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Another problem

The footer text does not appear correctly. It is too big and is below the footer area. It doesn’t look like your demo site. It appears to be a problem with #footerbottom h5 but I’m not sure to change.

Could you coantact me from my profile page and give me your url? I will check the problem and fix it. Thanks

Thanks for fixing all of my problems and answering all of my questions. As a website builder, I have downloaded and used many themes from Themeforest and other theme sites for two years now. This is, by far, the best, easiest, most flexible, purpose-built theme I have used to date!

I wish they were all this well thought-out in terms of form following function.


Im working on this template and having no luck with the slideshow images. I have uploaded the images in the “HOMEPAGE SLIDESHOW ” section as you say in the documentation but they doesn’t display.

Also, it says: “Put Slideshow via theme settings or drag Widget Here” but I don’t see any “slideshow” widget available.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

No need to to use any widget, if you already upload the images it will automatically appear, can you contact me from my profile page and give me wp-admin access? I will check and fix it.


I sent you an email, did you get it?


Is there a way to choose a different color besides brown, blue or green? I would like to make it match more with my logo, thanks.

Happy Holidays!

Sorry, you need to modify the css and the image if you want more color. Thanks


How do I change the thumbnail size of the images in the food menu?

Edit functions.php, go to line 72 you will find this code:

add_image_size( 'menus-thumb1', 60, 46, true );

Change the 60 (width) and 46 (height) with your own size. Also dont forget to change the css.


I try to change the background image (images/background.png) but when I replace with the new image I continuous still view the same image in all browsers. I wiped the cache of browsers.

I change the CHMOD of all folder/files in wp-content but continuous the same.

How can I remove the logo bottom? I deleted the logo_bottom.png but continuous appear in the website.

I don’t use any cache extension.

Thank you

Hello, contact me from my profile page and give me wp-admin access, I will help you check the problem.

Plentong, any idea when we can expect the white and pink versions?


Around next week, I still have something to do this week. But only pink will available, I was try with white color and it looks bad.

Do you provide any dummy content so that we can quickly set the site up? Thanks!

No, sorry, we cannot import “Custom Post” content. Since this theme use a lot of Custom Post, we cannot import that content. But you can setup this theme easily.

I´ve got a question….. Does this template “Delicious Restaurant Wordpress” cost one-time $35 (and we can use it for our company Homepage) oder is ist a monthly charge. The idea suggests ourself that this template costs 1750$ (Extended Licence). Am we hopefully wrong???? I beg your pardon for this question but we are comparative Beginners in the range of buying templates. We hope, your answer come soon! Have a nice day

Yes if you want to use it for 1 website you can use single license ($35) and there is no monthly fee.


I’m working on a website for my client based on this theme. What information do you need to verify the license? My issue is: If you look at the sub menu under foods >pizza>>basic pizza and speciality pizza, the menu image that scroll on other pages don’t seems to work here.

Please have a look and suggest a solution.

These two pages: basic and spciality pizzas are placed on navigation bar using menu option.

Thanks, Marshall

I already reply your email

How can we get an image to display on the top of each food category page?

Any reply on this?

hello, I found what the problem. The unlink function can not find the file to be deleted because the link is: wp-content/uploads/wp-content/uploads/slide_1.jpg when it should be / wp-content/uploads/slide_1.jpg how to change this link? I do not think the only one to whom it happens. Can you answer me quickly? thank you

Hi, could you please contact me from my profile page and give me url access? I will check and fix it. Because I didn’t found the problem here

I’m using custom menu’s and I have 2 tiers to the Foods nav link (ie Foods > Breakfast > House Specials). When I’m on the Breakfast page, the Foods nav link stays “active”. However, that is not the case when I’m on the House Specials page. Any ideas?

Sorry, missed your message, give me your url and wp-admin access so I can check it. It looks like a problem with the “Menu” navigation

I cant get the photo gallery to work. I read through the docs, resized my image, added gallery page with featured image, shows up blank! Whats going on? And do I have to make a separate page for each image I want in the gallery?

the site is

Hello, I already reply your email, check it

Can anyone get the blog to work?

Create a new “page” and in template (right bottom) choose News. That page will act like a Blog

@plentong I’m still waiting on your reply to my question from 5 days ago.

I need to search in custom post, can you help me with that?

Sorry, the search can only Search Blog post

Footer Title detail changes color on IPAD to green so you cant see it!

That’s because the phone number automatically change to URL , change the url color in CSS to fix the problem

I am having trouble with the google maps widget… it does not give me the iframe of the maps but an iframe of the website….

I am assisting a client who bought the theme…

Please assist urgently!

You need to paste the src attributes content not the whole code from google map. Please read the documentation