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Twitter feed display is displaying differently on the frontpage than on the other pages. Please help!

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Dear developer,

one of my clients (aljosa) has bought your template WP Delicioso from ThemeForest. I am trying to build a web-page for him, based on this template and I found an issue with contact form. It displays all errors right (wrong name, wrong email, wrong contents), but when I insert all data OK, it just won’t send an email. I can click “SEND” button but nothing happens. I am using latest wordpress 3.4.2 and LAMP server on linux. I have many WP installations running on that server, some use php mail functions, some postfix for smtp-email sending, all working ok. Can you please check what could be wrong and please also send me the repaired sources (files) if there are some corrections needed… Page URL is: http://www.deliciosa-fotografia.es

Thanks in advance, Tomaz. Please notify me via: tomaz.kavcic@infohit.si

Just an addition to my previous post. The error I am getting in my apache2-log is: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_template_part() in /**/wp-content/themes/Delicioso/contactajax.php on line 4

How to fix that?

Hello and thanks for purchasing one of our themes.

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Hello cssmania!

Just got your response, thanks. It seems like WP 3 .4.2 can’t find that particular function without “requiring” the file first. So, the quick fix is to insert the line:

require( ’../../../wp-load.php’ );

into the contactajax.php ABOVE the line:

get_template_part (’../../../wp-load.php’);

The same line should be probably included also to some other .php files which require that same function…

Thanks again, have a nice day!

Thanks for your comment. We will keep that in mind.

One of my clients bought your theme. When I went to create custom post types I discovered that although the code I entered is correct, in the custom post type does not appear, the featured image. I tried putting other themes and everything works properly. I suppose there is something wrong in the code of your theme

ok solved! the problem is the line 105 in the function.php file wrong line: add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’, array( ‘post’ ) );

correct line: add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’);


Thanks for your comment, we will have our developers to take a look at this.

cssmania, how is it possible that the slider resizes my images (in a wrong manner) even if the size is 1920×625? (please check www.gerdahoeve.nl/ijsboerderij, 2nd and 3rd image)

I’ve ‘played’ with the values in anythingslider.css without result.

Please help, thanks.


Please send all your questions to info@themesaholic.com and our support team will take a look at your issue

I am needing to add a page to sell items from our restaurant. I’m trying to use shop, but the message that comes up is: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare upgrade_all() (previously declared in /home/crowfoot/public_html/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php:392) in /home/crowfoot/public_html/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php on line 467

Is there a way to use shop with this template? Thanks!


Please send all your questions to info@themesaholic.com and our support team will take a look at your issue

I cannot get the images to display on the front slider am I missing something?


Running Wordpress: 3.4.2

Fixed by resizing the image smaller, it does not slide the next image tho.. any ideas?


Please send all your questions to info@themesaholic.com and our support team will take a look at your issue.

Hi, I have followed the instructions for setting up the slider and featured posts on the front page but my images for these wont appear. all other info for the post appears, e.g.. price, title and description just not the picture The picture has been inserted as a featured image and in the post. does it need to be anywhere else? thanks.

Please send all your questions to info@themesaholic.com and our support team will be happy to help.

also where do i set up sidebars? i cant find this?

Amazing Theme

Thanks a lot

Please help us understand why the menu is not lining up properly. Thanks


I’m having a similar issue as well. My menus are also displaying in 3 columns instead of four like the demo. I’ve already send an email with the latter issue.

I have issues and send a email to info@themesaholic.com

I also have a menu lining up problem. There are 3 columns instead of 4 on menu page. The gallery page is OK with 4 columns but the menu page is not. Any update on this issue?

FYI: make it into 4 columns by doing the following:

Change the style.css line 458. .post-home-all { width: 200px. }

Yes, sorry for the delay, that’s the way to fix it.

Why the slideshow photos qualty like a 10kb ? how can we fix it ?

Hi Alicinaroglu.. can you please be more specific on what you mean?

this is a great looking theme! i wonder if responsiveness is in the future?

Not right now, but we might update the theme to be responsive.