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Are your new themes being released today? I saw them on your site, they said “coming 1.1.14”. I’d like to buy one!

Not quite ready yet, but you can follow us to be notified of when they are ready. Thanks

Not worth $40—maybe $15.

    • Video embeds section does not support Vimeo or YouTube.

    • Included plugin does not support WordPress 3.8.

    • ‘Large Image’ section breaks page (image not responsive beyond 720px wide).

The entire theme supports Vimeo and YouTube embeds.

Included plugin was built and tested using WordPress 3.8.

The large image responsiveness was fixed in the first update, version 1.1


We are very interested in your good looking theme. However, we are a Dutch company, so we would want to customize/translate our menu items and portfolio fields, etc. Is this possible in your theme?

Is it possible to not use the full width of the website for the header?

Can we incorporate Vimeo on every page?


For example in the portfolio section you can translate the field label, then add / edit your own vale for that field.

Regarding homepage video size yes this is something we will help you with via a support request if you decided to purchase.


Great! Thanks for your quick replies. My last question:

Can we embed Vimeo on every page? (we make films)

You can feature and embed video on ever blog post or portfolio post, and in the content portion of each page.

Lovely portfolio WordPress theme. Clean look and Great work!

GLWS! :)

Hi, i love this theme, i decide to buy it. Two question 1) is there a way to put a image slider in the homepage? 2) is there a way to integrate facebook’s fanpage in the theme?

thank you

Hi David I’m sending you your account login info now. Once you receive it please create a support request for these. Thanks,

ok, i’ll wait for my account login info then :)

David your email address provided returns “Permanent error, undeliverable address.” error message. Please use the contact page to send us a different email address to use for your account. Thanks,

How do I get rid of your footer ? Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved. “

" Deck Theme by Mighty WordPress Themes · Powered by WordPress

Sure we can help you with this. Please create a support request here:

Version 1.2 is now available, full details can be found here.


1. How to remove from the admin panel “Deck Theme by Mighty WordPress Themes”? 2. Why basic functions I can get solved through support?

Sure we can help you out, please create an account at our support forum and kindly created a support request. You can do so here:

It’s uncomfortable. I will insist to return the money.

You should’ve read this before you purchased. It’s located right here under the item.

I tried to embed a Vimeo video on home page but it dos NOT work. I read all the support materials but it still does not work. On other themes it used to work. Any hint? Thank you

The theme demo itself embeds a Vimeo video, so it does work.

We’d be happy to help you get that setup on your site. Please submit a support request so we can help.


I submitted a support request and I am waiting for your reply. Thank you

Thank you Designcard

Will this theme work with self-hosted video or JW Player Plugin? Very keen to purchase if so!

This theme is setup to use both self-hosted and third-party videos. Thanks

Version 1.3 is now available, full details can be found here.


I bought the theme today .. can you help me to use the wallet .. I change “theme options” but the site remains unchanged xk? are not very clever

Yes, I’ve just emailed you back.

I bought the theme today .. can you help me to use the wallet .. I change “theme options” but the site remains unchanged xk? are not very clever

Hi, I have a question: how can I edit the favicon?

In the theme options, please post this in our support forum located here:

I tried to create an account at your support page to view the answers to previous questions but it says that I don’t have a purchase code. The questions I am interested in getting the answers to are 1. Do you supply demo content. 2. Can the footer be customised.

Sure, you can simply email me using my contact page here on themeforest


I like the style of the theme. It’s very handsome.

I’m not crazy about the way you’re still using an options page, though. The built-in WordPress customizer would have made more sense, especially from a standards point of view.

Also, the home page could be assembled using strict CSS or a column/shortcode plugin, rather than a series of text areas in the options page. The way this page is set up makes it virtually impossible to port this content from your theme to the next.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you going forward. Again, though, I like your theme. You guys are talented designers. I also appreciate how small you kept the actual theme file. It shows you have good consideration for your customers (and their crappy webhosts;)

Thank you for the stellar feedback. It’s truly appreciated!

You’re welcome. You also might want to mention media sizes for the thumbnail resizing throughout the theme. For instance, the portfolio uses the “large” thumbnail size and the image is 980px wide. This has to be edited in Settings > Media > Large size.

Demo is currently unavailable for scheduled server maintenance. Be back in a few.

And it’s back online.

Where do I find the purchase code to create a support account? (guess I’m asking for support to ask for support :)

Yes, this is the email address we’ve been mailing to. Have you checked your spam folder?

If you have, and still no email, could you please use the contact form on our website (in the footer) using another email address we can try sending it to?

Thank you,

found it in my spam, my apologies.

Good news. Thanks,