Deeds - Best Nonprofit Church Organization WP Theme

Deeds - Best Nonprofit Church Organization WP Theme

The lightweight and finely coded Deeds premium Church WordPress Theme 2018 is aimed at building a progressing website on multiple niches, such as church website, religious propagation, nonprofit organization, ministry, church event, church donation or a church fundraising website. It is cleaner, quicker and easier to customize, and is perfect for the newbies. Three uniquely built Homepage Layouts, 8 innovative Header Styles and a number of built-in pages of varied utility are bound to be of special appeal for the professional web designer to build church website easily. If you are looking for the best WP theme in 2018 then Deeds church theme will surely help you make your site quickly and easily.

RTL Support – For Arabic, Hebrew etc

If you are to deal with languages following left-to-right script, like Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic, Persian or Urdu, the built-in RTL support in “Deeds” will make it very simple for you. It is a matter of a single click to switch the site to RTL!

Event Management

Excellent Event Management allows you easily manage past & future events via Custom Post type & Single Post page. The 4 ready-to-use church wordpress shortcodes are for Events Carousel, Latest Events, Upcoming Event with Video, & Upcoming Event with Counter.

Sermon Management

An integral part of such an advanced church theme, the feature of Sermon Management is given new dimensions here. With a Custom & Single post, it manages the audio and video sermons with text and featured image quite efficiently.

Built-in Contact Form

We have designed a fully-featured and working Contact Form that renders you advanced professional functionalities. Meanwhile, it also saves you $ 10 which otherwise you would be required to spend to buy a premium Contact Form plugin.

News Management

For effective management of news, there is a powerfully-built custom post type. Here you can not only display news in the form of a list but also go for a single page for each piece of news with featured image and detailed text.

Unlimited Sidebars

For all the built-in single pages and custom post types, you have 3 possibilities, i.e. use unlimited number of sidebars either to the right or left or opt for a full width page without sidebar. For this purpose, many useful widgets are provided.

Font Awesome Icons

A full range of Font Awesome icons is included in the package. Any of these icons can be used anywhere in the theme with a single click! So, your site will be embellished with additional powerful features, while contributing to its charm. The latest gallery building features will enable you create an attractive video and image Gallery so quickly and with utmost ease. Embed videos from YouTube and other social media sites easily just by including the code in its custom post.

Easy to Install (Light Code)

Built with light code and other cutting-edge features, Deeds premium WordPress theme is very quick and easy to install. Consequently, setting up a full-fledged website will be the matter of a couple of minutes even for the newbies!

SEO Ready

The built-in latest SEO features offer an assurance for the rapid popularity and immediate success of your site over the internet. There has been used an HTML validated code along with maintaining the hierarchy for H1, H2 … H6 tags.

Ministry Management

Effective Ministry Management can be carried out via all the useful options on custom post type as well as a single page. All the required features are provided for the best management of different ministries of a church or other religious institution.

Request a Prayer

So amazingly, there is also an option in the theme for the visitor to submit a prayer. Subsequently, after viewing the request, the administrator can send an appropriate response to the client by utilizing an option of “Reply” on the dashboard.

Submit a Prayer (Audio or Video)

This advanced and innovative functionality will enable the visitor submit a Prayer that will be stored at the back-end. The administrator, later on, can either approve/publish or delete the content of the prayer as they may deem it necessary.

Priest and Team Management

For the convenient and effective management of the priests and other member of the religious hierarchy, the theme includes an individual “Priest and Team Management System”. You can list the team member with their respective ministries and expertise.

Prayer Management System

This is a unique system through which any user can submit a prayer to be displayed on the website or the user can request for the prayer as well. The Website Admin can see these submitted requests in Dashboard and he can reply through email within the dashboard or publish the submitted prayer to be published on the prayer page.

WooCommerce Support – Sell to Collect Donation

Integrated with PayPal, the great feature of WooCommerce for online shopping is also included in the package. So, you can fetch donations by selling products.

Visual Composer – The Best Page Builder in The Market

With Visual Composer page builder, you can furnish the pages with tons of very useful elements in a few seconds! Make use of drag-and-drop.

Recurring Donation System

This unique and innovative feature allows the transfer of a certain preset amount from the donor’s account to yours regularly each month.

