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Hello- here is my site, I have a few questions thus far


1) For some reason, I am unclear how the review page works. I just added reviews with uploading the appropriate “star” graphic, yet the theme is putting it’s own star graphic in front of the review on it’s own? How do the reviews work?

2) My footer logo is not showing up, I have replaced the .png file with my own and it is not coming up

3) My links to facebook, google plus, etc. are not working except on the home page.

Thanks! Great job, love this theme :)

OK- sorry never mind except for the footer logo, still can’t get that, figured out issue 1 and 3 above


les slides en page d’accueil ne fonctionnent pas.. Comment faire pour les activer.. ? J’ai bien regarder tous dans le détail mais cela ne fonctionne pas… Merci pour votre réponse et voici le lien du site en question : http://www.latoscanepizza.fr

Is this a responsive website??? Please let me know and if it is I’am willing to buy it.


I just purchased version 2.2.1 since I was having problems with version 2.1. However, the problems still exist! Whenever I delete and image from the Homepage Slideshow using the Remove Slide button, it says “delicious settings saved.” but the images are still there. Also, how do I add a photo to the slideshow from the library? It’s already been uploaded it from my computer so it doesn’t need to be uploaded again.

Hi contact me from my profile page and give me wpadmin access, I will check it.

Hi We bought WordPress plugin: “retail-menu-cards-for-wordpress” on Codecanyon (please search for it). If activated on your theme, we have no featured image option. If I activate default WordPress theme, I see the featured image option. How I can enable, so I can upload and set featured images with this plugin. Thank you!


Is it ok to upgrade the wordpress core into the latest version? 3.8.1 i think?

Or do you have any updates on the template?

Please let me know

Thanks, ins

I’d like to change the slide show delay of the three panels. I found the “Slide Delay” array in ‘functions.php’ and added “5500”,”6000”,”6500”, “7000” but the change doesn’t show up in the Themes Settings. Not sure what I’m missing. I reloaded the page in the browser. Advice?

Thank you, Radionuch

Is this theme compatible with Woocommerce 2.1? Or do you think it is malfunctioning from the upgrade to the WordPress 3.9? The Shop page thumbnails are not aligned correctly.

Urgent. How do I remove the 3 windows that are above the fusion of images on the homepage (I mean the 3 boxes widgets)


I would like to know how to have differents pages with singular posts from “foods”, like this :entry with the entry, desserts with desserts… Actually, i have two pages : “entry” and “desserts”, with all of the foods “ntry ” and “desserts” for each of them.


J’aimerais savoir comment on lie les plats marqués dans “food” aux différentes pages, pour que celles-ci ne reçovient pas tous les posts dans “foods” pour chune d’entre elles? Cordialement


is this theme compatible with wordpress 4.0 and the latest whoocommerce version? i saw that the comments on this are very old and the last update was in 2012….


Hi, I’m happy user of this delicious template. But I have one problem. Under firefox with active plugin adblock I can’t see facebook icon. Is there any option to fix it?

Hi, i want to use the homepage slideshow. It doesn’t work with one or more images. Site is: http://hotel-restaurant-schachner.at.nextgen.ps-art.at/

is his theme responsive now?