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DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme

DateBook - Dating WordPress Theme

DateBook is the ideal theme for most dating website startups. This dating agency theme is fully customisable, easy to use and SEO friendly. It comes pre-packaged with ready to use Profile fields.

The DateBook platform allows members to create personal profiles that highlight and represent the things about themselves that they wish for others to see within the website.

This theme allows you to get revenue by setting several paid subscriptions.

Get payments by the integrated DateBook Subscription or WooCommerce Subscription extension via PayPal or Paystack gateways

Key Features:

  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Paid Subscriptions via DateBook Subscription or WooCommerce Subscription
  • Accept payments via PayPal or Paystack gateways
  • Private Chat Messaging
  • Online Status Display
  • Top and Featured statuses for Profiles
  • Different Genders and Sexual orientations for Profiles
  • Review and Rating
  • Commenting on Profiles
  • Favorites List
  • Black List
  • Classifieds
  • Tours
  • Custom fields in Profiles
  • Watermarks on Profile images
  • Users can diactivate or delete their profiles
  • Check a real city and country of user by IP
  • Google reCaptcha on Login and Registration pages
  • Widget Ready
  • Retina Ready
  • Multilingual
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy Install
  • 100% Open Source Code

Optimized for Mobile Devices

DateBook theme is fully responsive and looks stunning on any device.

100% Responsive

Responsive design is a must have for any serious online business. It provides your visitors with a better viewing experience and better for your search engine rankings too!

Retina Ready

All images are Retina Ready. It means that images will be shown in high quality in Retina display devices

Online Status Indicator

Website visitors can easily see which users are online and which are not with built in online status indicator.

Private Chat messaging

This theme comes with a built in private messaging for your members to chat in real time.

Top and Featured statuses

Members can enhance their Profiles with new features such as Featured or Top Ad profile. Each enhancement you can charge extra $$$ for making it a great revenue resource.

Photos Uploads

Our Dating Theme allows your members to upload their photos with ease. The upload process is clean and simple making it easy for users to add Profiles.


  • Featured profile
  • Related profile by city
  • Related profile by country
  • Classifieds
  • Tours
  • Register / Login
  • Comments
  • Latest profiles
  • Latest posts
  • Categories

Too many options to list them all here

Actually, the theme has many options to fine tune the whole website. Check them all on our demo website by click the link below.

Access to Demo Administration panel

Demo Admin


This theme uses assets free for personal and commercial use.


Images and Icons


Version 3.8 (06 August 2019):

- Changed: Gateways function was rewritten and fixed. Attention: please, resave your gateways data! 
- Improved: Favourite button improved. 
- Added: Like button added. 
- Added: Friends system added. 
- Added: 1 style added for Hide profile details on the search page. 
- Added: Read more button added to tour content on Tours page. 
- Added: Notification about new message sent by email to a user. 
- Fixed: Profile was wrongly suspended after validating email. 
- Fixed: age, sexual orientation, location appeared even after disabling. 
- Fixed: limit of simultaneous chats did not work properly. 
- Fixed: cron system did not work. 
- Removed: 1 old masonry style for blog removed due to impracticality. 
- Updated: WooCommerce templates are updated in the theme folder. 

Version 3.7 (12 July 2019):

- Added: 2 styles added to Classifieds widget. 
- Added: control added in Theme Option. Titles and icons in user menu in the header can be hidden. 
- Added: phone and website added to profile. 
- Added: bank button added on subscription page. 
- Added: changing of profile name can be prohibited by administrator. 
- Added: Images can be prohibited from deleting. 
- Added: Featured profiles design can be controled. 
- Added: Review with Rating system added. 
- Added: TinyMCE text editor added to Welcome text in theme options. 
- Improved: design of profiles on search page improved. 
- Improved: quantity of normal profiles on front page increased and recoded. 
- Improved: design elements. 
- Fixed: Bootstrap menu dropdown did not open. 
- Fixed: search online indicator wrongly controled by theme options. 
- Fixed: profile content (age, orientation) broke design on search page. 
- Fixed: searching for profiles was fixed. 
- Fixed: Featured and Top statuses could not be canceled by admin. 
- Fixed: some small bugs. 

