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hi! this blog which theme use? Dashblog?

Hi, it’s been a while since I used your template. I’ve noticed a few problems about the loading time and I was hoping you could have an answer for me. It seems like the photos for the sliders always take longer to appear so viewers see the expert first but the photos area are just blank. Is there way I can speed up the loading time for slider photos? If I change it to this slider layout would it help? ( http://exclusive.dashblog.hercules-design.com/ )

I also notice the current IG layout slows down the page load. I had to install another IG plugin which loads faster but it doesn't look as nice as yours.


Hi. ok so please send a message through our profile Contact form available here: http://themeforest.net/user/Hercules_Design and attach login details to wp-admin panel.

Hello, I resent my message to the contact form with my log in details but I haven’t heard back from you yet. Not sure if you missed my message, please kindly let me know if you were able to fix the problems I had with my site. Thanks.

Hi, I responded to your message on February 28. Here is the message:

Hi Ellie,

I had a lot of work and I apologize for the delay.

Despite the fact that your support time expired ;) I update the theme, so the search feature works as it should. I also updated WordPress, every plugin and configured htaccess file, Autoptimize and WP Super Cache plugin.

If you wish to really speed up your site, go to your hosting admin panel and change the php version to 7.0 because now your server runs on php 5.6 which is outdated and slow.

Kind Regards | Chris

Excellent theme, I am extremely happy with the outcome.

Quick question: I’ve selected to display the sidebar on the right, in the main page it works correctly but when I open a post the sidebar displays under the post content and not in the right side. I’ve found that I may need to change something in the index.php but not sure… any clue? It happens with IE, Edge and Safari.


Hi, So there must be an error in the post code or in some widget. For instance custom code in the text type widget like ads. Please create a ticket at https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com/ with the URL to your site .

I am trying to install your theme to my website and I keep getting the following error message “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” How do I resolve this?

Hi, the following article should help you https://www.rosehosting.com/blog/fix-the-uploaded-file-exceeds-the-upload_max_filesize-directive-in-php-ini-in-wordpress/ but if you are not familiar with such things, please create a private ticket here: https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com/ and attach login details to wp-admin panel. You can also share data to log in to your server. I’ll configure everything properly and if you want I can install the theme for you as well.

Kind regards CJ

Thank you CJ! I created a private ticket because I am unfamiliar with php-ini, etc. Thank you for responding so quickly :)

I just responded to your ticket :)


Love the theme but I am having issues with the newsletter option. The logo is shifted to the left and not center it also is not showing a box for readers to put their emails in. Can you assist?

Hi, I answered your ticket.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know, that instagram does not work with the theme anymore! There is this error: “Instagram did not return a 200.”

Hi, two days ago we fixed Instagram widget. Please update the theme. Then go to Appearance -> Widgets, remove Hercules – Instagram widget and add it again. That’s it.

How can I update the theme? Thank you so much for helping! Love the whole theme

Hi, Just download the latest version from themeforest.net account, install this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-theme-and-plugin-upgrades/ and then normally install the new version of the theme without deactivating the previous version.


I still have problems with the display of my instagram (public) account on my site. Although I followed your following instructions:

in Appearance -> Widgets, remove the Hercules – Instagram widget and add it again. That’s all.

What can I do ? And my theme is up to date.

Here is the url of my website: www.mademoiselleergo.com

Hi, right but before that you should update the theme to the latest 1.6 version ;) Now you are using 1.5 version. Just download the latest version from themeforest.net account, install this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-theme-and-plugin-upgrades/ and then normally install the new version of the theme without deactivating the previous version. Then re-save Hercules – Instagram widget .

Hi, I purchased this theme in December 2016 and it’s awesome. Still, the side panel button doesn’t work, when it’s pressed doesn’t do anything, not even on mobile. And that’s been happening months ago. It would mean a lot, some help. Thank you!

Hi, probably there is some jquery error. Deactivate all additional plugins and remove your custom js codes. Check browser console for errors. If that’s not it send me email at support@hercules-design.com with login details to wp-admin panel. Kind regards C

Hello, which demo theme has the parralax image header pages?

