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Hi 8theme,

I’ve submitted a ticket – but no confirmation or reply. I don’t know if support is working or not?

I’m having problems with my website not loading correctly in Google Chrome and Internet explorer – can you please advise me on what to do? This is a very urgent issue as the site is already live.

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi, bizconsult,

We have answered to your ticket.


8theme, Thank you very much for replying so fast! You have great customer service!

many thanks :)

Hi 8theme,

I’m having problems again with Ajax add to cart not working properly. I’ve submitted a ticket as well as gone to live chat, but all I know so far is that you don’t know what caused that? I would need urgent help because my site is live and the users can’t buy anything which is really frustrating. I’m sure you understand – please get back to me asap.

Kind regards, Andreea

Hi, bizconsult,

We will get back to you in support.


Ok, Thanks Awaiting response.

You are welcome

Hi, is this theme mobile optimized?? Because online demo isn’t!



Hi, streetoffice,

Unfortunately, our theme is not responsive. You may review our other responsive magento themes: Blanco and IDStore



I there a possibility that there will come a Responsive theme update for this theme?

Hope so!

Regards, Marvin

Hi, MuscleWebdesign,

Unfortunately, such an update is not in our plans now.


Are you planning to update this theme for Magento 1.8. I need to update Magento, but can’t do it because of the template. I think it will be great not just for me. Thank you!

Hi, Yuma,

Our magento themes support Magento 1.8.0 version.


Good Evening, I purchased your theme magento “decostore”. The version of magento The problem is the inclusion of items in the cart. When I add a product from the list view items opens a popup back to a wrong page. As if I add to the cart from the card’s display single item, it opens a small rectangular pop-up that says simply “error”. Can you help me rispolvere the problem? Thank you in advance.

Thank you :-) I have already sent a ticket to http://support.8theme.com/ with ID #LUR-362-83490 I do it again?

At this point I would just like you to tell me if the problem can be solved or not …

Thanks for the ticket. Our expert will leave a reply ASAP.


Purchased this and cannot see the 1.8.1 files, only 1.6 and 1.7.

Your theme lists 1.8.1 in the tags, that was released in December 2013 but the last update of your files is August 2013.

I would suggest you update your download packages ASAP.

Just raised Ticket UJX-789-27670

Dear Jeremy (jezhops),

Please wait for their turn on the service, and they’ll tell you. Note: if you create new tickets, one the same topic – you are holding yourself back. With each new Ticket, you anew to take their turn. ISU-519-80985 – here is your global id-ticket, please wait for the answer.

Regards 8theme Ltd.

Despite another user commenting about this six months ago there is still no sample date in the download file, ticket: YSU-519-80985

Dear Jeremy (jezhops),

Please wait for their turn on the service, and they’ll tell you. Note: if you create new tickets, one the same topic – you are holding yourself back. With each new Ticket, you anew to take their turn. ISU-519-80985 – here is your global id-ticket, please wait for the answer.

Regards 8theme Ltd.

Thanks for your reply, they were not new tickets on the same topic, I added new ones for different issues.

There was some confusion on my part when you merged different tickets into one single ticket without any notification and I could not find them.

Please, further,do not create alot of tickets , but just put them in one ticket chain. You may put all the questions at once in our ticket as you have done before.



We are excited to continually provide an excellent product with superb customer service to all our users. If you have any pre-sales questions, please post them here in the item comments and our team will answer them promptly.

If you have already purchased our theme, please signup at our Support Center to use our forum and other detailed support resources.


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Thank you, we look forward to serving you!
8theme Team

I registered at your support forum but there’s no forum for this template. So please state clear where I can ask my support questions.

I tried via email, was rejected. I tried over forum, did not work .So here : I want to get a refund please. Because the theme is not responsive and unusable on IPad. I can’t read anywhere in the description that you point to that fact.

Hello, stemalo,

Yes, our theme is not responsive and was not. Concerning refund you need to contact Envato support.


How to uninstall your theme safely and clean ?

Hello, stemalo,

You need to remove all the files manually if you want to remove our theme.


Hey guys ! The live preview is broken (the product detail is not working for example)

Hello, kapitol0209

Thanks for notifying. Will fix that immediately.


please alert us :) !

How do I add information to the “additional information” tab on the product pages?

Hello, lordmackay

Sorry for delay in response. We do not have the additional tabs available for manual filling. If you mean the attributes, they are filling automatically.


Will upgrading to Magento 1.9 break this theme?

Hello, justinmalone

There should not be any issues, but you may do the backup just in case.



does your theme include all the demo products as well and how do you import them once i have installed your theme.

once i install your theme i want it to look exactly the same, some themes are missing images and its hard to see how things would look and work



Thank you for your interest in our theme!
Unfortunately we don’t provide demo content with this theme. Only if you order our installation service http://www.8theme.com/our-installation-service/ we’ll install total copy of the demo. But you may install default Magento demo products for free and it will be almost the same as our demo content.


With respect I stupidly used this theme for a business client, the support is basically non-existent. I placed a query on your support forum in january and still no support. This is basically no use whatsoever if this theme is being used on a commercial store. The search isnt working & I seem to have no way of embedding the Twitter info its just a text box. Can someone help me or do I have to switch to a better supported theme? I don’t usually complain but this is ridiculous.

I sent it to your jobs dept accidentally. Let me know if you want me to send it again.

Thanks, when it comes to us, will try to review asap :)

Something wrong with your “Live preview” button …

Hello, Kemal1975

Thanks for notifying. We will try to fix that asap.


will this theme support 1.9.x ??


Thanks for the question. Our Magento themes support Magento versions till 1.9.0

Kind regards

one of my friend’s website is using this theme which was transferred to me from another developer, but it was the old developer who bought this theme, can i get support?

If you need to get support with our template, please, contact us via contact form http://www.8theme.com/contact-us (sales department) with your request.