Version 3.6 (14 June 2019):

- Added: user email can be disabled or validated by admin. 
- Improved: checking for activated gateways moved out into one function. 
- Improved: design of normal profiles mozaic shown on front page. 
- Added: Detection of user location by IP. 
- Added: Google Fonts support added. 
- Updated: MB Boostrap framework updated up to version 4.8.1. 
- Removed: Body font size in style.css of theme folder removed. 
- Fixed: Lightbox displayed even if there were no image in profile. 
- Added: Subjects added to classifieds. 
- Moved: some style elements moved from CSS files to Theme Options. 
- Added; style control for panels added to Theme Options. 
- Added; style control for profiles on search page added to Theme Options. 
- Improved: design and styling in many parts of the theme improved. 
- Added: more shortcodes added. 
- Added: support for Brizy Page Builder added. 
- Fixed: profile ID and link was wrongly set on Classifieds page. 
- Fixed: email validation and subscription wrongly validated profile. 
- Fixed: email verification bug fixed. 
- Fixed: cron did not delete profile correctly. 
- Fixed: while administrator deleted a profile a user could not be deleted. 
- Fixed: profile delete function by admin did not work. 
- Fixed: Lightbox on Single profile displayed red icon for non-existing image. 
- Fixed: cookies panel styling fixed. 
- Fixed: some bugs and issues fixes. 

Version 3.5 (27 April 2019):

- Added: check allow_url_fopen and curl for reCaptcha added. 
- Removed: notification email removed when payment made via Paystack. 
- Fixed: javascript bug with country field on the registration page. 
- Fixed: Paystack mysql table could not be created because of wrong column order. 
- Added: Shortcodes added for some functions. 

Version 3.4 (29 March 2019):

- Fixed: Activate for free button appeared for users (instead of administrator) on checkout page. 
- Fixed: administrator can change a subscription plan selected by a member. 
- Fixed: Widget Blog Categories had an error. 
- Fixed: error in ajax request for new messages returned no response. 
- Added: Paystack payment gateway added. 
- Added: Gateways panel displaying available gateways added to Administration panel. 
- Fixed: some bug fixes and improvements in the Subscription system. 
- Added: 2 theme templates added (one empty with header and one without header). 

Version 3.3 (2 March 2019):

- Addd: Google reCaptcha added to the login and registration forms. 
- Added: Notification system added. 
- Added: Cookies notification added. 
- Fixed: not subscribed users could write messages to other users. 
- Added: administrator can assign a subscription plan to a user without payment. 
- Changed: if user activates Top status the modified date of profile gets updated. 
- Changed: search page now displays profiles by modified date (not submitted). 

Version 3.2 (19 February 2019):

- Fixed: Error message if memebrs and payments tables do not exist. 
- Fixed: photos could not be uploaded on secure servers https. 
- Changed: plus sign in featured line is now hidden if a profile is already featured. 
- Fixed: ajax requests in messages popup window fixed and updated. 
- Added: number of new messages updated in user panel and sidebar. 
- Fixed: search query fixed that prevented loading page in some browsers. 
- Fixed: not all PayPal variables were sent to PayPal gateway. 

Version 3.1 (6 February 2019):

- Fixed: Pagination on the search page did not add queries to links. 
- Fixed: temporary subscription plans on profile page were not saved. 
- Fixed: selected subscription plan wronly showed period. 
- Added: price and period are displayed after selecting a subscription plan on subscription page. 
- Added: in WooCommerce panel after approving a subscription plan a member activated too. 
- Added: number of found profiles can be displayed on the search page. 
- Added: in Theme Options control added to allow user to switch to a different plan. 
- Fixed: age range on the search form wrongly displayed min/max ages after searching. 
- Added: blueimp Gallery - javascript pop-up window lightbox. 
- Updated: ionRangeSlider.js updated up to version 2.3.0. 
- Updated: Lightbox 2 up to version 2.10.0
- Updated: Pikaday datepicker updated. 
- Fixed: watermark position fixed. 

