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Would it be possible to cancel the opening animation?

The content animates down because the LayerSlider is unable to be fully functional right on page load. So once the LayerSlider is initialized, the height for the slider can be calculated and the the content slides down to display the slider.

I have bought your template but I am missing all the content that I see you have in the demo page.

I only have the home and footer but there is no: -About -Features -Screens -Reviews -Demo -And support like you have in the demo

Am I not installing it correctly or?

Please use the account which purchased the file and leave another comment and I will help you out. Thanks!


1) Is it support RTL design ? if yes send to me the link

2) Also, if I have some section I want to hide for example: Pricing table section, Contact form etc. Can I hide it from admin panel or I need to edit through the code ? If through the code you will support me to hide the sections I don’t need or not ?

Best regards. Ibrahim

Sorry, it’s currently not setup for RTL. I have plans to completely re-build this theme (hopefully in the next few months), and at time I will add it in.

For your other question, you can remove sections from within your Dashoard. No code modifications needed.

Thanks for checking!

Whenever I’m trying to add a select box in the contact form, the box appears in a complete different look from the other elements of the contact form. May be the css is not defined for the select box. Can you please help me in this.

Can you please give a solution to this quickly, because I’m launching my mobile app and needed a landing page for it, so wanted these few things to be fixed. Will also be needing some css tweaks down the line as I will be adding a few sections and graphic elements. Hope to get your support.

I’ll get an update out within the next day and a half.

I just released an update that adds styling (adding the selectize.js script to the theme and custom styles) to select fields. You should see an update soon in your dashboard.