8 Home Pages To Fit Any Church Website

Five unique and intuitively-designed Homepage layouts contribute to the versatile usage of Deeds WP theme. Use any of these as per your taste.

Responsive Layout

Being perfectly responsive, it can be displayed on any device with any screen size, ranging from an extra large LCD to a mini handset display.

8 Header Styles

Eight unique Header styles are included. Each has its own featuring, color patterns, outlook and appeal. Features can also be switched on or off.

Pages Included

  • Home Page 1
  • Home Page 2
  • Home Page 3
  • Home Page 4
  • Home Page 5
  • Home Page 6
  • Home Page 7
  • Home Page 8
  • Home Page 9 (Event Calendar 1)
  • Home Page 10 (Event Calendar 2)
  • Error 404
  • Search Found
  • Nothing Found
  • Events List Page
  • Events Single Page
  • Team List Page
  • Team Single Page
  • Gallery Masonry 3 Column
  • Gallery Masonry 4 Column
  • Gallery Simple 3 Column
  • Gallery Simple 4 Column
  • Products Page
  • Products Single Page
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Order Received Page
  • Blog List Page
  • Blog Single Page
  • Sermons List Page
  • Sermon Single Page
  • About
  • Contact

Features of Deeds

  • Event Calendar
  • Free Revolution Slider Support
  • Woo Commerce Included
  • Visual Composer
  • Advanced Admin Panel
  • Event Management
  • Sermons Management
  • Masonry and Simple Gallery
  • Multi Color Option
  • Two Header Styles
  • Sticky And Fixed Header
  • Boxed and Wide Layout
  • Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Super Responsive
  • Unique and Clean Design
  • Well Organized Code
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Free 16/7 Support

Updates and Improvements

Version 6.0.3 (20 July 2018)
  • Fixed : “Our Team” shortcode number of carousel items issue fixed.
  • Fixed : “Products Carousel” shortcode number of carousel items issue fixed.
  • Fixed – “Our Team” shortcode title styling issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Language translation issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Console errors on pages and posts are fixed.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with 3.4.3 version of WooCommerce.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with WordPress 4.9.6.
  • Updated – WooCommerce files in theme are updated.
  • Updated – Visual Composer plugin is updated.
  • Updated – Layer Slider plugin is updated.
  • Updated – Revolution Slider plugin is updated
Version 6.0.2 (22 March 2018)
  • Added : New demo import system is added
  • Added : New theme update system is added
  • Added : Header search box enable/disable option added
  • Updated : WooCommerce files are updated
  • Compatibility : Compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce
  • Fixed : “Give Us Donation” shortcode title issue fixed
  • Fixed : “Cart Page” double total price issue fixed
  • Fixed : In “Responsive Menu” the submenu appears 2 times issue fixed
  • Fixed : “Event Carousel With Date” shortcode issue fixed
  • Fixed : “About Us” widget fields issue fixed
  • Fixed : Slider import issue fixed
  • Fixed : “Shop Page” banner issue fixed
  • Fixed : Custom color scheme option working issue fixed
  • Fixed : “Latest Sermons” shortcode button working issue fixed
  • Fixed : “Shop Page” image size issue fixed
  • Fixed : “Product Detail” page image size issue fixed
  • Fixed : Product with featured image issue fixed
  • Fixed : “Pastors Message” shortcode icons working issue fixed
Version 6.0.1 (25 November 2017)
  • Updated – Compatible with WordPress 4.9 version.
  • Fixed – WooCommerce Compatibility Issues Fixed.
  • Updated – Compatible with updated WooCommerce 3.2.4 plugin.
  • Updated – Compatible with updated Visual Composer 5.4.4 plugin.
Version 6.0 (08 September 2017)
  • New – Added PayStack Payment Gateway.
  • Updated – Theme compatible with Visual Composer 5.2.1 plugin.
  • Updated – Theme compatible with WordPress 4.8.1
  • Updated – Theme compatible with Latest WooCommerce
  • Updated – Revolution Slider Updated.
Version 5.9.1 (24 July 2017)
  • Updated- Compatible with updated Visual Composer plugin.
  • Updated- Compatible with updated WooCommerce 3.1.0 plugin.
  • Updated- Compatible with WordPress 4.8 version.
Version 5.9 (03 June 2017)
New Features Added
  • New – Added Image System To Improve Page Speed and Picture Clarity.
  • New – Added New Demo Import System. Hot  :)
  • New – Added Custom Font Upload System.
  • New – Added Blog Post Linked date on blog listing page.
  • New – Added Auto Theme Update System. Hot  :)
  • New – Added Auto Plugins Update System. Hot  :)
  • New – Added Blog Listing page setting in theme options.
  • New – Added option to display post comments in search page.
  • New – Linked Author in search page.
  • New – Added option to display post comments in archive page.
  • New – Linked Author in archive page.
  • New – Added options in blog listing page to show author.
  • New – Added options in blog listing page to show comments.
  • New – Added option to display post comments in category page.
  • New – Linked Author in category page.
  • New – Added option to display post comments in author page.
  • New – Added the updated font awesome library.
  • New – Added option to add social media in blog detail page.
  • New – Added Instagram widget.
  • New – Added Twitter widget.
  • New – Added header structure images for header style in theme options.
  • New – Added tab for responsive header in theme options.
  • New – Added responsive menu icon position in theme options.
  • New – Added responsive menu background image/color options.
  • New – Added responsive menu typography options.
  • New – Added scroller in responsive menu.
  • New – Added Visual composer responsive device setting.
  • New – Added Visual composer design options.
  • New – Added Upcoming Event popup on window load with event count down.
  • New – Added loader for add to cart button in shop page.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed – Payment method display issue on checkout page fixed.
  • Fixed – Checkout page styling issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Custom color scheme don’t work fixed.
  • Fixed – Give us donation shortcode title issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Cart subtotal issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Proceed to checkout button issue on cart page fixed.
  • Fixed – Place order page styling issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Add to cart button styling issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Search page, category page and tag page linked date URL issue fixed.
  • Plugin Updates

