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Fresh and very nice theme. Good luck :)

Thanks for your comment.

Very nice bdthemes!

Good luck with seles!

Thanks for your comment.

Keep up the good work bdthemes. Good Luck With Sales

Thanks for your comment. i will try.

Great job. But sad for me unfortunately about us page same for our up coming theme megabox. No prob but really good job. Go ahead. :)

Thanks for your comment. sorry for that :(

Great work + great attention to details :) Good Luck! :) Tomek

Hi Tomek, Thanks for your comment.

Great idea! It seems to me that I have already seen this theme:


Yes you are right i seen that, but i inspired 3 month ago to seen some TM template. anyway thanks for your comment.

Fantastic ideas here, congrats! Good luck with sales.

Thanks for your comment.

Good Copy from Parasponsive HTML5 / CSS3 Same Look. Same Style, two Colors was Same, Footer is same. Not Creative Idea, Very Hard Copy But Good Luck for Good Sale….. :):P

you are little bit wrong check those psd date First sketch and Second sketch both date before publish Parasponsive. and yes you can say color was matched. anyway thanks for your comment :)

Now i Know.!!!

nice theme bro

thanks for your comment :)

very nice template! congratulations!

What extent is the social media bar? I like this bar

thank you! and good luck with the sales!

Hi thank you for your comment, the social media bar not any extension it’s a gantry feature, it’s developed by me for degree template.


Nice one, i have purchased it but i have many issues with it and the support is too slow in reply. Isn’t there any faster way?

Hi sorry for delay, you issue answered.


Hi there,

I have recently purchased this nice looking theme and am very much looking forward to installing it on my site,

Please could you tell me if there are any step by step installation instructions, for instance I have worked out that I have to unzip the downloaded file, but after installing the template package, the rocksprocket module did not upload. do I have to upload all the adons, plugins, modules etc seperately

I look forward to your reply


Hi please install the quick start package so you will get the demo like look instantly. here the doc:

Thank you for your fast reply,

Would I have to do get somebody to do a new install using this file, or could I upload the quick start package via the extensions manager and run it from there,

Regards Andrew

no you can’t do that because quick start package included all files even joomla latest version. if you did not know how to install the quick start package then please send me your ftp and database access via profile page so i can do it for you.

Hi, I am using your quickstart 3.1 template. i see there are k2 entries in mosaic arrangement in the front page. I goto module manager, slect that module and instead of K2 i select joomla there. now the joomla entries should be shown at in the frontpgage in mosaic order. But instead my entire site stops showing itself and all i can see are some texts…like this:

Default Title Date Random Demo 1

Demo 1…Demo 1…Demo 1…Demo 1…Demo 1…Demo 1…Demo 1… Read More

If i disable this module, site starts working again. please explain what is causing the problem???This is very urgent

thanks for the quick reply. the issue is sorted..i disabled the default rocksprocket module which was present at no-position and created new rocksproket module and added joomla articles. it works. but i have other issue which i will post in support ticket. thanks.. the template is awesome.

oh good, ok i will reply as soon as possible.

Hi I have tried to install form your quick start and this is the error I get after Installing. same thing happens for either 3.0 and 2.5

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSEIF in C:\wamp\www\sji\templates\degree\features\background.php on line 90 Call Stack
  1. Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0007 379160 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0 2 0.6123 12550080 JSite->dispatch( ) ..\index.php:52 3 0.6155 12567920 JComponentHelper::renderComponent( ) ..\application.php:221 4 0.6205 12602544 JComponentHelper::executeComponent( ) ..\helper.php:339 5 0.6210 12649728 require_once( ‘C:\wamp\www\sji\components\com_content\content.php’ ) ..\helper.php:359 6 0.6273 12997944 JControllerLegacy->execute( ) ..\content.php:16 7 0.6273 12997992 ContentController->display( ) ..\legacy.php:722 8 0.6274 12999944 JControllerLegacy->display( ) ..\controller.php:79 9 0.6390 13587800 ContentViewFeatured->display( ) ..\legacy.php:685 10 0.7056 15374832 JViewLegacy->display( ) ..\view.html.php:149 11 0.7056 15374832 JViewLegacy->loadTemplate( ) ..\legacy.php:207 12 0.7080 15420472 include( ‘C:\wamp\www\sji\templates\degree\html\com_content\featured\default.php’ ) ..\legacy.php:661 13 0.7094 15577024 include( ‘C:\wamp\www\sji\libraries\gantry\gantry.php’ ) ..\default.php:9 14 0.7105 15586864 gantry_setup( ) ..\gantry.php:432 15 0.7402 17547176 GantryCache->call( ) ..\gantry.php:271 16 0.7472 17547192 call_user_func_array ( ) ..\gantrycache.class.php:156 17 0.7472 17547376 Gantry::getInstance( ) ..\gantrycache.class.php:156 18 0.7473 17552304 Gantry->__construct( ) ..\gantry.class.php:62 19 0.8459 18732920 Gantry->loadFeatures( ) ..\gantry.class.php:311

hello, i am trying to change the logo but i cannot adjust its size. How to do? In CSS files? Second, i coudln’t see favicon in the theme folder. Third, i cannot see .htaccess in the root folder.

please use logo psd for change logo size (it’s found in psd folder), favicon maybe missing i will add next update, for htaccess just rename the htaccess.txt to .htaccess

hello, I generally from Belarus, thank you, nice pattern!!!

Thanks for your comment :)

Hi, If I buy this template, may I have demo content like your demo alredy to use, just changing texts and picts? If yes, how i can do it? Thanks Robson

Sure it’s included Joomla 2.5 & 3.1 both quick start package so you can run your site instantly without any hassle, just need to change dummy text and images as you need :)

Hi I purchased your theme and used the quickstart package (v2.5) to install, but the page can’t be loaded after installing and it said there are some fatal errors, please help!

can you tell what the error message show? please make a support ticket here so you can get support instantly:

how do you create an account? everytime I try to put in the purchase code, it says invalid.

maybe you input wrong purchase code look here:

Si pongo la pagina en varios idiomas donde podría aparecer las banderas

actually there are not extra position for language module, you can show anywhere the module.

I have a problem with quick start 3.1 in local machine, error:

( ! ) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘elseif’ (T_ELSEIF) in C:\wamp\www\halai\templates\degree\features\background.php on line 90


look my report here:

please check your support ticket.

tnx i will try and report