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Very nice. I think i can use it for my next project. Can i define an own color instead of the pre-defined ones ?

thx inner

Thank you for kind words. Yes but you need to make few custom images. PSD files are included.

I like it too and I think I can also use it. Do you include the HTML version of the theme in your files?

No, only the WordPress files are included. I think we will add the HTML version as separate item. Thanks for asking, hope you will find it usefull…

:hover buttons in shortcodes are 1px bigger/smaller then non hover… or I am wrong? :) Nice theme!

Thats how it looks like :) Thank you for the kind words.

In Safari Version 5.1 (6534.50), the small buttons below the front page slider are dropped by a few pixels.

You can see it here: http://tinypic.com/r/mtuvrd/7


It will be fixed. Thanks for the note

Everything looks pretty good. But I am really confused about the single menu pages. When you click on a menu item it shows up like a blog page:


It would be nice if these looked different. Might want to consider showing things like nutritional information, price and a short description.

Besides that I think its great. :D


Thank you for your suggestions. We will work on improvement for sure

Is there a simple way to disable all pricing for the menu items? Or is there some direction to provide where I can comment them out in the template files? Thanks! Theme looks great!

Thank you for your comment. You need to know a bit of HTML /CSS

If you do not enter the price while adding a post, ribbons will not be displayed.

What is the image size for the slider?

It would be great if you can make the 1920×625px image.

I purchased your theme!! The twitter & facebook links are not pulling for the panel. Also the copyright is not pulling from what I entered into the design panel too.

Thank you for the note. Update coming in a few moments


Have got a problem to activate the theme. When i active it, i have a blank page and “bool (false)” in top of home page.

Do you know what is the problem ?

Please download the new version and replace the existing files.

same here , also admin comes up with :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function dbDelta() in httpdocs\wordpress\wpcontent\themes\Delicioso\themesaholic\widgets\widget-testimonials.php on line 27

help :-)

Please download the new version and replace the existing files.

How easy would it be to change the height of the image slider on the home page? Thanks!

Easy with a bit knowing of the HTML /CSS

When I activate the theme, my whole site just crashes. If I delete the files via ftp, it comes back. any idea?

Hi @stormrichardson!

Thanks for your purchase.

What do you mean with “crashes” ? Blank pages?


Waiting for update approval. Will notify you…


I am having the same problems as a few of the other people on here.

I upload the theme, then go to the Themes page in the wp-admin to activate it. When I activate the theme, I see a blank page, and I am at the URL : http://site.com/wp-admin/themes.php?activated=true

When I visit the home page: http://site.com, the theme appears to be working, but there it says ‘bool(false)’ in the upper left corner. When I try to access the wp-admin again, I get a blank page.

The only way to fix is to rename the theme directory via FTP , and change the theme.

I have the most recent version available on theme forest – 1.1

The notice seems to have gone away, but the theme still crashes the WordPress admin section. I’ll run a debug and let you know what I find out…

OK, here’s the info from the WordPress debug:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function dbDelta() in mywebsite.com/web/wp-content/themes/Delicioso/themesaholic/widgets/widget-testimonials.php on line 27

*Update * I just commented out the line in the file, and everything seems to be working OK. You guys should probably fix that..

Thanks for the note. We will fix this also…

my normal pages arent displaying correctly.. can you have a look?

Could you please send us your website url and WordPress administration login details to the info@themesaholic.com

It could just be me but, I can’t change the copyright information. I changed it in the appearance > Delicioso theme > Footer, it saves but it doesn’t change on the homepage, clear cache and such.

It might be a php error? <?php $copyright = get_option(‘footer_copyright’); if(empty($copyright)) { $copyright = “ Themesaholic”;}?>

I can manually change it here, but just thought I’d let you know that im having this issue, and see if there is a simple fix.

Thanks for the note. It will be fixed today…


I love the theme. It’s very nice!

I have a problem when I’m writing a post, the editor won’t save the paragraphs (


). And the layout is broken.

I tried with another theme on the same wordpress and the problem doesn’t come up. I also tested the editor with another wordpress site, eveything is fine too. I guess the theme is in cause…

You can see my post here: http://livefitrecipes.com/2011/10/21/pumpkin-protein-bars/.

Can you help me?

Thanks! Marie-Pier

Hello Marie-Pier,

thank you for your kind words. It would be great if you can use the shortcodes generator for text editing. It is very simple…

It’s so beautiful

Thanks :)

It’s so beautiful on the home page. But then all the inside pages seem so very bare… Thinking this might work for a client project but a couple questions: 1) Is there an easy way to keep an image in the very top header (behind the transparent nav menu) like on the home page? But obviously without the slider feature… So it just becomes a banner image? 2) Are drop down menus (sub-menus) supported? Thanks! Denise

Hello Denise,

1) it can be done with a knowledge od CSS /HTML 2) drop down menus (sub-menus) are supported.

Kind Regards, Sinisa

sample-data.xml ?

Unfortinately we don’t have it. Problem is because there is a options (theme admin options, pricing… ) that WordPress can not import so we don not use it.

Your theme has some issues in the slider and the header running in the Internet Explorer. Do you have any update to fix it ?

Thank you for your comment. Could you please tell us version of your Internet Exporer and it would be great if you could send us the screenshot of the problem to info@themesaholic.com