  • Updated – Compatible with the latest Version of WooCommerce 3.0.7.
  • Updated – WooCommerce files are updated.
  • Updated – Layerslider is updated.
  • Updated – Revolution Slider is updated.
  • Updated – Visual Composer is updated.
Version 5.8.2 (14 March 2017)
Fixed - Layerslider slides styling issue fixed.
Fixed - Some Styling Issues fixed.
Updated - Compatible with updated visual composer plugin.
Updated - Layerslider plugin updated.
Updated - Revolution Slider plugin updated.
Updated - Compatible with updated woocommerce plugin.
Updated - Compatible with wordpress 4.7.3 version.
Version 5.8.1 (17 February 2017)
Updated - Make compatible with wordpress 4.7.2
Updated - Update layerslider plugin.
Updated - Update Revolution slider plugin.
Updated - Update woocommerce plugin.
Updated - Update visual composer plugin.
Fixed - Header settings issue in theme option.
Fixed - Contact form issue fixed.
Fixed - Some responsive styling issues.
Version 5.8 (20 November 2016)
Fixed : Import result dialouge box do not close from close button fixed
Fixed : Contact captcha issue fixed
Fixed : Deeds sermon do not accept the embed link fixed
Fixed : Prayer Location custom search updated
Version 5.7 (10-16-2016)
New - New Demo Install System Given fully Compatible with WordPress 4.6.1
New - Updated Child Theme Added
Updated - Visual Composer plugin Updated compatible with WordPress 4.6.1
Updated - WooCommerce Plugin Updates
Updated - Slider Plugin Updated to Latest Version
Updated - Theme Updated to be Compatible with WordPress 4.6.1
Fixed - Small Bugs Fixed
Version 5.6 (09-08-2016)
 New - Added new option in "Pastors Message" shortcode to disable carousel
Compatibility - Compatible with WordPress version 4.6.1
Updates - Visual Composer plugin updated to its latest version 4.12.1
Fixes - Event Calendar shortcode event detail link issue fixed
Version 5.5 (07-25-2016)
Updated - Visual Composer Plugin
Updated - WooCommerce Plugin
Updated - Layer Slider Plugin
Updated - Compatible with WordPress 4.5.3
Updated - Import/Export Setting for Prayers Table 
Fixed Bug - Single Product Page Style Error Fixed
Fixed Bug - Page Title Not Showing
Updated - WooCommerce Templates Update

