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I recently bought your theme, which I love by the way, but I’m having a problem posting self hosted video content. I posted some audio content, and that’s fine, but my video content won’t play despite my post edit area seeming to think all is fine. My problem post is here: could you have a look please. I converted my video to .m4v using handbrake and to .ogv using the ffmpeg2theora utility in Ubuntu, if that helps. Both play fine on my computer and are recognised as the file types they should be.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Hi John,

I was able to play the video on your site after a long waiting time. The problem is probably that the video is almost 2.5GB huge and takes forever to load. You should try to drastically reduce the size. Then it should play fine (depending on the users internet connection).

Best regards, Ruven

Thanks Ruven, I never waited long enough I guess. I’ll reduce the size then!!

Hi, I recently updated to Wordpress 3.6 and since that My homepage seems to look a little bit messy. As you can see: under each post there’s a large white space which wasn’t there before…


Do you have a Fancybox plugin installed? There seems to be a problem with it. In my console I get the following error message:

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'fancybox' 

Maybe the Fancybox plugin is not compatible with WP 3.6 yet and needs an update.


is it possible to remove the avatars from comments? What should I edit to get this?

Thanks and regards,


Please go to “Appearance > Customizer”. In the section “General Settings” paste the following code into the field Custom CSS Code>

#comments .comment .comment-author img { display: none; }

Hi, is it possible to have multiple sidebars? Like one for my blog and another for my about/portfolio/contact pages? I’ve seen other templates include this functionality so I’m just curious if this theme does too. Thanks!

I try to keep the theme as simple as possible. That’s why I don’t include such functionality right into the theme. But you can add this function with this plugin:

Thank you very much for the help. Really enjoying the theme so far!

Ruven on Vacation until Sep. 2

I will be gone until Sep. 2. Please just add your support questions here and I’ll get to them once I’m back.

Thanks, Ruven

hi! Great theme thanks! I was wondering if you could help me figure out why the quote post isn’t working. After I save / publish it just disappears and doesnt publish anything.

thanks! Christy

Hi, I don’t know why this would happen. Maybe the post was scheduled by accident to a date in the future?

If nothing helps, could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data and short summary of the problem within this email (for my record), so I can investigate it?

hi! Great theme thanks! I was wondering if you could help me figure out why the quote post isn’t working. After I save / publish it just disappears and doesnt publish anything.

thanks! Christy

(see previous comment)

Hi Ruven, I recently purchased the darkwhite theme. I’m having problems inserting the last column (i check box for last column). Looks to my that the shortcode generated is not right. Please see sample below:

[ruven_one_third on] Column 1/ruven_one_third Column 2/ruven_one_third Column 3[/ruven_one_third]

The shortcode for the last column should by different?...If so send me the shortcode to inserted ASAP.

Thanks again!


Hi Jorge, sorry for my late reply – I was on vacation. The “on” on the first shortcode tag shouldn’t be there. And the last one doesn’t look right too.

It should look like this:

[ruven_one_half]first [/ruven_one_half]

[ruven_one_half last] last [/ruven_one_half]

I get the same error on my test page, so I will update the RuvenToolkit plugin to fix the issue. Thanks for pointing that out!

When you have your blog displayed in “Default” there’s no link to comment until you click the post in the feed and go to that posts’ page. Is there a way to add a comment link to each post on the feed page?

Yes, please go to “Appearance > Customizer”. In the “Post Meta Formation” you can select “Comments” in the drop down menus.

Hi Ruven, I have problem with displaying my blog page. It worked a few days ago with the same settings as now but from one day to the other it decided to display a blank page. Besides that the source is blanco. Can you help me out with this?

Thanks in advance!

My website URL is:

Could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data and short summary of the problem within this email (for my record), so I can investigate it?

Thank you. I’ve send you an email with all the information.

Hi Ruven, I love your theme but I need help! How can I have the pictures of the articles visible on the home page (3 columns.) like here : In my case I just have the Title and the text. Please help me out :)


Yes, please go to “Appearance > Customizer”. In the “Blog” section you can select the alternative layout.

Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to increase the # of posts on the alternative blog layout for my homepage? I dont want a ton more – but perhaps to add about 6 posts?


Yes, you can change the number under “Settings > Reading”.

Like the theme, two questions though:

1. Does it work with the Disqus Comment System?

2. Is it possible to add place for GoogleAds or other ad systems?

Thanks so much for these answers,


1. If there is a plugin to integrate the Disqus Comment System then it should work. Darkwhite is, just like the WordPress default themes, completely build on WP standards and best practices.

2. Sure, there should be plenty of plugins out there for that :)

Thanks Ruven, I appreciate your quick response, I’m enjoying this theme.

Hi, i’ve buy darkwhite theme. Great theme and very essential. But i’ve a problem: In my blog: are installed jquery-lightbox-for-native-galleries (v.3.2.2) All images open from gallery are cropped in right and bottom position. (click on a thumb in this page for example: This problem exists only with your theme.

Can you help me to resolve it?

Hi, Are you speaking about the photos on the page or the photos you see after you click, that you see in the lightbox?

Thank you to answer to my question. I speak about the photos that you can see in the lightbox after have clicked on the thumbnails

The plugin seems to just calculate a few pixels too less for the width of the image (maybe because of the framed border?).

The only CSS that affects all images of the theme is in the style.css on line 976. Please try to change
img {
.content img {

Any estimated release date for an update compatible with WP 3.6.1?

Great theme, thank you!

Working on it right now. The theme seems fine in WP 3.6 though. There is only one problem I know of with the RuvenToolkit plugin, which is soon to be fixed.

Sorry, this will be my last question :)

Is there a way on the portfolio pages to set a featured image so there’s a cropped thumbnail for the portfolio page, but not have it appear in the actual gallery?

Yes, you can change the image settings in the file “Darkwhite/function.php” on line 69. The “content” image size is the size of the image when it’s displayed on a single page.

I love this theme, currently using it. I have a question, I need help changing the text styles, I would like something like the style here:

See the type in the article? Where would I change that?

You can either change it in the “style.css” or with a font plugin. I’d recommend to go through the style.css and change font-size and line-height.

I see you updated the theme. Could you maybe provide a change log?

I’ll link it in the item description. In 1.3 I just updated a few small things in regards to WP 3.6.


hi ruven, I’m having problems with editing pages. A few weeks ago it was all fine, but this week I want to change some text. When I choose [edit] I get a blanco page. How come? I’ve made some tests with the update, but that didn’t help. But when I publish a new page, it works well. And when I want to edit this new page, it also works fine. Very strange isn’t it. Can you help me with this? thank.

I just updated wordpress and it all works fine now.

Hi ruven!

Nice theme! Is it possible to filter blog posts by category like you do with portfolio items?

Thanks Julia

There is no dynamic animated filter available for the blog posts. The only way to filter these is to set a link in the menu, pointing to a category archive.