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Your theme is simple and elegant. I was wondering one thing, can you reduce the height of the video on the home page or is it a fixed size?

thank you.

Thank you, and the answer to your question is yes. If you need help with this after purchasing, please create a support request.



One last question, can you replace the video on the home page with a static image/picture?

thank you for your time,


Yes, this is in the theme options.

Can you tell us what is new on the 1.4 update?

You can view the full changelog here.


Hi There,

We are missing the portfolio section in the Dahboard menu and elsewhere. Do we have to activate them somehow somewhere? Are the problems as we are on a multisite environment?

Thanks for clarifying, T.

Same wit Gallery BTW

Ok, found the plugin :-)

Please read the instructions included, you’ll need to activate the CPT plugin. Please post any future support requests on our support forum.


Version 1.5 is now available, full details can be found here.


If I text and headlines will write in Russian, the font type will remain the same?

Yes you can use Russian cyrillics with this theme. Thanks,

As of right now, don’t buy this theme. The Portfolio has many problems!

The staff is replying here, but not on support forums to help us.

Don’t be silly. You posted 18 hours ago, and on a Sunday. And besides you already acknowledged and thanked us for our fast replies.

Now, I’m responding to your question from less than 18 hours ago that was made on our day off.

My problem started on January 31st. Right after purchasing and is still not resolved. Do you have an ETA on this issue?

Portfolio was fixed. All good :)

“archive-portfolio.php – Deleted file in favor of using template-portfolio.php instead”

The file does not delete itself upon updating the theme. At least mine didn’t. Should we delete?

Yes, that is correct, you’ll need to manually delete it if you have not simply overwritten the entire theme folder with the new version.

Great theme. Would love to use it.

Did a speed check using pingdom – just over 4 seconds to load. Saw this test had been done previously too, and those were around 4 seconds to load.

Is this because of the Vimeo player at the front of the demo?

May use your other theme – Speck – instead :)

Probably from the vimeo video on the homepage. If you check the about page for instance it loads in almost a half of one second.

Just installed the theme. Portfolio page is not rendering properly. its not aligned in row of 3 as demonstrated. Instead each portfolio post is rendered like a blog post (shows comment field) etc. HELP!

I also already installed the included plugin. No luck..

Hi Eric, please post this in our support forum and we’ll help you figure out where you’re going wrong.


So the thing with this theme is that you can’t use the URL slug (permalink) “portfolio”. Because if you do, the portfolio won’t render properly. Therefore it has be named something else in order to work… is that correct?

In addition, each “project” that is added users the url slug “portfolio”. Therefore the main portfolio page itself (url-slug) has to be named something else. That’s not described in the description page.

We tried it the way you are suggesting, then around version 1.5 we had to change it as 9 out of 10 buyers found it to be too difficult. Either way I’ve posted the change for you in the support ticket. No need to post here also.

Overall its a good theme. I believe in time, the updates hopefully enhance many features.

Happy I purchased Deck, straightforward, easy to work with, like the finished result a lot.

How’s Facade coming on, is it due for release soon I think it might be ideal for a project I’m starting in the next few days.

Yes, we’re finishing it up now. Probably next week sometime. Thanks!

Hi there.

Looks like the demo is broken

I just made a rather large update to it. Could you please message me via my profile page and link to a screenshot of what you see thats broken?


Nevermind, I think I’ve got if fixed now. Sorry about that.

Hi, is 1.6 available yet?

Yes, it should be ready for download now.

thx. so what is the best way to update the theme? just upload and replace all exisiting files?

Yes, replace the entire directory (/deck/) with the new version. You will also need to update the plugin as well, which is included, just do the same for it.

Version 1.6 is now available, 7 new widgets, footer sidebar, sortable portfolio, additional page templates, minor design refresh, and more. Full details can be found here.


Just added a small coding change in version 1.6.1

Hello! I purchased this theme and I need to use it with Woocommerce. However, Woocommerce appears to be incompatible with it. I tried following their instructions but could not get it to work.

The checkout and cart page are both empty when displayed on the website. However, when I switch to the default WordPress theme, the pages appear correctly.

Could this be updated to support the plugin? It’s necessary in order for my website to work and I love Deck.

I’m checking out right now what it would take in order to do this, hopefully it’s a quick win :)

Thank you so much! Very timely responses too!

Drop us a support request on the forums:

On the home page, is possible to use only video? No slider?

Right now you can insert, an embed (video), image, or HTML of any kind. There is not a homepage slider built into this area of the theme by default, no. Though you can easily add one by using a snippet of code in our support forums. Thanks,

Very nice template! Few questions though:

- Is it possible to get the green underlining when a user has his cursor above the top page of submenu in a menu. - Where could I change fonts of texts of menu’s? - Where could I delete the green dot behind the name?

Thanks in advance. Best wishes.

Yes, please post this in our support forum so we can track this: Thanks,


I like the homepage but would also want more text. Is it possible to do a homepage like yours on the demo with a emty wordpress page? So without the standard theme options (by that I mean the enable if you want to display …...).

I also purchased the “speck” theme. There it was not possible to build a custom homepage like the demo hompage. The demo hompage was only possible through Theme Options, not via the “create a page” way. Is this also in this theme?

This is the same way. Thanks,

Hi, Just bought your theme, can you please tell me why my images on this page are no responsive?


ok I have managed to do that and they are responsive but they are not fitting ontop of each other on mobile view and remain side by side???

Sorry for the delay, I was out of the country a few days. Yes, I’ll need to check into this. I believe I saw a support post in our support forum for this, so I’ll just follow up there. Thanks,