Hi, Every demo has this option. Add or edit some page, set the featured image and under the “Page Attributes” section, from the “Template” drop down menu select “Fullwidth Page Wide Parallax Photo” option.

KInd regards Chris

Hi! is it wpml and thirstyaffiliates compatible? Thanks!


our themes are compatible with WPML, but to tell the truth, we’ve never tested them with thirstyaffiliates.

Kind regards Chris

Hello, I am trying to change the h2 and hyperlink styles in the posts. How do I make the h2 font smaller inside posts and change the color for hyperlinks?

Hi, All headings you can edit here: Appearance -> Theme Options -> General settings -> H1 – H2 Heading

If you are using the standard blog layout, post titles font edit here: Appearance -> Theme Options -> Blog – > H2 Post heading

Here Appearance -> Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Links color, change the colors of the links globally.

Thank you! One more question – How can I limit the number of blog posts on the homepage?

All you need to do is go to Settings » Reading and change the “Blog pages show at most” value. :)

Hi there! I have a few questions: 1) On my home page, there are double of every blog post photo. Do you know why that is or how I can fix it so there is only one? 2) On the mobile menu, how can I change the copyright text? 3) Is there a way to choose which social icons appear on the top of the home screen on the top bar? Thanks!!

Sorry, I actually figured out number 1! Also, how do I change the background photo of the box that appears when you click subscribe?

Hi and sorry for the delay but please use our ticket system https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com/ :)

2. You can change it here: Appearance -> Widgets -> Side panel

3. Of course. Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets -> Top 1 or Top 2 widget area, open Hercules – Social Networks widget and just clear the URL field of the appropriate icon you want to delete.

Subscribe. Edit it here: Appearance -> Theme Opttions -> Newsletter -> Newsletter background image

Kind regards Chris

I also do not have my instagram horizontal. Instagram is already in the widget area and in the header styling i set the option to yes but still it´s vertical. What can I do?

Hmm in this theme there is no horizontal or vertical instagram option. You just need to go to Appearance -> Widgets, drag the Hercules – Instagram widget to the Instagram widget area and in addition to display Instagram at the very top of the site horizontally, go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Header styling -> Top instagram and select Yes option. That’s it.

Hi, I updated your latest theme but somehow I’m still getting “instagram has returned invalid data” message no matter how many times I removed and re-added the widget. Please help~

Also you helped me before with the images HTTP errors problems and somehow I’m getting the errors again. I was advised to remove some of the plug-ins (I now have 22 widgets on my WP which slows down my site significantly), would you please tell me some are the ones you installed can possibly be removed without encountering troubles for me and the readers? Thanks.

Hi, you should renew your support ;) time but please send me login details to wp-admin panel at support@hercules-design.com and I’ll take a look at it. Kind regards C

I just purchased this theme without realizing I have to have the business plan on WordPress to upload it. I do not want to upgrade to the business plan, is there any way I can get a refund?


I understand everything, but you know that everyone can ask for a refund and have a theme for free because it’s impossible to return the downloaded items. Here is the link to the Envato refund rules: https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy

Here you can request a refund: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

Kind regards Chris

The same issue with insta as guy above: Instagram did not return a 200.

Or Unable to connect to Instagram.

I did: Update theme, Recreate widgets. Reinstall theme and plugins. Nothing works.

I need to look at this, so please send me login details to wp-admin panel at support@hercules-design.com

Ok, sent from email bestsales6@gmail.com

I answered your email. I also need a URL address.

Hello, I just updated on Wordpress 5.0 and I got a few issues now. I wanted to ask if you are planning to publish a new version of the theme? Thank you!

Hi, What issues did you notice? Kind regards Chris

Hello Chris,

sorry for answering late. At the moment my whole backend is working super slow and it often doesn’t save any changes. I need to reload the pages, like for e.g. the page für comments etc.

Best, Alexandra

Hi, the reasons for this could be many. Please create a ticket at https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com/ Kind regards Chris