Version 3.0 (26 January 2019):

- Translated: Date Picker on Add tour page was translated. 
- Fixed: big while sending a message on Contact Us page. 
- Moved: image dimensions moved from datebook.php to datebook-variables.php. 
- Added: image dimensions can be controlled in Theme Options. 
- Fixed: bug with counting custom profile fields. 
- Fixed: bug with counting comments in widget. 
- Fixed: widget profiles by city displayed wrong city. 
- Fixed: age in search form displays default number after submitting. 
- Fixed: registration page displayed subscription plans, whilst it should not. 
- Added: WooCommerce Subscription extension added. Subscription plan can be paid via WooCommerce. 
- Fixed: Subscription fixed and improved. Now it correctly redirects to and get response from PayPal. 
- Improved: some improvements and bug fixes. 

Version 2.9 (3 December 2018):

- Fixed: bug with online status check on the messages and who viewed me pages. 
- Fixed: deleted profiles were incorrectly displayed on the messages page. 
- Added: administrator can write messages in chat window on behalf of users. 
- Improved: improved the image upload form on the profile photos page. 
- Fixed: watermark image was not applied if php configuration was set allow_url_fopen=0. 
- Removed: jquery.form.min.js has been deleted because it is loaded from the core WordPress folder. 
- Improved: design of messages popup window for mobile devices. 
- Changed: comment widget now displays an image and name of commenter. 
- CSS: some css style fixes and improvements. 
- Improved: some small improvements and bug fixes. 

Version 2.8 (15 November 2018):

- Fixed: bug with checkboxes in custom fields. 
- Fixed: bug with number of characters in profile fields. 
- Fixed: theme options (design and style) tabs did not open properly. 
- Changed: style of theme options panel. 
- Changed: style of fields in search form. 
- Fixed: wrong ID in favourites on single profile page. 
- Improved: description toggler on profile page. 
- Improved: top position panel under search form. 
- Improved: search form and functions. 
- Added: Name, ID and username fields added to search form. 
- Fixed: age rage in search form moved to inline script. 
- Added: chat window size control added to Theme Design and Style. 
- Fixed: login timeout cookie was set. 
- Fixed: online status was not switched off after logging out. 

Version 2.7 (4 November 2018):

- Fixed: bug while deleting a comment on profile page. 
- Fixed: bug on classified ad page. 
- Improved: functions of administration panel on Profile page. 
- Fixed: Subscription page url was set incorrectly. 
- Added: enable/disable opening messages and profiles in a new window/tab. 

Version 2.6 (1 November 2018):

- Fixed: bug with email check on registration page. 
- Fixed: bug with Custom Field checkboxes on Profile Edit page. 
- Changed: latest Font Awesome can be forced loaded from the theme folder. 
- Fixed: bug with image upload button and function on profile photos upload form. 
- Fixed: small bugs

Version 2.5 (19 October 2018):

- Changed: Countries popup window now opens as Bootstrap modal window. 
- Updated: Ion.RangeSlider javascript updated to 2.2.0. 
- Updated: updated up to Bootstrap 4.1.3. 
- Updated: updated up to MDB framework 4.5.12.  
- Fixed: country popup window did not open on registration page. 
- Fixed: CSS style was missing in horizontal user menu under the header. 
- Fixed: error "self" in administration panel. 
- Fixed: some bugs and improvements. 

Version 2.4 (17 October 2018):

- Fixed: Subscription received PayPal requests incorrectly. 
- Fixed: Search/Register - the minimum and maximum age can be set to any number. 
- Replaced: waterfall.min.js replaced by bootstrap4.masonry.min.js (in theme folder)

Version 2.3 (5 October 2018):

- Fixed: Multi checkboxes were not saved in Theme Options. 
- Fixed: subscribed users were not allowed to search for profiles. 
- Fixed: custom design and style fixed. 
- Moved: IPN.php file renamed and moved from "Payments" folder to the "Includes" folder. 
- Added: MDB framework added (Material Design for Bootstrap 4)
- Upgraded: upgraded to Bootstrap 4.1
- Upgraded: upgraded to Font Awesome 5.3
- Added: Members section added in Theme Options
- Added: Payments section added in Theme Options
- Improved: Subscription functions fixed and improved
- Fixed: some small bugs and improvements

Version 2.2 (7 June 2018):

- Added: amount of days to display visitors on Who Viewed Me page. 
- Added: username min and max charachters control added in Theme Options. 
- Added: Watermark added to profile images. 
- Fixed: username is checked for existence on the Registration page via ajax. 
- Added: cursor focused on the text area in the chat window. 
- Added: number of days to send notification of the expiration of the Top and Featured. 
- Added: users can now deactivate their profiles. 
- Added: users can now delete their profiles. 
- Added: profile name can be filtered and limited to characters. 
- Added: username filtered by letters and numbers only. 
- Fixed: Favicon added by default from the folder .../assets/images/
- Fixed: some bugs and improvements. 

