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i purchased your template and i have a problem to publish the picture on the front page. this the code and all what i did i replaced the ping pictures but still giving me an error why i can’t add my own picture and replace them with the existing oneces

$.vegas('slideshow', {
           { src:'http://placehold.it/2048x2048/0eafff/ffffff.png', fade:1000 },
           { src:'http://placehold.it/2048x2048/0eafff/ffffff.png', fade:1000 },
           { src:’http://placehold.it/2048x2048/0eafff/ffffff.png', fade:1000 }
('overlay', {
  //  src:'overlays/11.png'

Can you please contact us at support@avathemes.com and we’ll help you out?


Hi there,

Great theme to start with! However how can I change the content of the Facebook / Twitter / Explore cubes on the homepage?

Thanks in advance! Peter

Hi Peter,

You can do that via Options > Home Settings.



I only see the option to switch the Facebook / Twitter cubes on or off, but how do I for example replace the Twitter cube with a LinkedIn cube (logo, text and hyperlink)? And how can I replace the word “Explore” by another word/translation?

Can’t find that in the Home Settings.

Thanks again. Peter

Hi Peter,

Well that would require some additional customization. We can help you with that, simply contact us at support@avathems.com



hilfans Purchased

I have install your themes at my domain, and I have follow your instruction regarding video homepage, but not run, is that any clue? you can see at http://365.telkomuniversity.ac.id/video-homepage/

I’m upload mp4 file at http://365.telkomuniversity.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Office-365-Official-Video.mp4 and ogg file at http://365.telkomuniversity.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Office-365-OGG.ogg

The both file upload via media not ftp, is that a problem?

And is ogg file different with ogv file to put it on “Video Homepage Setting”? because ogg is only audio but ogv is video?


How can I make the menu button (class smallNavigation) show up next to the mobile scrolling menu which slides out from the right side? It remains under the menu so it cannot be pressed to close the menu. This is also a problem in your theme demo.

Probably a CSS-hack can do the job, but I can’t get it to work.

Thanks in advance! Peter

Any updates on my question?

Hello, would like to buy your theme, tell me please what about multilanguage functions, working well? I will need 3 languages installed.

Any comments?

I can’t seem to register for support? and I need help with the .json import.

Hello, My page is saying [31-May-2016 20:26:26 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘wp_nav_menu’ (T_STRING) in /home2/brandyb3/public_html/wp-content/themes/de7igner/header.php on line 177 I am getting the white screen of death. I have used customer service email for help and you guys never got back to me.

I talked to the hosting site and they want to delete that line which deletes my whole page. Please help

I have been waiting 5 days for support to contact me, anyone have direct access to the creator for help?

Hi, I purchased the theme and currently working on the website. I want the video homepage with those cubes to serve as link to my other pages rather than using it for social media icons.

How can I change that? I opened a ticket on your website but I have not received a reply yet. www.globeka.com is my site.


I love the theme but some pre-buying questions. How do I change the twitter icon to Instagram and is this theme really difficult cause from the comments I see a lot of css language and coding. This would be my first time buying a theme and would be the second site I am designing. So no too much experience.