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Hi, for whatever reason if you view my portfolio page, the thumbnails are all off set from each other. I’ve played around a bit but I don’t know why it’s happening. Any ideas?

Hi Ruven,

I’m still having issues with this and I’ve tried all sorts of stuff with different browsers trying to resolve it.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue:

Maybe you could tell me if there’s a file that I could reupload to see if that works?

Thanks for your help!

I think I found the issue. You have a portfolio item without a featured image before the one that has the space on top. Please delete the empty one or assign a featured image to it and everything should work again :)

Hah. Wow that’s hilarious I would have never guessed that was the issue! I thought I must have messed something more serious up. I’m glad I haven’t! Thanks so much.

Greetings. I want to buy your theme. I am concerned about several issues. Is it possible in your topic interface translation, both for anonymous and for the administrator? In the demo connected to paid plug-ins that need to be purchased for the full functioning of the threads to achieve a similar look?

Hi, I’m not entirely sure that you mean with ‘topic interface translation’. There are plugins which let you translate themes through the WordPress admin interface. They should work just fine, but I also have instructions for translating the theme with the app “PoEdit”:

Also: the theme demo runs with two FREE plugins: Ruven Toolkit and Contact Form 7 :)

Hello, Until recently I was using the Ruven Toolkit shortcode to put a button in my sidebar using a text widget, and it has broken. The button shortcode still works in the content area of posts and pages, but I’d very much like to keep this button in the sidebar. Is there anything I can do?

Please insert the following code into the file “Darkwhite/functions.php” to get shortcodes working in a text widget:

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

Hi Ruven,

Is there anyway you would recommend to bring in previews of latest blog posts on a static homepage for this great theme?


Unfortunately the theme has no build-in functionality to do that. But I think there should be plugins out there that can accomplish that task.

Can your theme be easily transformed to a wider maximum grid?

Yes, on line 139 in the style.css, just increase the pixel number to whatever fits your need. After that I recommend to go once through the CSS and look at the @media queries and increase the number here too (everywhere you see the number 980).

Hi Ruven,

How do I remove “Leave a reply” form from pages.


Please read the documentation section about this here:

Hey there, Featured Parallax Articles with Darkwhite

I’m just wondering do have an idea how I could build articles in a fullscreen template in dark/white like this wonderful parallax scrolling, different fonts-using, video in background having articles like NYT snow fall, sharks and Minnows etc.

I think those are built with something quite bootstrap-like.

Do you have an idea how to accomplish articles like that with your theme? Are there plugins for special articles?

I’d bet there are plugins for this, but I don’t know a specific one. Google should help you out with this :)

Hi Ruven,

I just purchased your theme and am already loving it! Everything is working great, but I am trying to get the featured image in the portfolio-posts to a smaller size. I need the text to be 2/3 of the page, and the image only 1/3 & right now it’s the other way around…

Thanks, Julia

Sorry, nevermind. Found it, just forgot to close a bracket…

I’m almost ashamed to ask again, but this is something maybe others are trying to achieve, too. Is there a way to have multiple instances of the portfolio? Or, if that is not possible, to have different portfolio-type filters appear on load? thanks…

Hi Julia,

Unfortunately this is not possible. It might need some customization in order to work the way you want. You could make a request at Tweaky:

I don’t see any details about the updates made to the theme. Can you help me out?

After having looked at about 1000 themes, this is one of my favorite ones for one project of mine. That says a lot about your theme, which is tons better than most of what came after it here on TF. :)

There’s one thing (and really only one) that is stopping me from dishing out the (very little) money you’re asking for this:

In mobile view (I think, since I am just using browser resizing to check the fluid/mobile ‘reaction’), the sidebar just disappears and so does the search bar.

Am I a) dumb) or is it b) correct?

The rest of the theme is absolutely brilliant. I love the way it adapts and I love the way you obviously stuck to standards that allow one to tweak the theme effortlessly using plugins. Not many authors on here (a precious few) allow that (far too many bloated themes around here).

If you could at least drop the search box somewhere (if, see above, I’m not totally wrong) and maybe drop the sidebar elements down to (f.ex.) above the footer (not a must for me) you have at least one more sale.


P.S.: Obnoxious question (please ignore, if inappropriate). I have the feeling you stepped away from WP theme programming aside from supporting what you’ve put out there. Am I correct in assuming that? And: Don’t. ;)

P.S.S.: Greeting from the south-western wine area of Germany, btw. :)

Hi deus62,

1. Yes, the sidebar is not visible on smaller screens. If you have some CSS and HTML knowledge it shouldn’t be too hard to make the search form appear on smaller screens. It’s just fairly small customization. If you can’t do it yourself, Tweaky should be able to do the work for you:

2. There is a new theme in the making. But it might take until next year for it to come out because I have some other jobs too.

3. Viele Grüße aus Michigan! :)

That reply got you an extra $35 into your bank account (or whatever amount Envato leaves on your plate).

Installed it. Works like a charm, as expected. Thanks!

P.S.: Grüße aus der schönen Südpfalz.

Hey Ruven!

Your theme is great. It feels to me like it’s designed to put the focus on the content. Themes like these are timeless because they are designed but not overdesigned. Been working a couple of days now to get my website online. Got a couple of questions though:

1. Is there an easy way to remove the reply option from a page or all pages 2. Blog items have a list of tags which are displayed at the bottom of the post. Since most of my posts are related to portfolio items, is it possible to add a line that says “Portfolio: portfolio_item” in the same formatting as the tags line? 3. is it possible to put the arrows for clicking through a gallery in the upper right corner of the image? Going from portrait to landscape makes them jump up and down. 4. Using a gallery in my blog is giving some glitches. Maybe the theme isn’t compatible yet with the latest version of Wordpress? When I load the page all posts visually flare out from the first post in the upper-left corner and there are some weird greek symbols (?) in the bottom right corner of the featured image.