Version 2.1.1 (27 May 2018):

- Fixed: Blog page look was broken. 
- Fixed: WaterFall javascript conflict with CSS on a post page. 

Version 2.1 (27 May 2018):

- Added: Subscription plans has been added. 
- Moved: Top and Featured options have been moved to Subscription plans. 
- Added: min and max registration age can be set in the theme options. 
- Added: Online indicator can be controled on Search and Profile pages. 
- Added: All deleted pages can be recreated again in Theme Installer. 
- Changed: Blog look imporoved. 
- Fixed: Error occurred while Profile suspended by Administrator on frontend. 
- Fixed: Filter preventing Password Change Notification email did not work correctly. 
- Fixed: Registration is now possible without fields: date of birth, gender, city, country, sexual oriention. 
- Fixed: Logo can be uploaded in Theme Options as well as in WordPress Customizer. 
- Fixed: author html template in theme folder fixed. 
- Fixed: min age in registration form is now checked. 
- Fixed: filled custom profiles did not show on Profile page. 
- Moved: hook removing PREV and NEXT links moved from theme to plugin. 
- Added: minimum dimensions of image allowed to uploaded. 
- Fixed: columns and row alignment displayed broken on Search page. 
- Fixed: Administrator could not delete a user directly from Single page. 
- Removed: widget Upgrade was removed due to unnecessity. 
- Removed: price for placing a tour is temporarily removed. 
- Fixed: some small bug fixes and improvements. 

Version 2.0.1 (15 February 2018):

- Fixed: Login page did not allow new registered members to login. 
- Fixed: UTF8 encoding support added to Chat, Countries, Private messages, Sessions. 

Version 2.0 (30 January 2018):

- Fixed: New messages were set as read when administrator read them on behalf of user. 
- Changed: time in chat window now displays hours and minutes of sent message. 
- Changed: sessions removed from chat. Chat sessions are saved by user id. 
- Fixed: text field in profile (frontend) rendered wrongly. 
- Added: Checking for expiration of Top, Featured and VIP statuses. 
- Added: default WordPress password change notification can be stopped. 
- Moved: all DateBook pages (Home, Profile, Classifieds and etc) moved from theme to plugin folder. 
- Moved: Background image in the header moved from theme to plugin folder. 
- Added: Full width page without sidebar (page-full-width.php). 
- Removed: header-message.php and footer-message.php files removed in theme folder. 
- Added: Search form on front page can be placed on left or right side. 
- Added: Sidebar position for each page/post can be controled on Edit page/post. 
- Fixed: Permalink slugs for Profile, Classified, and Tour can be custom. 
- Added: Character limit added to Custom profiles fields. 
- Added: Design and Style control added to theme options (datebook-custom-style.css added). 
- Added: Character limit added in custom fields. 
- Fixed: in some cases Online indicator did not appear when user was online. 
- Fixed: Classifieds and Tours permalink structure. 
- Fixed: Pagination for Classifieds and Tours pages did not work correctly. 
- Fixed: New message notification was recieved even if Sender was on Blacklist. 
- Fixed: Some phrases left untranslated. 
- Updated: datebook.pot files updated. 

Version 1.9 (11 December 2017):

- Changed: now the theme can run as One country. 
- Changed: now cities can belong to directly a country (without regions): Country -> Region (optional) -> City. 
- Fixed: Theme Options tabs were hidden because of javascript conflict with third-party plugins. 
- Fixed: Footer copyright text did not display. 
- Fixed: About me section was displayed even if it was switched off. 
- Deleted: sidebar-edit.php file is deleted. Edit sidebar is integrated directly in Profile pages. 
- Rewritten: Based on payment period a single or plural period title is generated: 1 month, 2 months. 
- Fixed: Now only city is required in Register and Tour form. Based on city the theme detects country. 
- Fixed: Unpaid tours were displayed even if price for tour was set. 
- Moved: Pagination part in blog moved to template folder in the Theme. 
- Added: different Price formats added: $2 000; $2 000.00; $2,000; $2,000.000; $2.000.00 and so on. 
- Translation: Months, weekdays and some words do not have translation. 
- Fixed: small bugs and improvements. 