Version 5.4 (05-12-2016)

Updated - Visual Composer Plugin
Updated - WooCommerce Plugin
Updated - Layer Slider Plugin
Updated - Compatible with WordPress 4.5.2
Version 5.3 (04-27-2016)
Improved - Improved Demo Importer with 10 Demos Installation System
Fixed - Minor Bugs in Theme Options Fixed
Version 5.2 (04-20-2016)
Updated - Compatible with wordpress 4.5
Updated - Updated All Plugins
Updated - Revolution Slider
Updated - Layer Slider
Updated - Visual Composer
New - Added New Option in Category, Archive, Author, Tags Template to show/hide Post date from theme option.
New - Integrate New System to speedUp demo import.
Fixed - Blog Detail Page sidebar option from themeoption as well as from post meta.
Version 5.1 (03-24-2016)
Added New Option:    Blog Detail Page control from meta as well as themeoption.
Added New Option:     Sermon Detail Page control from meta as well as themeoption.
Added New Option:    Blog Category Layout control from category meta as well as themeoption.
Added New Option:     Blog Slider shortcode functionality with slider without slider. if slider does not active blog shortcode will display pagination
Added New Option:     Team Single options for page banner in meta field.
Added New Option:     Full Control of the following templates from themeoption.
                - Archive Page
                - Category Page
                - Tag Page
                - Search Page
                - Author Page
Added New Option:    Social Icon color from themeoption.
Added New Option:    In Footer
                - Sidebar Builder with column setting
                - On/Off Footer Upper section
                - On/Off Copyright Section
Added New Option:    Hide/show readmore button in Blog Masonary Shortcode.
Added New Option:     Blog Gallery Format included.
Added New Option:     Add Captcha in contact us shortcode.
Fix: Donation bar shortcode style problem.
Version 5.0 (03-15-2016)
New - Event Calendar ShortCode
New - Keep Separate Logo for Responsive and Desktop Version 
Updated - All Event Shortcode are Improved According to the Start Date of The Event
Fixed - Row Setting Title Style Bug Fixed
Update - Single Sermon Page Icons Settings Given 
Fixed - Video Display Bug Fixed on Sermon Page
Fixed - Responsive Menu Bug Fixed
Version 4.4 (02-26-2016)
Updated - Update WooCommerce ajax add to cart issue 
Updated - Updated All Plugins
Updated - Fully Compatible WordPress Latest Version 4.4.2 
Updated - Fully Compatible Woocommerce Latest Version
Updated - Fully Compatible with PHP 7.0.2
Fixed - Fixed some issues of Visual Composer Version 4.10
Version 4.3 (02-03-2016)
Fixed - Php7 Related Bugs Fixed
Updated - Visual Composer Updated
Updated - Theme Updated According to Wordpress 4.2.2
Version 4.1 (01-22-2016)
New - New Super Responsive Version Given
Fixed - Payment System Notification Bug Fixed
Version 4.0 (01-16-2016)
New - Absolutely New Responsive Header Options "Fully Customizable" through Theme Options
New - Donation Panel Added to Get Donation Through Credit Cards
New - Text Logo Customization Option Added
Updated - Visual Composer Updated Plugin Added 
Updated - Revolution Slider Updated Plugin Added
Updated - LayerSlider Updated Plugin Added
Version 3.0.2 (12-12-2015)
Updated - Wordpress 4.4 version compatibility issues fixed
Updated - Visual Composer 4.9 plugin updated
Updated - WooCommerce 2.4.12  latest version compatibility issues fixed
Fixed - Color scheme issues fixed
Version 3.0.1 (12-04-15)
Fixed - Visual Composer and Revolution Slider Compatability Issue Fixed
Fixed - Import Exports Function Bug Fixed
Version 3.0 (12-02-2015)
New - New Responsive Header in Included
New - Image Hyperlinks Added in Gallery ShortCodes
Fixed - PrettyPhoto Script Replaced in All Shortcodes
Fixed - Theme Options Setting Saving Bug Fixed
Fixed - Demo Installation Problem Fixed
Update - Compatible with Visual Composer 8.1
Update - Compatible with Wordpress 4.3.1
Update - Compatible with Latest WooCommerce Plugin 
Version (07-19-2015)
Update - Compatible with Visual Composer 4.7.4
Version 2.1.2 (06-19-2015)
Fixed - Bug in update system
Updated - PrettyPhoto Script
Updated - Visual Composer Row settings
Updated - Some Other Issues
Updated - WooCommerce with latest version
Version 2.1.1 (06-10-2015)
Fixed - Update System Bug Fixed
Version 2.1 (05-18-2015)
Updated - Fully Compatible with Wordpress 4.2+ and Above
Updated - WooCommerce  Compatible
Updated - One Click Demo Data Importer
New - Auto Update System 
New - New Theme Backup System
New - Update Notifier Given
Version 2.0 (02-02-15)
New - buddyPress Support Added
New - Contact Form 7 Support Added
New - Gravity Forms Support Added
New - Time Zone Option Added for Events
New - Video and Audio Support in Blog Post (Embed System) Added
Updated - Fully Styled Default VC Elements Compatible with Design
Fixed - Events Counter Bug Fixed
Version 1.9.5 (12-25-14)
Fixed - Theme Options Warning Bug Fixed
Version 1.9.4 (12-21-14)
Updated - Revolution Slider Updated
Updated - Visual Composer Updated
Version 1.9.3 (12-08-14)
Fixed - Gave bbPress Compatibility with Wordpress 4.0.1
Fixed - Update WooCommerce Plugin
Fixed - Event Counter Widget Styling Improved
Version 1.9.2 (11-25-14)
Improved - Styling of Shortcodes Improved
Version 1.9.1 (11-19-14)
Fixed - Recurring Payment Bug Fixed
Version 1.9 (11-17-14)
Built-in Support Given for 10 Languages
Version 1.8.1 (10-18-14)
Fixed - Responsive Menu Issue
Fixed - Visual Composer Frontend Editor Working Perfectly
Fixed - Style Donation Transaction
Version 1.8 (10-11-14)
Fixed - Recurring Payment Bug Fixed
Fixed - Styling Issue in Post and Page
Fixed - Upcoming Event Date Issue
Version 1.7.1 (09-27-2014)
Fixed - Reduced Theme Size To Make it Easy to Install
Version 1.7 (09-24-2014)
Fixed - Theme Options Bug Fixed

