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Please answer me !!!

FIRST QUESTION . I can not express myself well. My question and I have several dishes of food to put on the MENU item. But only three columns appear dishes. In the example of your page appear four columns (each with a different plate of food). What happens is that you want to remove the space SIDEBAR . I will not use the SIDEBAR . How do I disable?? Thank you for the quick response.


Hello, you need to remove the sidebar to have four columns and please use the latest version of the Delicioso theme.


Hi… thanks for your answer. I download again the archive from ThemeForest. Archive: themeforest-629199-delicioso-delicious-wordpress-restaurant-theme.zip

When select in WP -> Appearence -> Themes shows Delicioso 1.2 by Themesaholic

But when a select in WP -> Appearence -> Delicioso Panel shows Theme Version 1.00

Whats wrong ????

And the WHERE a remove de sidebar ????

Thanks again !! Claudia Diaz. Santiago / Chile

Hello Claudia, please mail us all your problems to info@themesaholic.com

Hi. I detected another problem.

When a select a in WP > Appearence -> Header i put an image like sugest (1024×140 pixels) save… and noting happens !!!

NOT WORK or i have to do something else ???

Thanks, Claudia Diaz, Santiago / Chile

Hello Claudia, please mail us all your problems to info@themesaholic.com

Hi, it´s me again… sorry for the questions, but a have another problem. All descriptions of food dishes, appear truncated. I place a description of only three rows and one or two rows aparecen … a different behavior for each post!!

Help me please !!

Thanks. Claudia Diaz, Santiago / Chile

Hello Claudia, please mail us all your problems to info@themesaholic.com

I’ve been told to download the latest version over and over, that seems to be the most common answer to fix the problem, but it doesn’t fix anything.

The problem has to be in the package that we download from here, Theme Forest, Theme-Forest-629199…....zip, obviously there still is a problem in the theme and cssmania needs to address it by actually updating the theme, instead just telling us to download it over and over.

Just going through the comments the same problems pop up over and over and even the versions in the theme seem to be inconsistent. One place says 1.2 while the delicioso tab says 1.0.


Dear Cssmania,

Please fix this theme, its obvious there are problems and I think a lot of people have been very patient. Please release a true version 1.3 that address the styling issues and inconsistencies, fixes the shortcodes, fix the version and fixe the post dates in the footer.


A Customer.

We are working on the new update and will be availabe at the end of new week



WHEN ???


Thanks Claudia

We understand your concerns. We are trying to attend everybody. Thanks a lot for your patience.

Hi. This code is hurting my eyes…

Still i solved the problem of the text breaking not properly. You can’t force the users to set a [break] shortcode after each line when the wordpress editor comes with that way better functionality of just pressing “Enter” or “Shift+Enter”. Thats not user friendly.

For those who want to get the full editor functions back do the following:

header.php – Line 108 + 24 (2 times same code..)
remove_filter ('the_content', 'wpautop');
and make it
//remove_filter ('the_content', 'wpautop');
functions.php – Line 74 (3rd time same code)
remove_filter ('the_content', 'wpautop');
and make it
//remove_filter ('the_content', 'wpautop');


I I have problem with testimonials. I’ve add a few in Delicioso panel.. and I would like to show them on the bottom of page in footer it doesnt work…

II button on the home page i broken in IE browser…

Hi and thanks for your comment, we are looking into this.


I am considering purchasing this theme. There seems to be many issues with your current customers.

Have these issues been addressed? Should I feel comfortable in being able to customize your theme as advertised?

Please get back to me.

If any customers want to give me their opinion, that would be helpful as well!

Thanks, Justin

Hi friends,

Everything is perfect but…

Which PHP file has the “Posted on (date)” text that shows on the sidebar into the “Recent Entries” module?

I need it for translation.

Thank you so much

Hello. To change this you need to edit widget-recent.php. In your Delicioso theme go to themesaholic > widgets. Now just change text on line 74.

Let me know if this worked

Greetings, cant get the twitter posts to show in the horizontal area but will show in a widget and cant show testimonials as well please advise http://paninotecamaggio.com/ thanks

Hello. Please submit your questions to info@themesaholic.com

imagery on slideshow doesn’t appear to be sharp despite myself using a DLSR and high quality export settings? why is this?

in fact never mind that it wont show the images at all, followed the documentation to a tee as well, getting really stressed out.

No reply, as expected i hope all who go to buy this theme read this. DO NOT BUY THIS , the css is all over the shop and there is clearly no support given to those who purchase any item from this buyer which can be seen clearly above, i will be contacting themeforest due to how unfair this process is and has made myself looking unprofessional and my client upset and time delays.

Excuse me?

Hi guys!

I would like to modify the limit of the slider titles. It shorts the text in the titles and description too much without the dots (my fault).



Well, I have another one..

How I can unlink the title of the Gallery? _gallery.php? which line?


Hello. Please submit your questions to info@themesaholic.com

Hello there, I updated WP to last version 3.3.2. I cannot publish new post, TB not working, cannot publish photos or other media. At all TB features of WP not working. Please help.

Originally, the theme hasnt been tested in releases higher than 3.2 as stated on the theme. We’ll see what we can do.

Why hasn’t this theme been updated yet? It’s been two months?!?

Cssmania you promised an update to fix the numerous issues with this theme months ago, where is the update?

Unfortunately we are still not sure when will the update for this theme be ready. If you have some problems that i could help you with send me an email to info@themesaholic.com

You know the issues I have with theme, look through the past comments. The following are the ones that need to be fixed before I can turn this over to a client.

1) The short codes are in the footer and are inaccessible 2) Various formatting issues. Spacing after paragraphs and headers.

This needs to be updated!

Please check your email

Thanks for the help cssmania.

I have another question for you regarding some styling.

I noticed in the shortcodes you have a [separator] and [break] now I understand [separator] works just like a little space but [break] seems to do nothing.

The reason I ask is because I’m trying to do a contacts page with little images for the people with basic contact information next to their image but it just seems to all bunch up at the top without taking into account the [break] any suggestions?

Please send e-mail to info@themesaholic.com and explain exactly what you want to do and maybe attach some picture and we will be happy to help.

hi, first of all where can i add the pictures of the main slide, there no place to add them like in the tutorial say, second i have a problem in my footer keeps teling me Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\xampp\htdocs\entre\wp-content\themes\Delicioso\footer.php on line 12, i need your help please, best regards.

hi there, alos i need information how to add pictures in the main slide, i have been trying but i dont know how, please give me the steps to add pictures to the main slide, best regards

To setup your slider follow this steps. First in posts > categories create new category you want to use for slider. Now create new post and set a featured image for it on lower right of your screen, and assign that post to category you created. Next go to appearance > delicioso panel > frontpage tab and select your slider category. If you have any more questions please email us at info@themesaholic.com

thanks for the help it really helped me out. Now i have another problem, i tried to delete the line 228 to 238 from header.php to delete the white frame that appear in the slide, but i get a error in the main page, so please tell me how to get rid of the white frames, which are specificaly the code to delete them, thanks have a good day.

hi there, i tried to delete the line 228 to 238 from header.php to delete the white frame that appear in the slide, but i get a error in the main page, so please tell me how to get rid of the white frames, which are specificaly the code to delete them, thanks have a good day.

Please send an e-mail to the address I left above.