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Using the ipad does not work the required control fields of contactform..


Thank you for contacting us.

You mean the contact form is not working in IPad?

If yes, Please mail your FTP Login Credentials through the right bottom form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes so that we will check the issue.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

You can see it in your demo ( http://wedesignthemes.com/html/delicate/contact.html) . With one click the form is submitted with blank fields


We have checked our demo and our form posts the value.

Let us know your FTP and domain name, so that we can the issue in your site.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Hi This is really great template I just love it. So far it’s working like a charm for me with one small issue I noticed – it’s present in IE10 (don’t know about other IE but in Opera or Chrome it’s fine and this is not realated to my site or my coding as this is also present directly in your demo template I received when bought it. Ok so here is the problem.

It’s related to portfolio – when I entering page images are overlapping a little then when I click any button from filtering section it’s fine. Just look at the pictures I attached. after page was loaded, before any other actions after I clicked some button in filtering section

First one is just after I entered three column portfolio page, and second after I clicked “all button” in filtering section. What is wrong? what I can do to avoid it on my page?

Please help me. :cry: n3×0r


Thank you for contacting us.

We checked our files in local and we did not get that issue. May be you can try by downloading the files again from themeforest.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Unfortunately it didn’t help I also noticed that when I resize the window or refresh page it’s getting OK, so the only problem is that just after page is loaded those damn pictures are overlapping each other. Maybe there is some trick to force the script to replay filtering after page is loaded? Maybe that would help since clicking in “display all” is sorting issue out. What do you think? Is there any way to do this? n3x


Just upload the files in the any server and check the page online.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Dear Customers,

We will be on Holiday for Next 3 Days! Thank you Very Much for Understanding…Team will be back on Monday.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Hi .. My name is Sergio, I’m an Italian user, I have purchase the “delicate theme”

I have one problem about contact form, the message do not send and receive the allert (try again later). I have set the mail in the file sendmail.php

this is the code:

<?php if(!$_POST) exit; $to = “info@xxxxxxxxx.com”; $email = $_POST[‘email’]; $name = $_POST[‘name’]; $comment = $_POST[‘comment’];

$subject     = "Sei stato contattato da: $name";
$content     = "$name ha scritto dal form del sito:\r\n\n";
$content   .= "Testo messaggio: $comment \n\nEmail: $email \n\n";
if(@mail($to, $subject, $content, "From: $email \r\n Reply-To: $email \r\nReturn-Path: $email\r\n")) {
    echo "
Messaggio inviato - Message Sent
"; echo "

Grazie - Thank you $name, Il messaggio è stato inviato e vi contatteremo a breve. Your message has been submitted and someone will contact you shortly.

"; }else{ echo "
Siamo spiacenti , riprovare più tardi. - Sorry, Try again Later.
"; }?>

Any idea for resolve this problem?


Kindly, mail us your domain name & FTP access login details immediately via the right bottom form located @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes So that, we can check and have a clear look form our end.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Another problem: in my home I use full width revolution slider .. I have upload my elaborate image 1920×500 .. I see full image only in a big screen. If I downscale the browser, small monitor, tablet or iphone, I see that the slider cut my image in the left and rigth. Any idea for resolve this problem?


Kindly, Send us the page link where you have the issue. So that we can help you better.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Notified of an update to this theme yet there is no changelog that I could find. Do you have any more information?


Thank you for contacting us.

We have updated prettyphoto.js and custom.js files are vulnerability issue.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing the Delicate – Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 Template. Just wondering can the navigation bar be on display & remain on top of the screen at all times?


Niall Jones


Thank you for contacting us.

We do not have the sticky navigation option in our delicate html. If you need it, we can work it as a custom work. It will take about 2 hours to complete. We charge $25/hour for this custom work.

Problem: Four Columns without sidebar is rendering five columns on my 1280×1024 and bigger displays. MSIE only. http://wedesignthemes.com/html/delicate/portfolio-four-column.html

Reproduce: MSIE EDGE – Turn Off Developer Tools Turn off demo-page frame Choose: Portfolio > Four Column > Without Sidebar

Symptom: You should see 5 columns with truncated images and text. Can you please fix? It’s a big problem for this page.

For security reasons, the client cannot provide FTP access. The problem appears on the demo as described above.

By disabling jquery.mobilemenu.js, the problem goes away, but of course the menu does not appear on mobile. Upgrading from V1.0 to 1.1 on github, did not solve here.


Thank you for contacting us.

If you send us your details, we can check the exact issue in your site.

You can just send us a temporary login details.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Hi there, I just purchased extended support to comb your archives and perhaps ask a question for some client edits. I Have logged into your support but cannot find any info on the HTML version of this theme. Please help send me in the right direction or if you can’t help please return my support money. Thanks.


Sorry for the inconvenience happened. We have create the topic link for Delicate – Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 Template.

Here is the forum link. Please post your comments here we will reply ASAP.


Thank you.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Thank you and thank you for getting back to me so quickly.


Ok thanks.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Hey Guys, I am a developer and assisting a friend on modifying the theme as in adding data, 2 input Fields require styling and its the Date and Drop down item for a form, how do i go about processing a request for this? also is this possible to do this?

Can you please post your email

My dev will send you details

Hi AshleighVorster.,

Please send it to support@wedesignthemes.com

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Hi. Why has the slider stopped working? I just uploaded to our server the latest updated version and the slider shows as a blank empty space. Thank you and regards.


Thank you for contacting us.

Kindly, mail us your site credentials (Domain Name & FTP access login details ( FTP Host, FTP Username, FTP Password)) immediately via the right bottom form located @ http://themeforest.net/user/buddhathemes So that, we can check and have a clear look form our end.

Regards., BuddhaThemes Support.

Done! Thanks.

Hi Alberto.,

The issue has been resolved. Please have a look. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for other issues.

If you are happy with our support, kindly rate us. Have a look at the video for the rating process. http://recordit.co/YqdTBuEJRm Hoping for a 5 star rating from your end :)

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

Nice theme there. Is the top nav sticky? or could this be made sticky? Thanks in advance.


Thank you for the interest in our theme and for contacting us.

Which version do you need to make the top nav sticky? it’s a WordPress theme or HTML template?

In our WordPress theme in default, we have the sticky menu. Please have a look.


You can enable or disable the following options.


In our HTML template, we do not have the Sticky menu option. If you need we will customize it for you.

Theme custom will take around 1 hour and you will be charged ($25/hour).

Delicate | Multipurpose WordPress

https://themeforest.net/item/delicate-clean-multipurpose-wordpress-theme-/4803243 http://dtdelicate.wpengine.com/

Delicate – Multipurpose Responsive HTML5 Template

https://themeforest.net/item/delicate-responsive-multipurpose-html5-template/4653651 http://wedesignthemes.com/html/delicate/

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you.

Regards., DesignThemes Support.


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