Version 1.8.1 (30 November 2017):

- Fixed: Cookies function prevented user to login. 
- Fixed: Function Hide the WordPress Admin Login Page did not allow to enter WordPress Admin Dashboard. 

Version 1.8 (30 November 2017):

- Fixed: in Profile messages, list of contacts showed wrongly for administrator. 
- Fixed: title in widget-login-register.php and widget-featured-profile.php files defined incorrectly. 
- Changed: the badge in Profile messages page changed its style from badge to badge-default. 
- Fixed: tabs in Theme Options were hidden because of javascript conflict with other plugins js. 
- Fixed: Logout function did not logout. 
- Added: Latest Profiles widget added. 
- Added: Latest Profiles (Images only) widget added. 
- Returned: post meta "profile_photo_id" was previously removed but now it has been returned. 
- Changed: Chat window now has become one common for all chats and opens as Popup window (not full size). 
- Changed: messages in Chat can be sent by pressing Enter on keyboard. 
- Changed: name in Registration form is now mondatory. 
- Changed: Countries popup window in Search and Registration forms now opens in center of screen and responsive in mobile devices. 
- Added: list of all currencies added. 
- Fixed: during registration, the date of birth and gender were not remembered if the registration failed. 
- Added: different Price formats added. Variants: $200, $200 USD, $200 dollars, 200 dollars, USD $200 and etc. 
- Fixed: in Theme Options, after deleting country all relating regions and cities were left. 
- Fixed: Add country/region/city form devided and fixed in Admin panel. 
- Removed: telephone and email fields have been completely removed from Classifieds. 
- Changed: if user did not fill in any custom fields then the notification with an "Document edit" icon is shown. 
- Added: elements on profile on Search page can be hidden. 
- Added: Responsivness on Search page can be set for different mobile devices. 
- Fixed: filter wp_title did not worked correctly.
- Removed: Phone removed from Tours. 
- Fixed: The function replacing words in places "Was here xx minutes ago" worked incorrectly. 
- Optimized: function retrieving cities in Profile, Search, Tours is optimized. 

Version 1.7 (15 November 2017):

- Fixed: Profile Edit page did not save a user entered data because of Travel field (in class-datebook-profile-edit.php file). 
- Added: All world currencies added to the list in Theme Options (Admin Dashboard). 
- Fixed: All tabs in the Theme Options were hidden. 
- Fixed: Login form could be accessed even after user logged in. 
- Fixed: If Search form is not ready for use then it shows notification (if genders and countries are not set yet). 
- Fixed: if profiles pages (my edit, my messages, my settings, my favourites and etc) are not ready for use then they redirect user to home page. 
- Fixed: Registration/My settings page was access even if it is not ready for use. 
- CSS: The submenu of the Primary menu (top right) looked broken. 

Version 1.6 (08 November 2017):

