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Amazing Service!! 5 stars!

Thank you for your comment :)

quick question under advanced setting I trying to setup coMING SOON PAGE. It does’nt activate it.

Offline Settings: Show coming soon on.

I saved it am I missing anything?

actually the coming soon feature for enable counting, but if you want offline line your site then go to site > global configuration > site and make it offline.

Thank you!

Template Manager

Overview tab: Which css file or pHP I have to go in to edit that?

Can you tell me where i go edit and contact page 3 information?

go to components > contacts > for contact information (such as address, email, phone etc ) and for map go to modules > find map which position in slider.

Thank you!

Hello, installed the sample content and does not enter or the site or the administrator, see the error below:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘RuntimeException’ with message ‘Library path DIR cannot be found.’ in /home/megavoipte/public_html/libraries/loader.php:251 Stack trace: #0 /home/megavoipte/public_html/libraries/kunena/bootstrap.php(19): JLoader::registerPrefix(‘Kunena’, ‘DIR‘) #1 /home/megavoipte/public_html/administrator/components/com_kunena/api.php(38): require_once(’/home/megavoipt…’) #2 /home/megavoipte/public_html/plugins/system/kunena/kunena.php(28): require_once(’/home/megavoipt…’) #3 /home/megavoipte/public_html/libraries/joomla/plugin/helper.php(194): plgSystemKunena->__construct(Object(JDispatcher), Array) #4 /home/megavoipte/public_html/libraries/joomla/plugin/helper.php(125): JPluginHelper::_import(Object(stdClass), true, NULL) #5 /home/megavoipte/public_html/libraries/joomla/application/application.php(229): JPluginHelper::importPlugin(‘system’) #6 /home/megavoipte/public_html/includes/application.php(116): JApplication->initialise(Array) #7 /home/megavoipte/public_html/index.php(30): JSite->ini in /home/megavoipte/public_html/libraries/loader.php on line 251

yes i will remove the kunena from your site, if you send me access, so you no need to install it again. you will get the demo look just without kunena. if i send you that, i will do that exactly same things. hope you understand.

Friend, you put in the description Kunena 3.0 which needs PHP5.3 but joomla 2.5 runs on PHP5.2. You should put the QuickStart will only work on PHP5.3, then I would not have bought. Tomorrow we will have to change hosting company and QuickStart’s the same mistake as you’ll find to fix the error for me again? If you tell me how to solve ok, or post a link of a QuickStart without Kunena 3.0 for me to download. I hope you understand my situation. thank you

ok send me a support ticket: so i can send that over there.

How do i Edit the toggle ROCKSPROKIT list on the HOMPAGE BLOG

i am inside the k2 module list…I see various options displays but I can’t tell where to edit the title and the content.

roksprocket list item coming from k2, so if you need to edit them then you need to go components > k2 and edit item.

Thank you!! You guys are great!


No luck!

This cant be happening…after installation nothing shows up…

Please, bdthemes help sort..this…after purchase…why sell. when it’s not totally working?

Hi sorry for you misunderstand, i can’t access your link, i can’t understand what’s problem show there? can you send me a snapshot in my support system?

Can you please check my Contact Form ticket!



I’m having a bit of trouble installing your template onto my web host server. I have followed the instructions here:

But after I finish, and remove installation folder – the “Site” and “Administrator” links do not work—> error 500 code.

Is there a way to remedy this? I have opened a support ticket already.

check your support ticket please.

Replied to response – still need help, thanks!

How do I fix the TOP A, TOP B and leave visible? thank you

what you want exactly? can you share your screenshot please? and please use support system for get proper support:

Are you still offering support for this theme?

Last correspondence:

Hi there, Ticket #396 has been updated by “admin”. To view this ticket click the link below: Issue with Degree Creative Template Ticket updates: Owner: Anybody ? admin, Status: new ? open Comment: Can you share your site link and administrator access so i can check there any script error or not? Regards, BDThemes Support Center

Have had no reply since July 23.

I sent site link and admin, now, is down?

Please advise, thank you.

Hi sorry for that actually some how skip your ticket, and site down for upgrade security issue (installing ssl, sitelock, virus scanner etc for better experience), so in that time please send your issue via my profile page.

Hi sorry for that actually some how skip your ticket, and site down for upgrade security issue (installing ssl, sitelock, virus scanner etc for better experience), so in that time please send your issue via my profile page.

You can view and reply to the message at

Do not reply to this email.

Regards Envato Marketplaces

ticket #396, I provided access to the admin.

Were yo able to access the ticket #396?


Please answer my ticket number: #434 #449

Have you fixed safari Menu bug yet? It has been 3 weeks?

I am on holiday (Eid Mubarak) , soon you will get the update.

Can you please fix menu Safari browser soon as I am publishing this sTuesday late night.

This should be the first priority as os many people having the same problem.

still waiting

Please answer my tickets 493, 434

i could not find your safari issue, it’s working well and i was share a snapshot via support ticket, you did not check that? wait for logo code for logo code because you need to update your template for that.

I am using safari version 6.0.5…click on the top level menus not the submenu.

update template will be solve your issue.

hi ,, I will buy this template but there is problem in menu ,, ( sub menu ) when the item in the menu be last ,, and there is ( sub sub menu ) the menu still open right ,, but must open left ,, because when open right the sub menu hide .

hmm i will check that issue and fix it soon.

Hey, i have a Problem, when i click in the template manager on Degree-Default the explorer begins to load but nothing happens than! Why i couldn´t set up the template? Please help!

Greetings from Austria

Please open a support ticket with site link there: so i can check what happen there?

I have problem with resize function in Internet Explorer. Template don’t resize it photos in the article or photos in the module (News show pro).

I wrote ticket but You don’t comment it.

already answered

I like to know how would you clone the entire site with my custom setting to another joomla site.

Do you have any documentation or instruction or advice how to do this?

Hi there.

Quick Start Package 2.5 is not working. Please, help.

Come on. I need to open a ticket and pass data from my ftp to only install your template? It’s true ?

Waiting response.

Hey sorry for late reply, please check my installation tutorial if it’s did not understand then you need to make a support ticket via: because i need at-least ftp access to setup your quickstart package.