Version 1.6 (09-16-2014)

New - WPML Search Compatibility with Selected Language
Fixed - Javascript Bug in Theme Options
Fixed - Page Styling with bbPress and WooCommerce
Version 1.5 (09-14-14)
New - WPML support
New - One Click Importer
New - Layer Slider Support
New - One New Header Style
Updated - Compatible with Wordpress 4.0
Updated - Visual composer 4.3.4
Updated - Woocommerce update
Version 1.4 (09-10-2014)
Fixed - Jquery Bug Fixed
New - Layer Slider Given Free
Version 1.3 (09-05-2014)
New - 5 New Header Styles Added
New - Our Gallery Widget Added
New - Latest Event with Description Widget
New - Latest Event without Description Widget
New - Upcoming Event Widget with Counter
New - Donate Us Widget
New - Recent Sermons Widget
New - Pastor Message Widget
Updated - Font Awesome Version
Updated - Visual Composer Version
Updated - Revolution Slider Version
Fixed - Style Bug in Meta Box Options
Fixed - Category and Taxonomy Sidebar Bug
Version 1.2 (08-15-2014)
New - Boxed Layout Custom Background Image Function Added
Fixed - Audio Player Not working - functionality added
Fixed - New Version of Visual Composer Added
Fixed - New Version of WooCommerce Given
Fixed - New Version of Revolution Slider Added
Version 1.1
New - Home Page 6 Added
    --- New Welcome Section with Donation Stats
    --- Upcoming Events Shortcode Added
    --- New Services Shortcode Added
    --- Our Blog New Section Added
New - Home Page 7 Added
    --- New Product Filter Added
    --- New Affiliations Page 
- Fixes - Color Scheme Bug Fixed

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