- Changed: Online time function was improved/changed for specific languages. 
- New: Profile Custom form added to Profile Edit page. 
- New: Custom Fields form added. Now administrator can create any quantity of different fields. 
- Added: 244 countries and 22 951 cities are added. 
- Removed: WordPress custom taxonomy (Location) removed completely. 
- Moved: Countries and cities are moved to custom database table (MySQL). 
- Changed: Almost all data of profile are now saved as one query in database. 
- Added: List of genders and sexual orientations added. 
- Added: Translation added to some fields in Theme Options (Welcome text, Company details). 
- Added: Member must register with Email or/and Username control added. 
- Added: Quantity of registered members in header menu can be hidden. 
- Added: Default image on Single profile page can be shown on the left or right side. 
- Added: Quantity of columns on Profiles Search page can be set to 2 or 3 columns. 
- Added: Statistics and additional info at the bottom of Profile now can be hidden. 
- Added: Title added to input for Date of Birth and Gender on registration form. 
- Added: Profile info on Search page can be hidden and shown with mouse over. 
- Added: Archive page (archive.php) added to the theme folder. 
- Moved: Messages label in header menu moved to left. 
- Changed: Member can login with Email or/and Username control added. 
- Changed: Forever and 2 years periods removed in Subscription plans. Periods 2-6 days added. 
- CSS: Badges Top, New etc on Search page more clasped to edge and changed border-radius to zero. 
- Redesign: Theme Options panel a little redesigned. 
- Redesign: Profile Edit page was a little re-designed. 
- Moved: Theme Installer moved from Appearance menu to DateBook Options submenu. 
- Updated: Documentation to the theme updated. 
- Fixed: After adding a tour the form showed empty fields. Now redirect to tours page.
- Fixed: Other image dimensions except jpg did not upload. 
- Fixed: Children images did not show on profile page at first load. 
- Fixed: Date of Birth and Gender did not update even if it was allowed to edit. 
- Fixed: Username required info even if it existed in database. 
- Fixed: Submitted profiles without required data were accidentally shown on the website. 
- Fixed: small bugs

Version 1.5 (11 October 2017):

- CSS: break-word rule added to CSS to prevent long words
- Fixed: bugs in contact form (plugin/datebook/templates/profile-contact-form.php) 
- Fixed: wrong condition set in the function datebook_check_online_status() 
- Moved: all variables moved to a new file /definitions/datebook-variables.php 
- Fixed: cities parsing error in the Search form occurred 
- Added: Show with images option added to Featured, Top and Normal profile on front page 
- Changes: The number of profiles to display on the first page is now a fixed amount

Version 1.4 (06 October 2017):

- Added: Sidebar can be shown on the left or right side 
- Moved: some filters moved from theme_function.php to theme_actions_and_filters.php file 
- Fixed: Url of the Write a message button on Profile generated wrong ID 
- Removed: unused shortcodes have been removed 
- Added: Idle time of user inactivity control added to Admin Dashboard 
- Added: action hook added to help Administrator detect the user ID of Profile 
- Added: language locale added to menus. Now menus are multilingual 
- Fixed: payment option on profile upgrade and tour pages showed incorrectly 
- Fixed: some words (variables) did not translate when switching to another language 
- Updated: language files in plugin and theme folders updated 
- Fixed: some small bugs 

Version 1.3 (28 September 2017):

- CSS fixed: Featured profiles did not show image background
- Improved: Profile Image upload function
- Improved: Real Status image upload function
- Changed: Image upload function moved to DateBook Utilities class
- Added: Online idle time control added to Admin dashboard 
- Added: the NEW label control added to Admin dashboard
- Added: restrict to administrator area control added to Admin dashboard 
- Fixed: Reset password email and link generated wrong 
- Added: Some parts of the theme are now controlled whether to show to only logged in users
- Added: Now every uploaded image has post meta "photo_type" 
- Redesign: Administrator Dashboard redesigned and moved above profile
- Added: Favicon control added to Wordpress customizer

Version 1.2.1 (22 September 2017):

- Fixed: translation function did not detect cookies
- Fixed: date of birth field errors in Registration page

Version 1.2 (21 September 2017):

- Optimized: image upload function 
- Optimized: default profile image retrive function 
- Added: Max allowed amount of images control added to Admin panel 
- Added: Allowed max. image size control added to Admin panel 
- Added: Allowed image extensions control added to Admin panel 
- Added: Max. image dimensions control added to Admin panel 
- Fixed: thumbnails showed blank images in Media Gallery after upload in Profile 
- Fixed: Pagination on Profiles Search page showed wrong amount of pages
- Added: image notification popups on My Photos page

Version 1.1 (17 September 2017):

- Added: Single Tour sidebar added
- Added: Single Classified sidebar added
- Fixed: Classified ad submition time showed incorrectly
- Improved: preferred age period on Profile page now unites two closest age periods
- Added: title in the New label on the Search page
- Improved: some html elements moved out from js file to Search form file.
- Improved: default profile image retrieve function
- Fixed: image delete function did not delete all images.
- Fixed: after deleting default profile image a new one was not set by default.
- Fixed: some profile images uploaded to wrong folder
- Improved: image upload function

Version 1.0 (11 September 2017):

Initial release