. Oddly enough, when I visit the live preview on this site, the column issue doesn’t occur.

Details: I’m using the most up-to-date version of Chrome. Site:

Hi, I checked out your site and can’t detect the issue. Here is a screenshot:

Could it maybe be a browser plugin that is interfering? Which operating system are you on? And does the issue also occurs in other browsers on your system?

Purchased. Great theme! Simple and beatiful at the same time.

But can’t insert Facebook Likebox via iframe code into a widget area. Could you help to do this?

And how to make a part of logo-text thin?

Thank you in advance!

No, I haven’t forgotten about you, but I wasn’t working on the weekend and also the login data you sent me are not working. Could you check that and let me know?

I created your account again with the same credentials.

Nice, I’ll get to it asap :)

How do you remove the All category from the portfolio types? Also is it possible to un-alphabetize them and move them to an order of my choosing?

Is there a way to set a specific number of portfolio items to the home page? We’re looking to have only 9 visible at a time, with other pages for previous portfolio items.



1. In the Customizer under the “Portfolio” section, you can set the “Portfolio Layout” to “Default”. Now it will not be filterable and the portfolio types have no effect.

2. To order them by your choosing, this plugin will help you:

3. To set the number of portfolio items, go into the Customizer under the “Portfolio” section and set the number in the field “Items per Page”.

Hi! I’d like to remove / hide the featured images at the top of each post. How would I go about doing this? My main issue is that this image is the same class as the ones on the front page, so when I try to hide them I also lose the front page images.


You can do this easy by using the body classes that WordPress generates. Please go into the customizer and paste the following code into the “Custom CSS Code” fiel in the “General Settings” panel:

.single .entry-featured-media { display: none; }

Now all the featured images on single posts in the default post format will be hidden :)

I want to change text, which shows in header when I open portfolio and this is some kind of lorem ipsum. Where could I change it?

To change the header text on your portfolio page, please edit it and set a title and description (optional) in the “Page Header” panel.

Hi! Loved the design of your theme :) I was just wondering if it’s compatible with WPML or at least, works with qTranslate. Thank you!

Ok, so if I understand well, with qTranslate it should work, but you don’t have WPML compatibility certificate, right?

Yes, I have no WPML certificate, but the theme is build as plugin friendly as possible :)

Hi, I can’t seem to increase the amount of posts shown on my blog.

The ‘Posts’ page is just a page within wordpress.

Ideally I would like to set the number of posts that will be displayed. ie. 8, 20 etc.

any solution? Thanks.

Please go to “Settings > Reading” and increase the number of the field “Blog pages show at most …”

ahh, I knew it was a simple fix.

Thanks very much

Just purchased this theme, really love it! What I would like to do is remove the “Page Title” on the category & archives pages. Need help with this.

Thank you

Please paste the following code into the “Custom CSS Code” field in “Appearance > Customizer > General Settings” :

.archive #page-header { display: none; }

Thank you very much!

hi great theme ! i was wondering, it would be really great if you could improve it with an infinite scroll ! otherwise, i was wondering how i could remove the black lines under the pictures, and how to have the preview images in the same size !? like in the cropped version ?! thanks

I’ll think about adding infinite scroll to the theme.

Can you send me a link to your site, so I can check out the black lines you’re talking about? You can change the image sizes for the portfolio in “Appearance > Customizer > Portfolio > Crop Images”.

hi great theme ! i was wondering, it would be really great if you could improve it with an infinite scroll ! otherwise, i was wondering how i could remove the black lines under the pictures, and how to have the preview images in the same size !? like in the cropped version ?! thanks

Sorry, please try this one instead:

.home .hentry { border-top: none !important; }

hi ! thanks it’s working now, but only in the main menu, not in the categories ! where do i paste it to make it work in the categories too ? thanks a lot !

This should do the trick:

.home .hentry,
.archive .hentry,
.category .hentry { border-top: none !important; }

I’m trying to improve the speed of my site and one thing I’ve noticed is that you use @import for the CSS. Is there any reason why you are using this method rather than using <link>? And if I wanted to speed this up, what would you recommend doing?

I’m not using @import in the style.css. Is it maybe the CSS code of a plugin that you’re talking about?

I’m not sure anymore. I think I fixed it a yesterday, but now my site is giving me another problem.

I really like your theme, but I am getting fed up with WordPress. Every week some new problem pops up. I am down to less than 5 plugins, and my site is still being a pain. I’m 95% sure I’m going to move over to Squarespace. I’m not a tech guru, but I do know more than the average person. The thing is, fixing the problems in my site takes time – sometimes several hours. I would rather be doing actual work, and making money, during the time I am spending troubleshooting my site.

I understand you. WordPress doesn’t work for everyone. Be insured that I’m here for you if you have any problems regarding the theme.

Lovely theme, But i had a few issues -I’am not being able to edit the home page, It does not appear under pages in my dash board. The only pages that appear are Portfolio,sample page and short codes. -How do i change the default landing page to portfolio instead of home?

The theme works just like the default WordPress themes. You can set the home page under “Settings > Reading”.

helo, very nice theme, I wonder if there is a way to display chosen category posts in an alternative bolg layout? So that after choosing a category in a category widget, the user will be presented with a shortened entries of selected category’s posts ( title==link,post meta, image thumb if there is any, first paragraph) – not the full post ( the whole post content )?

The theme lets you choose the default or alternative blog layout for archives and categories. But it’s either all categories in alternative or all in default.

Hi! Today I’m update my blog to WP 3.6, and now on homepage I view “[...]” (when post is cut) instead of ”...”.

View screens and

How I can fix it? Previously WP 3.5 it worked fine.

Sorry for my English.

The theme is not yet optimized for 3.6. I will look into the issue and release an update.

Thanks. Will wait.

Hi there! I downloaded the theme and extra add-ons including your toolkit. My portfolio and other pages seem to work just right but when I create a blog message its not displayed on the blog page. Besides that I can’t choose any blog template. I probably forgot to do something, but since I’m a designer and not really into code and all that I have no idea where to start looking.

Looking forward to your help! The website is (the site is not fully accessible yet)

In “Settings > Reading” you have to set a “Posts page”.

Works great! Thanks for your help.