Thanks heaps! Ciao from Belgium. Janno

Hey Ruven.

No succes. The only thing that changed is that when I click on the post, the arrows to scroll through the gallery changed to squares. What is actually supposed to be in the right-bottom corner? Can I just turn it off so it doesn’t show anything?

BTW I tried again deactivating all the plugins I’m using but with no result.

Hi Janno,

In the Customizer please open the section “General Settings” and paste the following code into the “Custom CSS Code” field to deactivate the post format icons:

.blog .post-format-icon { display: none !important; }

Hi Ruven, couple of questions on your theme 1. Is it possible to adjust the portfolio single pages to have the image(s) full width with the text beneath rather than as a right side bar? 2. How would I go about adding my own social icons to the footer as well as the post meta information?

Perfect, got it working. Thanks so much for all the help!

If you are satisfied with my support, please consider rating the theme under “My Account / Downloads” :)

Rated, thanks!

Video-Preview on Startpage & Searchfield in Menu

Hey Ruven!

How can I display the Preview of a YouTube-Video embedded into a Video-Posttype on the Startpage? For example for the Posting “Fuchsjagd mit Flachköpper in Tiefschnee” on

How can I integrate the Search-Field into the Menu or the Footer?

Thanks in advance and fot the best wordpress-theme out there! :)


1. To display a video right in the blog (masonry layout) you have to replace line 17 in the file “template-blog-alternative.php” with this code:

if(in_array(get_post_format(), array('quote', 'link', 'aside', 'image', 'video'))) {

2. To display a search field in the footer, replace line 8 in the file “footer.php” with this code:

<?php get_search_form(); ?>

Hey Ruven,

First off I love this theme, its incredible. There is just something I don’t want on my personal portfolio

I’m not really CSS savvy unfortunately. I was looking to remove the portfolio type name and description as well as the black line from under it. That’s it for now! It should be an easy fix I would think. Thanks.


In the Customizer please open the section “General Settings” and paste the following code into the “Custom CSS Code” field to remove the black line:

This code removes the line from the whole website:
#site-footer { border-top: none; } 
This code removes the line only from the portfolio page:
.template-portfolio-php #site-footer { border-top: none; } 


Is there a simple way of switching “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” at the bottom of the page so “Newer Posts” is on the left side and “Older Posts” is on the right side?

I’m using the child theme.

Reason: It’s a pet peeve of mine. Newer stuff should be up front, not towards the back. :)

Hi Deus!

In the file “functions.php” on line 673 and 677 you will find the functions for prev and next page and you can switch them around or rename it as you like :)

Before you do that, just copy the whole function “rvn_put_content_nav()” into the functions.php of your child theme.

Thanks for the quick reply! Shall do. :)


How can I hide a featured image on a blog post ? I would like it to appear on the homepage but not on the post. Thank you.

Hi, In the Customizer please open the section “General Settings” and paste the following code into the “Custom CSS Code” field:

.single-format-standard .entry-featured-media { display: none; }

One last question, I think. ;)

But, first things first, also for potential customers. This theme is a joy to work with. Easy to set up, easy to customize and, most importantly, it played nice with everything I threw at it because it is a) coded well and b) isn’t bloated like so many other (mostly horrible) elephantine themes available nowadays. One more big plus: I ran Darkwhite through some nifty speed and efficiency wranglers and the resulting color was a satisfying bright to somewhat bright green. Everything else I have, no matter how popular and hyped, usually gets a urine-colored yellow or bright flashing red. :D

Now, my question: The only thing I’m not happy with, and this might be my bad, is the search function. I love the way the results are presented (pages/posts), but (and bear with me because I’m not the programming type … that’s why I buy stuff), if I understand correctly, the search only searches for results in the post title, right?

I have a site focused on music-related stuff mostly and, for example, searching for “music” barfs up a load of posts on my old theme … and one single one with the word “music” in it on Darkwhite. That’s like going to McDonalds and only finding one Asian noodle cup.

Not good, especially because I had planned on integrating “Relevansi” (better WP search). So, did I manage to screw things up or is what I described above correct?

If yes, how can I get a better search functionality back (and, if possible, keep your search results layout)?

Greetings from a (presently) cold, grey and boring south-western Germany.

Exactly, by default WordPress searches title and content. I didn’t change that behavior.

So, you say in your installation only titles are being searched? Then something isn’t right and maybe a plugin is interfering or something like that.

Ah, OK.

Thanks for the answer.

That must be a problem with my install then.

Strange. I’ll investigate.

Thank you for your patience!

Yes, that’s it. I disabled three additional plugins I’ve had activated and … drum roll … CRASH!

Works again.

I’ll investigate further.

Again, thanks for your help!

Hi! I am really happy with the theme. You can see it here: but when trying to introduce the adsense code, the template does not show any ad. Is there any problem with this? Thank you!

There shouldn’t be any problem placing ads in the theme. Do you maybe have an ad blocker installed that prevents you from seeing ads?

Is the update history available somewhere? Have you added support for self hosted video embed?

I added the Changelog to the item description. The theme supports self hosted videos and embed videos.


I’m having issues finding the Ruven Toolkit shortcode for inserting a sliding gallery/portfolio item into a page. Please, advise.


Hi, unfortunately there is no such shortcode. Currently the only way to make a slider gallery is to create a new post and set the post format to “Gallery”. Then you can insert a gallery.

However, I really like the idea to have such a shortcode, so watch out for the next updates on Ruven Toolkit and it might be included ;)