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Hello. I bought this theme for a client of mine and I really love it, but the galleries are not working. I can upload a set of gallery images, but when I am in the actually gallery itself the Gallery Options does not show anything and I can’t get anything more than the feature image to show. Please help.

Hi, please use gallery custom post to post the gallery. You need to create a page and assign page template into gallery. That page will automatically become gallery page.


I bought this theme & downloaded it.

Now when I upload the Theme File it gives me this error

The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

I think the reason maybe that I unzip the Whole folder & zip the “Delicious” Folder

Please help


Yes, you just need to zip “Delicious” folder and upload just the delicious zip. Or if you use ftp you can just upload the delicious folder into your theme folder.

Hi, why I receive this error message every time that I try to upgrade theme setting?


Hi Guys, 2 Questions. 1- Any idea if this them will work in 3.5.1 and if not, any plans to make it compatible? 2- Is your them 100% compatible with WPLM Language Module? Regards, Philip

It will work in 3.5.1 I’, not sure about WPLM because I never try it before

Hey plentong!

Great theme! Problem I’m having with 3.5.1 is I can’t seem to get any of the image settings to save on theme settings. I choose a favicon, say upload and the page resets says ‘delicious settings saved’ yet no images ever show up. Any thoughts? Where are the files trying to be saved..could be a permissions thing maybe?

CHMOD to entire wp-content directory to 0777 fixed the problem stated above!

Hi Guys, Got this great theme working and client is very happy! I have a question re “Food” Is there a way so that not ALL of the items appear on the “food” menu? At present every time I add a food item in a category the system inserts it at the top of the main food listing. We really do not need to have all of the item listed on the main page. Hope that the above makes sense! Kind regards, Philip Site: http://galangal.com.vn/our-menu/

The food will always show on the main food page. Just remove the foods main page url from the navigation, so you don’t have the main food page anymore

Hi – how do I use the Latest gallery widget? I’ve created a Gallery Post and inserted a Photo Gallery… I’ve activated the latest gallery widget in the right footer, and nothing appears. Thanks!

How do you insert the photo gallery? use Featured Images (right bottom) to insert the image.

I’ve created a photo gallery here:


I’ve put the Latest Gallery widget on my right Footer, but as you can see there are no picture galleries showing.

Thank you

Ok, first you need to create the “Page” to display the Gallery custom post, Don’t forget to choose “Gallery” on page attribute template (bottom right when you create a page). Now on the left you can create gallery from Gallery -> Add New, add the image on “Featured Images”.

Read the documentation or give me wp-admin access and I will create the gallery page for you

Hi Plentong,

I created a new page : Foods just like the demo…

Then I created a new food category : Appetizer, Beverages just like the demo…

Then I added new foods for the appetizer and beverages…

Then I went to Appearance > Menu > Added food categories which are ‘Appetizer’ and ‘Beverages’....

The dropdown menu looks fine with this hierarchy:

- Foods |__ Appetizer |__ Beverages

However, when I click on either Appetizer or Beverages, it shows the following error message:

Page Not Found Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found.

Could you please let me know what’s wrong with that ?


Could you give me the url? Or contact me from my profile page and give me the url, also give me wp-admin access. Thanks

Thanks Plentong, it’s been fixed now… don’t know what I did to fix it… looks like it’s a cache issue… It was regarded as ‘no item’ when I already created a new item…. I really hate this wp-supercache thing… thanks anyway

To simplify my issue,

Here’s the problem:

1. I created a food category : Appetizer
2. I add 2 new foods and tick the category as ‘Appetizer’
3. I went to Foods > Food Category > Appetizer > View

Error message below:
Page Not Found Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found.

Thursday should as “Tursday” Where and What to fix for this ?

Also: On accessing Admin, i am getting the error

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /public_html/wp-content/themes/delicieux_v1-02/functions.php:166) in /home/nobng/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 881

Hmm, could you give me wp-admin access? I will check the admin page. Anyway looks like you didn’t purchase my theme.

Apologies. I mixed yours with Delicieux. I got it figured out. Thanks.

Is this theme compatible with Woocommerce 2.0?

No, sorry

Hi there,

I bought this theme e few months back and client is happy. The only thing I would like to change is if I could have the foods thumbnails slightly bigger. Is there any way you can direct me to the right php/css files/lines so I can change it (at my own risk). I still have the dev site running so I can test it there first.


The default width is 60 and the height is 46. The easiest way to do is change style.css find this code:

.listmenus li img

and set the width and height propotional, example:

.listmenus li img {

Don’t forget to reduce the menuscontent:

.menuscontent {
width: 520px;
float: right;

Since you add 40px width you need to reduce .menuscontent 40px:

.menuscontent {
width: 480px;
float: right;
Thank you, I could manage to do it with some other changes too in the css file. (menusdesc and menustext) The only thing I can not figure out is the vertical separator that now it doesn’t go till the end to meet the vertical one. See the sample attached. http://roxphotography.ca/wp02/?menuscat=pastas Any idea? Anyway no big deal. Thanks again

Very simple question. I have my home page set correctly (i believe) however the navigation scrolling image is not showing unless i hover over the “home” link.

It shows up on the other pages…just not on the “home” page.

Am a beginner with wordpress, and need some help. How can I make this theme to show the slideshow on the frontage instead of the sample page? Thanks!

Try go to Setting -> Reading from your wp-admin and set Front page display to Your latest posts. I already answer your email


I’m trying to add some CSS classes and ids in the style.css and they don’t seem to be working. I made sure that none of the those names were already taken. Is custom CSS disabled on this theme? what could be the problem.

Thank you,

Hi, it should work, could you give me wp-admin access? So I can check it.

Hi, before i purchase this theme I would like to know if there are any plans on updating the theme to be responsive. As i see the last update was November last year. Are you still supporting this theme? making updates?

Thank you

I guess that makes two of us asking about it being responsive. I’ve had this on a site for a year or two, and if the customer didn’t love it so much, I’d probably have already switched to another theme (a responsive one). Being responsive would really make all the difference as far as extending the life of this theme.

Hi, the twitter widget is no longer, can you fix this? Twitter changed their API…


Please wait I will update it, right now you can use twitter WordPress plugin

Hi my background slider, background menu slider and the banner sliders are all static, non of them is animated. I have changed the different milliseconds but nothing is working so far,

The button short-code are not working also.

kindly assist